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Нам вчера подтвердили возможность локализовать дополнение Massive Darkness: Enemy Box — Elementals, которое мы просили с самого начала. Мы пока не получили ни цен, ни сроков, но так или иначе, все желающие смогут его получить. Будем держать вас в курсе. Пока же с 15 июля предложим вам 4 дополнения, которые уже ждут запуска производства старт производства в начале сентября.

Подробнее об этом дополнении здесь:. One of the defining features of branding over the last decade is the freedom that social media dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos for anyone to launch an immediate personal critique.

Or more accurately, often, a tirade of mouth-frothing abuse. In fact, many of the most controversial rebrands of recent years had to batten down the hatches and weather the storm of hatred well before they were actually rolled out — and in some cases, were never rolled out at all as a result.

Other times, when the furore dies down and people see in the full branding scheme in context rather than just the адрес in stark isolation, hate turns to love. So what can these посмотреть больше PR disasters teach us about branding? Read on for our analysis of 10 of the most hated logos of all time Criticisms ranged from simple legibility concerns, to more outlandish claims that Lisa Simpson dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos to be engaging in fellatio.

Matters worsened further when the bright, flashing colours from the promo film induced epileptic fits. Once the Olympics kicked off in earnest, and the brand was seen in context across a dizzying array of applications, attention shifted to the glorious summer of sport in the UK capital. And amongst a sea of bland, identikit, safe Olympics logos, most people around the world could still pick it out of a line-up instantly. The lesson here? Breaking new ground and doing something daring with a brand will get you noticed.

In place of its iconic blue square with tall, condensed serif type, the US clothing giant attempted to launch something so half-hearted and limp, the internet descended into a maelstrom of mockery and snide imitation.

Wolff Olins met with controversy once again with its rebrand of USA Today — a title that, since its launch in the s, has grown into one of the widest-circulated newspapers in the States, alongside the substantially older Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos backbone of the rebrand was a simple visual system, based around a large, flat-colour blue circle — an ultra-minimalist rendition of the previous globe graphic — and stacked Futura all-caps text.

The branding solution was more than met the eye, however. As well as being pared-back, clean and simple, it was also incredibly versatile — the circle acting as a container device for content, and the colour scheme signifying different sections of the paper.

It works, very effectively. The lesson? Like Gap, this is another short-lived rebrand that ultimately buckled under overwhelmingly negative attention. The lesson here is something of a no-brainer: This is the oldest example on this list, from the year — in many ways a precursor of the public furore around high-profile rebrands that would come to define this millennium so far.

It was an unmitigated PR disaster. Given that the rebrand and its subsequent global rollout cost tens of millions of dollars, environmentalists were quick to point out BP had spent far more on its new logo than здесь investing in renewable energy sources. Subversive designers turned the logo into a meme, complete with stricken turtles and oil-drenched seabirds.

These figured fairly low on the list of things the public compared the symbol with, however. Unlike Gap or Tropicana, this one definitely improves with age. Its replacement is none of those things, watering the confident navy нажмите чтобы увидеть больше to a softer blue and reducing the majestic eagle in flight to an abstract beak.

But few things are more likely to put you off enjoying your fluffy, syrupy breakfast fare than the fixed gaze of a demonic clown. One of the biggest milestones in the death of skeuomorphism, and the rise of flat design, was when Instagram dropped its retro, textured camera in favour of a pared-back icon, adorned with a neon rainbow gradient.

The internet freaked out. Like many of the other examples on this list, this was a rebrand that launched a thousand memes. Where it was once known primarily for its retro photography filters — for which the skeuomorphic camera was a neat fit - Instagram is now one of the foremost social media platforms. Sometimes, initially unpopular design decisions have broader strategic reasons at their heart. It has been called offensive, outdated and even racist for using a cartoonish caricature of a Native American, in a climate where most US sport teams — with notable exceptions, such as the Washington Redskins — have stopped doing so.

Ocasio-Cortez, meanwhile, is an avowed democratic socialist who organized for Bernie Sanders, a man who stubbornly continues to insist on identifying as an independent. It is not at all clear that loyalty to the Democratic Party per se is one of her chief motivations.

This is perfectly in keeping with the fact that many on the hard left have their own objections to the status quo in U. Sanders and his devotees are enthralled by the heterodox economist Stephanie Kelton, who has risen to intellectual celebrity by arguing that the only real constraint on federal spending is inflation, and dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos alarm over deficits is, in short, nonsensical.

Here I am reminded of the work of J. Mason, another leading light among left-wing economists, who argues that socialists have good reason to be wary of globalization, dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos least until the distant time when dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos decision-making is no longer bounded by the nation-state.

And if Ocasio-Cortez has expressed alarm over the extent to which the president and his allies are violating norms of civility, I have missed it. Like many on the left, she seems more drawn to the view that there is no place for civility when doing battle with fascists.

The political fortunes of Ocasio-Cortez and other socialist outsiders are closely tied to the omnipresence of Donald Trump and the galvanizing effect he has had on the left. When Washington is dominated by the right, the public shifts to the left. At the same time, she favors a suite of other policies, such as Medicare for all, a universal guarantee of jobs paying a living wage, and tuition-free higher education, that would have the cumulative effect of sharply increasing redistribution from the native-born nonpoor to low-income immigrant-headed households.

This is true even before we take into account, for online 6 flirting forty gratis with watch online season, the earned-income tax credit, food stamps, and other policies designed to raise the effective incomes of households that command low by American standards market wages.

It is telling that libertarian immigration advocates are deeply concerned about the rising popularity of the jobs guarantee and, relatedly, a universal basic incomeon the left. Just as one must first pay into the Social Security system for a period of time before becoming eligible for benefits, the idea is that all social programs ought to become more contributory. As an aside, questions of redistribution are central to why some conservatives, myself included, favor limiting low-skill immigration: Cosmopolitan libertarians, by and large, prefer moving in the opposite direction.

By all accounts, Ocasio-Cortez sees things differently. Back inSanders denounced the McCain-Kennedy comprehensive immigration legislation, partly on the grounds that it would have expanded low-wage guest-worker programs. Needless to say, Sanders did not mean this as a compliment. And while many of his disciples have rallied around the cause of abolishing ICE —something that could mean anything from renaming the agency and bringing it under the auspices of the Department of Justice, as its predecessor was, to dismantling all immigration enforcement outright, depending on who is doing the talking—he has, so far at least, conspicuously refused to do soto dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos consternation of many on the left.

If he does come around to the cause of abolishing ICEwhich may yet happen, my suspicion is that he will wind up supporting modest reforms and, crucially, a name change. What accounts for the distance separating Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez on immigration? Lest we forget, Sanders is 76 years old, and he has lived through previous waves of left-wing enthusiasm that have come and gone. If public opinion really is thermostatic, as I believe it dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos, young leftists could be overestimating the extent to which the backlash to Trump heralds deeper shifts in the beliefs of rank-and-file voters.

Or it could be that Sanders is a relic of the past and that open-borders socialism will soon be as American as apple pie. The Democratic Party seems determined to find out. Pride festivals are conventionally more of a celebratory event, where people take the opportunity to let their flag fly, literally. Perhaps the most well-known Pride flag is the rainbow flag, which recently made the headlines thanks to a prospective Kickstarter redesignwhich aimed to make it even more inclusive.

Quick disclaimer — this list is by no means covers every niche! There are many, many flags catering to everything from rubber to bear brotherhood pride. But we hope this round up acts as a handy jumping-off point.

Baker even assigned a meaning to each colour. Many people have interpreted these colours in terms of their traditional masculine and feminine associations.

However, when speaking about the history of the bisexual flagPage revealed his flirting quotes pinterest images flowers ideas meaning.

The blue represents sexual attraction to the opposite sex only straight and the resultant overlap colour purple represents sexual attraction to both sexes bi. Continuing the band of colours approach, the pansexual pride flag has been around since As well as increasing the visibility and recognition of the pansexual community, the pride flag also helps to distinguish it from bisexuality. This can be seen in the use of colours on the flag. Instead of a purple band sandwiched between blue and pink stripes, the pansexual pride flag opts for dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos bright yellow.

Yellow can be read as more of an ambiguous colour, which makes it perfect for representing non-binary attractions. The pink stripe stands dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos those who identify within the female spectrum, while blue увидеть больше the male spectrum. Not all Pride flags are based around striped designs.

This flag represents the intersex community — defined as people who "do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies," according to the Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Created in July by Organisation Intersex International Australia, the Intersex flag cleverly eschews colours with loaded gender meanings. Relying on yellow in a similar way to the pansexual pride flag, this design also uses purple as these colours were seen as appropriately hermaphrodite colours by the creators. Free for use by any intersex person or organisation who wishes to use it in a human rights affirming context, the flag has been picked up by multiple media outlets and groups.

Sincethe asexual flag has come to represent individuals with a low or absent desire for sexual activity. Since the Asexual Visibility and Education Network AVEN first participated in an American pride parade inmembers consulted as many people in the community as possible to create a flag. The chosen design can trace its roots back to visuals found on online forums outside of AVEN.

The labrys, or double-bladed battle axe, used to be a symbol found in the ancient, fairly matriarchal civilisation of Minoan Crete. It makes sense then that over the years the axe has come to represent lesbian and feminist strength and self-sufficiency, as well as appearing on flags since the s.

Individuals with a personal identity and gender that does not correspond with their birth sex have had a flag to call their own since Designed by transgender woman Monica Helms, the transgender pride flag was first flown as part of a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona in Once again we see pink and blue stripes used to represent females and males.

In between these colours is a white stripe that stands for people who are intersex, transitioning, or have a neutral or undefined gender. Thanks to the way the flag is designed, there is no incorrect way to fly it, which Helms says signifies finding correctness in our lives. That music and mathematics are somehow related has been known for centuries. Pythagoras, around the 5th century BCE, may have been the first to discover a quantitative relation between the two: Other ratios of string lengths produced smaller intervals: Moreover, Pythagoras found out that multiplying two ratios corresponds to adding their intervals: In doing so, Pythagoras discovered the first logarithmic law in history.

The relations between musical intervals and numerical ratios have fascinated scientists ever since. Johannes Kepler, considered the father of modern astronomy, spent half his lifetime trying to explain the motion of the known planets by relating them to musical intervals. Half a century later, Isaac Newton formulated his universal law of gravitation, thereby providing a rational, mathematical explanation for the planetary orbits. But he too was obsessed with musical ratios: In doing so, they contributed significantly to the development of post-calculus mathematics, while at the same time giving us a fascinating glimpse into their personal relations and fierce rivalries.

The ties between music and mathematics have fascinated me from a young age. He also spent many hours explaining to как сообщается здесь various topics from his physics book, from which he himself посетить страницу studied many years earlier.

In the chapter on sound there was a musical staff showing the note A with a number under it: It may have been this image that first triggered my fascination with the subject. I still have that physics book and I treasure it могу flirting games for kids videos online games знаем. My grandfather must have studied it thoroughly, as his penciled annotations appear on almost every page.

There was just one professor who was sufficiently knowledgeable in the subject, and he agreed to be my advisor. But first we had to find a department willing to take me under its wing, and that turned out to be tricky. So I applied to the newly-founded Department of Mechanics, and they accepted me. In the dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos I learned a lot of advanced mathematics, especially Fourier dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos and integrals.

It served me well in my later work. I started my musical education playing Baroque music on the recorder, and later Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos took up the clarinet.

This instrument has the unusual feature that when you open the thumb hole on the back side of the bore, the pitch goes up not источник an octave, as with most woodwind instruments, but by a twelfth—an octave and a fifth.

This led me to dwell into the acoustics of wind instruments. I was—and still am—intrigued by the fact that a column of air can vibrate and produce an agreeable sound just like a violin string. But you have to rely entirely on your ear to feel those vibrations; they are totally invisible to the eye. When I was a physics undergraduate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a group of students and professors decided to start an amateur orchestra, and I joined.

There is one bar in that overture where the clarinet plays solo, and it befell upon me to play it. I practiced for that single bar again and again, playing it perhaps a hundred times simultaneously with a vinyl record playing on a gramophone.

Finally the evening arrived and I played my piece—all three seconds of it. Throughout your book there runs a common thread—the parallels between musical and dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos frames of reference. Can you elaborate on this comparison? For нажмите чтобы увидеть больше years—roughly from to —classical music was based on the principle of tonality: But in the early s, Arnold Schoenberg set out to revolutionize music composition by proposing his tone rowor seriesconsisting of all twelve semitones of the octave, each appearing exactly once before the series is completed.

Can you say a few words about them? It is generally believed that over the ages, mathematics has had a significant influence on music. From a mathematical standpoint it was a brilliant idea, but it was out of sync with the laws of physics; in particular, it ignored other important intervals such as the major and minor thirds.

The Lowest, the Longest, the Oldest, and the Weirdest. Burkhardt Church in the German town of Halberstadt. The work was begun in and is an ongoing project, planned to be unfolding for the next years. There are eight movements, each lasting about 71 years. But nothing was heard because the score begins with a rest—of 20 months.

It was only on February 5,that the first chord, two G-sharps and a B in between, was struck. Why astronomers? Because the source of this note is the dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos cluster Abellsome million light years away. The cluster больше на странице surrounded by hot gas at a temperature of about 25, degrees Celsius, and it shows concentric ripples spreading outward—acoustic pressure waves.

He is the author of six previous books by Princeton University Press: If you happened to look up at the sky this past weekend, you might have noticed a rare and beautiful sight: Once again, major French publisher Ubisoft will be kicking off its E3 week with a press-conference presentation featuring all its upcoming games.

Read 1 remaining paragraphs Comments. And Spade herself—the bespectacled, brunette Catholic school girl from Missouri who married her college boyfriend yet somehow managed to conquer the cooler-than-thou New York fashion scene—was precisely the woman so many of us wanted to be like when we grew up. If we had ever forgotten this over the years, we were reminded painfully of that fact on Tuesday, when the year-old Spade was found dead in an apparent suicide.

After graduating from college inSpade headed east to Manhattan and landed a temp job at Mademoisellewhere she worked her way up to accessories editor. Just as the bridal-fashion pioneer Vera Wang had done a few years previously, Spade spotted a void in the market she нажмите сюда, quit dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos magazine job, and eventually launched her own line.

It had, however, conditioned consumers to view nylon as a luxury fabric. Spade came up with an equally practical but more affordable nylon bag, which she infused with her own vintage, feminine sensibility.

The fourth of five sisters, Spade was an unapologetically girly designer.

dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos

Spade was photographed around town wearing twinsets, cocktail rings, and leopard coats long before Wes Anderson came to prominence and Mad Men debuted on TV. But she reserved her highest for another obvious influence, Bonnie Cashin, who perfected the alchemy of fashion and function in the leather bags she designed for Coach in the s.

Like their creator, they always looked enviably put-together, without seeming too serious. Spade managed that rare trick of being timeless as well as trendy. Rather than chasing fads, she followed her own path, walking a fine line between cute and kitsch without ever putting a foot wrong. Post, collections began to include dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos and jewelry, and were less successful at sidestepping kitsch, according to some devotees.

Although Spade was no longer associated with her namesake company by the time she died, its image remains uniquely hers: California, he imagined, would be different—a place where liberal ideas flourished and where people were willing to rally against inequality and injustice. But Stevens, now 28, did not end up in the продолжение здесь den of San Francisco, the stoner paradise of Humboldt County, or the alternative-living community of Slab City, in the Sonoran Desert.

Stevens got a bigger microphone than he anticipated as a pastor when a series of tweets he had written about Palo Alto surfaced ahead of a city-council meeting earlier this month. After he resigned his post over the tweets, Stevens received national attention, with publications like The Guardian and the New York Daily News writing about his comments. Now, he has been embraced by the radical left, and he has continued to tweet his opposition to what he sees as white liberalism and apathy.

His radical approach to tearing down the system means he has very few tangible solutions to the inequality that plagues Silicon Valley. Stevens may be right that some sort of greater changes are needed to reduce inequality, but talking to him, I was more struck with how far his ideas were from something that most people in Palo Alto—and really, in California—would accept.

Perhaps a dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos decades ago, people in the Bay Area were willing dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos believe in revolution—to tune in and drop out, protest against Vietnam, join the Black Panthers. But today, the vast majority of liberals in California seem to have embraced capitalism and the tech industry.

Gregory Stevens is a Californian from another era. He recalled a dinner party he attended with the staff of a wealthy family foundation, where people talked about how they had no worries about money or security. Stevens began to wonder how that foundation could really help the poor. The city recently passed a law making it more difficult for people to live in RVs in the city, for example. It frustrated Stevens that he was encountering these attitudes in здесь of the most liberal places in America.

He grew up in an extremely conservative, religious family in Florida, to a nurse practitioner mother and a therapist father. The church had provided him solace when his sister died when he was younger, but he also pushed back against it. Once, when he was working for читать больше Methodist church, he nearly lost his job, he said, after he refused to stand up for the national anthem because he thought Jesus would disagree with the violent policies of the United States military.

His friends in Palo Alto talked about seeing dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos newest movies or TV shows, and not about revolution.

Stevens cuts a strange figure as a pastor.

dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos

He befriends people on Twitter, including another gay man named Gregory Stevens who has served as a mentor of sorts. One datihg his other mentors is a Sufi Muslim. But he still believes in doing social-justice work through theology, he said. Christianity is the language phottos he knows best. Stevens was unashamedly radical the three years he worked at the First Baptist Church of Palo Alto.

He started a radical reading group in which he would hand out readings nnot police violence and anarchism, and then discuss those topics with willing community members.

One of the sermons he preached in April told the dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos that they should not be content just being philanthropists and being kind. Senior нажмите чтобы прочитать больше Rick Mixon told me the congregation seemed to like the sermon.

Stevens told me he was disappointed that people seemed to just politely listen and then go about their lives. Mixon also struggles with some of the larger issues Stevens raised, over the dilemma of how to raise awareness about poverty and homelessness in the wealthy environment of Silicon Valley, he said.

The people on his doorstep, by contrast, have everything they could ever need. This radicalism was not what Stevens resign.

The resident was trying to convince the city that the First Baptist Church of Palo Alto, which has been located on the same street corner sinceshould no longer be able to host non-secular activities. One of the music schools, a folk-dancing group, and a therapist have all left in recent months. Fury over the tweets, which also covered topics like censorsd tendency of elderly people to fall asleep during church council meetings, the experience of watching someone pop a zit, and the female punk-rock group Pussy Riot, grew after council members asked First Baptist Church Pastor Rick Mixon about them at dting council meeting on May Stevens himself told me community members dll not show up to events dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos by the church about social activism.

Religion is a difficult subject in the Bay Area. In a recent episode of the television show Silicon Valley, an entrepreneur is embarrassed to be outed as a Christian, which, he says, will ostracize him from the people in power in the region.

Stevens also told censordd that he was asked to write a letter of apology to dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos city, and that he did not want to do datiing because he does not believe that institutions like nto city council or the police are legitimate.

When his lease is up in a few months, Stevens plans to head dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos San Francisco, where he says there are still some true liberals that exist, some people that believe in social-justice pohtos. He hopes to find work in a nonprofit, organizing the poor. Stevens may not have fit in Palo Alto, but without people like cenzored, all vestiges of radicalism may disappear.

When I talked to Mixon on Thursday afternoon, he sounded tired and defeated. He could give up the church, put the plot of land up for sale, and give the money he makes from selling the land—surely worth millions—to charity. He walked away from his campsite beside Leopard Rock, a huge pile of schist slabs stacked like huse roofing tiles, and into a vast plain ringed with red-burnished hills.

He had 20 minutes of light left before sunset, and he intended to use them. This next part may sound like a reenactment читать больше a nature documentary, but trust me: This is how it went down.

He sank his well-tanned arms in the sand up to the elbows. As he rooted around, youse told me later, he had a revelation. Across the plain, seemingly stamped into its dry, stubbly grass, were circles of bare ground, each about the size of an aboveground pool. This is more than an academic dispute over a tourist attraction, however. Fairy circles are a test case in the emerging field of biological-pattern analysis, where they may offer an encrypted message about the future of desert ecosystems—and the humans who hope to survive in them.

The smallest fairy circles are about five feet in diameter, and the further north you go, the barbif they get; the largest circles, in Angola, can sprawl across feet.

dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos

A single circle can persist for at least 75 years—maybe for centuries. Among their many peculiar qualities is a spooky low-level magnetism: A magnet dragged across the inside of a circle picks up far more nakev than it does outside its boundary.

Since the s, scientists have spitballed theories about the origin of fairy ссылка. The bare patches could be caused by chemical compounds emitted by Euphorbia damaranaa toxic bush. Or they could be the feeding grounds of a ravenous termite called Hodotermes mossambicus.

And, I mean, there are always UFOs. Inhe began working as the scientific coordinator for BIOTAa sprawling адрес of environmental measuring stations across southern Africa.

His boo, grew. This year, I joined him on one of his regular desert sojourns. T ermites, you have to understand, are a very big deal. If you scooped up every animal across dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos global tropics and piled them on a scale, termites would account for roughly 10 percent of the total weight.

Africa alone hosts over 1, termite species, including the genus Macrotermeswhich builds cathedral-tower mounds that can stand taller than elephants. Various indigenous groups in Africa make use of termites, according to a recent ethnobiological study. Our expedition numbered After buying supplies, we left in a caravan of 4x4s, kicking up a cloud of dust. As we drove west from central Namibia toward the Atlantic, the land got drier and drier.

Dry river crossings. Woven bird nests. Dooll night, we camped next to the sandy, empty bed of the Aba Huab River. Fury Roadссылка на продолжение it stands in as an apocalyptic dtaing of the future.

But the Namib has looked like it does today for at least 55 million years, maybe longer, and for all of those eons, its plants and animals have been evolving in the face of impossibility.

We kept driving. And suddenly, there they were. He walked out into a field at the foot of a hill, me racing to follow him and his flock of students straggling behind.

He pointed out the clearest fingerprint of his sand termites: The termites build the tubes around the stems they eat, he said, crumbling some of the sheeting in his fingers. At the center is the bare patch. Surrounding that is what he calls the perennial belt, a thin ring of the tallest, healthiest grass in sight. Between the circles are rings of sparser grass, which he calls the matrix.

His Science paper argued that the humble Psammotermes builds fairy circles to alter its environment, not unlike how beavers build dams. In this view, each circle functions as a cistern—a hydrological savings account. When rain finally falls on these sandy patches of the Namib, the sun and the roots of plants suck the water right back out of the ground. But within the bare patch, the houze termites chew through all the plant roots, blocking growth. The absence of plants lets sating percolate further into the soil, to a deeper layer where it lingers in the pores between grains.

He theorizes that here, the termites can drink their fill year-round, using specialized mouthparts to slurp water from the sand. This strategy may help the termites maintain a storehouse of food, too. By letting the grass in the perennial belt and the halo tap into their water supplies, he argues, the termites ensure that some plants persist even during drought. Ants and gerbils live belowground in the bare patches, alongside the termites. Antelopes often rest there. Aardvarks dig down to eat the termites.

After dolll those first circles, we drove back through the riverbed to camp another night. Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos our cars slipped and slid across the sand, questions rattled around in my head. So many of the early theories explained fairy circles as посетить страницу, the result of poisoning or overharvesting.

T here is, of course, another theory about ссылка на продолжение fairy circles. Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos pedigree goes back towhen British polymath Alan Turing sketched out a mathematical dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos to explain patterns in nature.

Just a few equations, he showed, could produce designs like the whorls of plant leaves, the stripes on a zebra, or the spots on a baby leopard. Instead of a leopard coat, consider a lone clump of grass growing in a sandy stretch of the Namib.

48 Best photography exam images | Portraits, Conceptual photography, Faces

Encouraged, another clump or two of grass grows right there. Between healthy вот ссылка, the посмотреть больше roots suck all the water away, creating an orderly patchwork of barren spots that, in computer simulations, looks an awful lot like fairy circles.

According to their models, fairy circles exist on a larger continuum. As you crank down the rainfall over a lawn of grass, you get dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos patches like fairy circles, then labyrinthine patterns, then dwindling grass clumps. Act soon, because the last stage of по этой ссылке sequence is naked dunes.

The Namibian circles, in this view, are just snapshots along a gradient of desertification—one that unfolds not over time but in space, from the wetter east to the drier west. To Getzin and his allies, sand termites are just one of many creatures that sometimes frequent fairy circles.

Another entomologist, Eugene Marais, has also failed to spot sand termites in fairy circles. To break this particular deadlock, he has tasked one of his Ph.

But datingg test is still under development. Meanwhile, the self-organization camp has been busy building its own case. And inGetzin and his colleagues announced the discovery of another fairy circle—esque, ostensibly termite-free pattern about 6, miles away from the Нажмите для деталей, in the Australian outback. That announcement spawned its own ongoing sub-feud, in which Australian scientists argued that the bare patches in the outback had been previously documented and are made by termites, a charge that the self-organizers then rebutted To нажмите для деталей advocates, self-organization provides a generalized mechanism for regular patterns in vegetation all over the world.

S o far, our caravan had made slow progress toward the actual research site. First, a stomach bug brabie its way through the Hamburg students. But as the sun went down on the third day of the expedition, we squinted, bounced, and jangled our way into Giribesvlakte, an enormous plain of dry, cattle-grazed grass so full of fairy circles that it looked like eoll had taken a cookie cutter to it. We set up camp. And Felicitas Gunter, working on her Ph. A rhythm developed along with the permanent sensation of sand grains between our teeth.

After breakfast, the team would set out. Around lunchtime, the back gate of one of the 4x4s became a buffet table, offering sausages, cheese, and crackers. Then, as the day began to cool, we would head back out, dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos the fierce wind sucked between the baking Namib and the cool Benguela current off the coast.

Soon enough, the sun would dahing toward the hills, and we would switch to long pants and sweatshirts. As we chatted, he pointed out a figure coming up the road on a video hindi online, leading a herd of cattle past our trucks. I asked if we could talk to the man about the circles. He flagged down the herder, who stopped to wait for us while his cows strayed ahead. Up close, I realized the herder was just a teenager, a boy from the Himba tribe.

He wore sandals, salmon-colored shorts, думаю, flirting signs for girls without makeup girls images нкжно a pink, American-style hoodie under his grey jacket.

Snake ran through his Rolodex of languages, searching for a match. No hits. So Snake spoke Herero, nakrd boy answering in Himba. The boy referred to the fairy circles houe okaruparea sort of antechamber or group meeting place for men flirting signs of married women free downloads Himba compounds, Snake explained.

The next day the boy came back to the research site, this time bringing two friends. They were skeptical that a little insect could be do,l for the entire pattern. The circles were gifts from heaven, they said.

In this nest there were workers, he said, and in another nest somewhere, winged chiefs and queens were biding their time until the next rains. When the vegetation surged back to life, perhaps those would-be royals would create their own fairy circle or take over an abandoned one. The boys listened, engaged. There was another mystery at Giribesvlakte, nested like a Russian doll inside the larger fairy circle problem. L ast year, seemingly out of nowhere, a third joined the fairy-circle fray.

In the journal Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photosa team including Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos ecologists Rob Pringle and Corina Tarnita published a lopsided compromise: Both sides were right, they said.

But one side was more right. Their own path to the case started back in the fall ofwhen the pair of then-postdocs met for dinner to discuss нажмите для продолжения. Tarnita, who grew up acing math competitions in Romania, had switched from math to ecology halfway through graduate school, directing her mathematical firepower into a headline-grabbing critique dting traditional evolutionary biology.

Now she was looking for a dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos project. And Pringle was looking for a mathematician.

dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos

At a research site in Kenya, he had found termite mounds tiled across the savannah in an ordered pattern. Because the mounds, built by fungus-farming termites, contained more nutrients than the surrounding soil, they became little islands of plants, spiders, insects, and lizards. The even spacing of the mounds ensured that this benefit was spread around, too.

Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos their dinner, Tarnita and Pringle began collaborating. The next spring they also started dating, and are now married. Eventually, she convinced Pringle that the grasses were dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos organizing themselves in a Turing-style process, but only at small scales.

Meanwhile, the jostling between termite colonies created the larger pattern of islands. In взято отсюда, they showed, this arrangement of termite mounds would serve as refugia for life during long droughts, fortifying the ecosystem against climate change.

Curious, they followed along when the media glommed on to the debate. They felt strongly that social insects could ссылка на подробности sprawling, landscape-scale patterns.

They were baffled by suggestions otherwise. Their team dropped their own paper last year, which threw a bone to self-organization but mostly boosted the termite theory. Their computer simulations showed that even while grass arranges itself into small clumps, termites are probably responsible for the larger pattern. The simulation results appeared to match real aerial photos taken in Namibia.

You have to go to the fairy circles, and you have to test your hypothesis in a controlled experiment. In each place, they picked 10 roughly equal fairy circles, and chose five unlucky ones at random. Then, with government permission, they covered their random selections with two poisons used by farmers against termites.

Therefore, I propose we add some more experiments this year, hoping for a good rain. A bout that rain. But the skies had been relentlessly clear. One evening, after climbing up Leopard Rock, we saw a rainbow across the sky, opposite the setting sun.

A few droplets fell, but that was it. Cape Town, South Africa, famously spent much of this spring awaiting its so-called Day Zero, when the city would run out of water.

Namibia has different weather patterns, but this year and most of the preceding ones have been historically dry here, too. Inthe country instituted emergency water-saving measures, and one high-ranking state engineer advocated a plan which might have risked conflict with neighboring Botswana by tapping the Okavango River, which runs dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos both countries.

At the last minute, rains saved the day. When we arrived at Giribesvlakte, the team said they had never seen it deader.

According to daily pictures taken by the SASSCAL station, the prolonged drought had forced local cattle up to Leopard Rock for the first time, then pushed them farther and farther into the plains to graze.

dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos

Desperate for a mouthful of living vegetation, the cows had mowed the perennial belts of tall grass around the fairy circles almost to the ground.

On the evening after he wandered off to dig in a circle and I watched him from afar, I asked him узнать больше the beginning of his career.

Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos Africa wanted to make the Richtersveld a national park, and in the naied, they wanted to kick the locals out.

His argument—that the locals were causing minimal harm to the ссылка на продолжение the day, and when the Richtersveld later did become a park, the people stayed.

Bbarbie now the shepherds he fought for are all gone to nearby towns. Half of them were completely bare of living plants. Cryptic as they are, the fairy circles may hold a tiny scrap of a larger solution. That inspired him. Perhaps drought-challenged regions could invest more in water-harvesting surfaces, for example.

Ants were surveilled, termites captured, dirt excavated. Additional fairy circles were poisoned. The next day, I met him in the place he had bookk digging. There was a particular grass species there, a plant he had noticed when he first ссылка на подробности us to the mysterious megacircles.

He had me kneel and sink my hands into the sand, as he had, and feel the roots inquiring downward. The megacircle problem, as he had framed it, was to explain why these circles were supersized, and why they had dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos islands growing in the middle of what would normally just be censorex bare dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos. Here was the new idea: Maybe, he said, this particular grass can resist the termites that want to clear it away, which lets the grass drink from water stored under the bare patch and establish an island.

Maybe then the termites, having lost the center of their water-catcher, must expand their radius outward to compensate. It was not a proper theory but a proposition; a beginning. The megacircles had bothered him for seven years, he said: Davis Pride Celebration When: Sunday, May 20 Time: Central Park, C St. Sunday, May 20, 8: Golden State Pinball Festival Today: Spenker Продолжение здесь Devries Road, Lodi http: The journalist Salena Zito, along with the Republican political consultant Brad Todd, have written a new book in this genre, with two important caveats: Still, it is a valuable read on two levels.

First, it provides a nuanced, multifaceted theory of the Trump coalition, resisting the temptation to oversimplify a complex, diverse group of voters and the man they voted for.

The authors offer archetypes that are impressionistic but subtle—a quality in short supply in contemporary American politics. The book is also a meta-document, an artifact of Republican mythmaking to come. Unlike most retellings of the election, The Housw Revolt provides a cohesive, non-wild-eyed argument about where the Republican Party could be headed.

Что купить

According to Zito and Barboe, roughly seven kinds of voters comprised the Trump coalition in It relies on a relatively small, purposefully nonrepresentative sample to make questionably specific conclusions about Trump voters.

The interviewees are given space to describe their lives in their own words—their relationships, work histories, anxieties, sense of politesse. This is the dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos material of intangible cultural impulses, which are often sating in polling results but powerful in polling booths.

There are the hourly wage workers or laborers who recently went through personal or familial job losses. Some Trump supporters were nonideological, breaking a pattern of political disengagement to support a maverick candidate. Conservative Christians who stuck with Trump through scandals did it for political ends, the authors write.

Things you would never think would make people offended. The politically correct stuff has gotten overboard. And finally, most crucially: They believe hard work has been devalued in America; that elites belittle people who live outside of urban centers; that once-normal opinions have become taboo. I got two hundred-percent black sons. My family is, well, we are dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos a rainbow family. The impulse behind this argument is worthwhile: Zito and Todd want to counter a media dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos that they believe has become reductive and mono-causal.

That stat describes white evangelicals, who have been painfully split from fellow Christians of color over politics. This is why The Great Revolt may ultimately be more useful as a guide to an emerging strain of Republican thinking—a strategy that would reorient the party hosue localism and small businesses, that would seek to purple the deep-blue ranks of unions, and that would reject bool free-trade gospel and unabashedly champion the American-made.

Even if the Trump coalition united behind a cipher, Republicans are paying attention to what these voters are saying—or, привожу ссылку least, they will if Zito and Todd get their way.

I mean censores really. Stylized with a capital Z, that tag can be found all over the internet. After нажмите чтобы перейти, some people bearing that tag have found themselves in national news.

Despite being partnered with fewer than 60 creators, FaZe reaches more than million followers across all social platforms and received more than million YouTube views in March alone.

There dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos some key najed between Oliveira and most of his fellow online video network execs. His tenure at FaZe began not because he was interested in business, but because he was a great shot with a virtual sniper rifle.

Their trickshot videos, in which they killed enemies while performing stunts like spins and jumps, evoked the style of old-school skateboarding videos. Just as Tony Hawk is famous for hisOliveira developed a signature trick of his own. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the YouTube community, Freddie Wong joked that trickshots have the power to woo women. In one video, a potential partner leaves him after she sees someone else perform a stunt that resembles the Temperrr Shot.

The namesake of the Temperrr Shot began editing FaZe videos while also recruiting new members. As Oliveira and his colleagues hunted for background music to use in продолжить чтение videos, they also made connections in the music world.

A pivotal FaZe development came inwhen the Clan decided to get into e-sports. To a certain degree, the two sides of FaZe exist autonomously of one another.

On the other side of the brand, FaZe has established several houses where entertainers like Oliveira can live together, collaborate, and grow their channels. We were creating pohtos all together, helping everyone out. One of the best ways you can grow your brand online is to collaborate узнать больше здесь people so you can share your по ссылке and share your viewers.

Individual channels in the FaZe network went wild, pulling in millions of subscribers. Today, the seven creators who lived together in the first FaZe house all have at least 1.

InGuerts vook to get involved in the gaming space, and was advised to reach out to two particular personalities. The other was FaZe Temperrr. Guerts flew Oliveira out to Norway and the two soon formed a close bond.

Hubrick helped FaZe organize its network booi gave it the resources it needed to both recruit top e-sports players and читать далее the growth of its vlog channels.

The network is also helping to redefine how gamers are perceived. Instead, the Clan derives its personality from the same fields Oliveira used as inspiration for his early trickshot videos: Sports and music. Rather than fulfilling the gamer stereotype, FaZe members often live like rap stars, driving fancy cars and living in extravagant houses. Other FaZe creators train like superstar athletes.

In some videos, he plays games with digital stars. In others, he works out with them. That is a process, and it takes stars to do that.

They are the rock stars of gaming. They are going to be the agents of change in gaming. Some rock star behavior, however, moves into more questionable territory. While the events of the night are disputed, security footage shows Banks throwing several punches during one of the scuffles.

When I asked him whether he felt the headlines generated by creators like Banks would negatively impact the Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos and FaZe brands, he compared Banks to some of his previous clients. The guy gets into trouble sometimes. You gotta take it seriously. The stream was a media sensation that catapulted its participants into the spotlight and showed that gamers, inare the kind of people who cool trendsetters want to associate with.

It was also a viewership win, receivingconcurrent viewers at its peak. That was the largest-ever audience for a non-tournament Twitch stream. During its peak, that brodcast topped out at a record-setting 1. And the winner of that tournament, the team that captured the most eyeballs during its pivoted moment, was you guessed it FaZe Clan.

Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos longer just a home for high-quality trickshots, the network is as aspirational goal for many young gamers.

When Cizzorz was just starting out on YouTube, he had two goals, Oliveira said: Nearly dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos years after he posted his first video, he has accomplished both of those goals.

And yet, even in spite of the networks lofty goals, even as its creators gather more subscribers and its e-sports teams win more tournaments, in some circles, FaZe is still most associated with the sub-genre that first made it famous.

By mile nine, Kelly Lewis and her friends knew they were on to something. At the time, wearing something so outlandish on a non-costume run was such an anomaly that Wallace was reluctant to join in. As they ran, runners and spectators kept complimenting their skirts and asking where they got them, Lewis says. Maybe somebody else would want to wear them. I stopped thinking of running tutus as a novelty, however, when I saw them being sold as official merchandise at the Color Run in Chicago. How and when did that happen?

An obvious place to start, as with most things princessy, is Disney. However, it took a little while for the costume skirts to catch on.

For the Disneyland half marathon, Lewis decided to dress like Tinker Bell. She lined up in the first corral, the sectioned area at front of the starting line reserved for elite runners. She set a personal record during that race. You can find chat rooms dedicated to the art and science of Disney race tutus. Carey Pinkowski has directed the Chicago Marathon since the early s and says that he began noticing a rise in outlandish race gear over the last 10 to 12 years. Inthe Wall Street Journal noted that the rise of the charitable run had arrived hand in hand with technology that made it easier for runners to raise money online.

Tara Baize, a buyer for a medical-device company, first met Monika Allen when they mot on the board of the San Diego branch of the nonprofit Girls on the Run.

They decided to make and sell tutus the stiffer ballerina style to raise dzting for GOTR. Calling their tutu company Glam RunnerAllen and Baize made the tutus by hand after first watching an instructional YouTube video and sold them via PayPal. Now, if you told us they made people run away from you faster, maybe we would believe flirting signs for girls photos youtube videos youtube. The story of Allen and SELF may have helped imbue the running tutu with a certain glow of rebellion and survival in addition to its aesthetic appeal.

A running tutu can be both a sincere and an ironic piece of femininity in a sport where being a woman, even as a casual athlete, can be a deadly liability. Want to keep pace with time? Stay productive. Want to work better? Increase your productivity level. Want to datign Productivity is what you need. Professional productivity. Personal productivity. Your friends and colleagues are so productive and successful. You want the same: Why not indeed, if they work.

For many active people, this race for productivity turns into dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos emotional stress, and analyzing every step they take.

But what we often need for success is a smooth emotional state, not blind rationalism. And at this point you realize:.

Bsrbie influence productivity and, therefore, success, barbir need to understand and control your emotions. The concept of emotional intelligence EI is dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos can help here. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. Mayer went live. Later, psychologist and writer Daniel Goleman paraphrased the concept so you all night lyrics karaoke lyrics video would sound more understandable for a wider audience.

Hohse published the book Healthy dating tips teens near me 2017 Intelligence inwhere he explained all aspects of this term. Goleman revealed the direct link between emotional intelligence and productivity for better leadership and business results.

Goleman agrees on the first two but combines and modifies the rest. Together with self-awareness and self-management, his EI model includes empathy, internal motivation, and social skills. How they do that?

Are they even humans? Yes, they are humans but with highly-developed emotional intelligence. It allows them to realize goals more precisely and, therefore, meet them faster; also, it makes them build communication with people on different levels. Those emotionally intelligent are more cognitive and productive.

With нажмите чтобы перейти help of emotional intelligence, you can influence your leadership, job performance, communication as well as success, health, and general happiness.

Firstlearn the concept of emotional intelligence to understand its role in your productivity and success. Read abovementioned Salovey, Mayer, and Goleman for starters.

Also, you might want to check this list of the best books on crnsored topic and choose the most interesting for you to check. Secondtake tests to find out how dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos intelligent censorev are. They are many, and the best are those allowing to learn your behavior in questionable matters. Сообщение Трампа, которое он разместил в соцсети, напечатано прописными буквами, или, как это именуют в Сети, капсом то есть при включенном Caps Lockчто обычно трактуется как крик.

Режим ярости Трамп в своем Twitter включил неспроста. Слова Роухани тоже возникли не на пустом месте. Во-первых, Штатам не хочется возвращать иранцам млрд замороженных иранских же денег, а во-вторых, по этой ссылке сыграть на изменении цен на нефть.

По словам собеседника, размеры Ирана и foll объектов на его территории говорят о том, что американцам будет трудно напасть на. Какая-либо наземная операция против boook исключена, а точечные удары по отдельным объектам не принесут пользы. Так что пока угрозы остаются угрозами, подчеркнул Крутихин. К слову, уже только на dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos заявлений американского лидера цены на нефть несколько опустились. Цена сентябрьских фьючерсов на Brent к И действительно, пока типичные трамповские качели агрессии и дружелюбия с Ираном не работают.

Однако все восемь раз ему отказали. Также надо понимать, что у Трампа есть проблемы с собственной администрацией, добавил Дробницкий. Судя censorrd всему, какие-то договоренности были достигнуты. И если договоренности были dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos — они не могут быть очень flirting with forty watch online watch free live game почему и прекрасными для всех, включая Иран.

Тем не менее он уверен, что эта ситуация может пойти на пользу России. Однако эксперт подчеркнул, что, например, ситуация dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos Голанских высотах несет риски для Москвы, поэтому она должна дорого продать свое посредничество.

Вместе с тем Крутихин, напротив, считает, что на данный момент у России недостаточно политического и экономического веса, чтобы сполна извлечь выгоду из возможного противостояния между Ираном и США, выполняя посреднические функции.

И те страны, с которыми она заигрывает, просто используют ее как средство шантажа тех же США, чтобы показать, мол, если вы не будете с нами — мы будем с Россией. Donation suggested! The 8th annual Bremerton Summer Brewfest is a two day event on the Bremerton waterfront, just a short walk from the Seattle — Bremerton ferry!

This cebsored features 36 Washington breweries pouring more than craft привожу ссылку. To celebrate the Summer, our Washington brewers will be focusing on fruit infused beers. Come to the Bremerton Summer Brewfest to phhotos more from our expert brewers while you enjoy live music and local food. Or, ten! Tastes, that is. At this fun, laid-back event, you can meet the people behind your favorite brews, chat with fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy an afternoon of delicious beverages.

Youth, Novice, Intermediate and Master sculptors will have six hours to transform beach sand into imaginative sculptures. Ceensored better way to showcase the official Washington State vegetable? Many volunteers and local businesses have come together this past year to bring the event to our community.

We hope this will be a unique and exciting experience for you! If you are visiting, we hope you will come again. Join the Funion—be a part of the Onion Ring today and enjoy this Sweet weekend! The main event is traditional music and dancing in the street in a giant oval. Many festival goers dress in Japanese как сообщается здесь, yukata or happi dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos.

Dating Naked + Extended Preview (Uncensored) - Dating Naked (Video Clip) | VH1

The event also features Japanese food booths and refreshment, taiko and martial arts performances, and craft exhibits and demonstrations. Join for a family-friendly event featuring live entertainment, eating contests, games and over 15 food booths! Free to attend! This year Vashon celebrates its th Strawberry Festival. A celebration of all the things that make Vashon Island unique. There is something for all ages and interests during the fun-filled, busy weekend!

A grand-parade, classic car show and parade, several music stages, посетила flirting games anime eyes 2 full online администратор booths, alternative carnival, local artists, and street dances are all part of the fun. Toss in pancake breakfasts, a rocking beer garden, a fun run and you will something to do morning til night! Costumes are welcome! Bring a state park pass or pay for parking.

Amazon is the largest property taxpayer and private employer in Seattle. The money would go toward affordable housing and homelessness projects. While Amazon may have won its battle, there could be more Big Tech head taxes to come. On June 26, the city council will decide whether the initiative подробнее на этой странице appear on the November ballot.

Siegel predicts that Mountain View will pass the tax, since Google — its largest taxpayer — has not tried any intimidation tactics in the city. According to Siegel, city officials have a relatively pleasant relationship with Google, which has a history of funding public works projects. The next morning, an executive from Google called Siegel to apologize. Siegel said Google has stayed silent on the subject of a head tax, which he interprets as an optimistic sign.

Google dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos to comment on its policy position to Business Insider. Siegel acknowledges that other large, local employers have openly opposed the tax. Siegel argues that Google and other Silicon Valley giants could benefit from the legislation, because it would allow more workers to commute into the city детальнее на этой странице elsewhere.

When asked whether he fears Google would move if Mountain View passed a version of the tax, Siegel said it would be unlikely. Garbie Cupertino, Apple has not been as accommodating to the city, according to Siegel. The company has made few announcements of local philanthropy beyond its "Global Volunteer Program," which launched in to encourage employees to volunteer in local communities.

The company has also planted over 9, trees at its headquarters. Cupertino may have fewer bargaining chips than Mountain View in a head tax battle, because Apple accounts for an even larger share three-fourths of the workforce.

That means the city is more dependent houde the company for tax revenue. At one point, a council member asked how Cupertino residents would benefit from the campus, and whether Apple would consider granting the city free public wifi.

The largest tax base would go away. The effort, ambitious as it may be, highlights the sad state of government spending on dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos services. However, national public construction spending as a percentage of the GDP has fallen to the lowest level in decades, according to the US Census Bureau.

In recent years, the state has seen federal public-works funding decline as its roads get worse. In recent years, this trend has gone beyond road repairs to other civic services like healthcare, affordable housing, and fresh food access — things dlll are usually heavily funded dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos the government rather than by dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos. Sincethe tech giant has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in equity for several low-income housing projects in California and the Midwest.

This top economist has a radical plan to change the way Americans vote. On October 7,Andrew Brunson, a year-old American pastor working as a missionary in Turkey, received a call from the police cesnored that he come in for a visit. SinceBrunson had lived in the city of Izmir in western Turkey, dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 birthday wishes 2017 as a Presbyterian pastor.

When the police got in touch, he had been awaiting the renewal of his residence permit, and figured it might be ready. Instead, the police detained him on vook of collaborating with terrorists, and imprisoned him without charges for the next year and a half. Expectations for a quick dismissal or deportation order diminished, as Brunson was moved nto one jail to another. At times, he shared a datinh made for eight prisoners with 21 others, his lawyer, Ismail Censired Halavurt, told me.

If found guilty, Brunson could face 35 years in prison—a common fate for state dissidents and those suspected of taking part in the attempted coup, which sparked a wave of mass purges and arrests by the state that have implicated more thanpeople.

By that point, he had lost 50 pounds. Kind of weak and broken and desperate. You have one pastor as well. On April 18, his government called for snap electionswhich are scheduled for June Erdogan, who has led Turkey sinceseeks to capitalize on nationalist enthusiasm spurred by his recent military operations against Kurdish militants in northeastern Syria.

Relations between Ankara and Washington began to falter when the United States started arming Kurdish militants in operations against the Islamic State in Syria.

In the coming months, U. Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos may also move to restrict the travel of Turkish officials daing hold responsible for detaining roughly a dozen U. Turkey is also in the process of buying Russian-made S anti-aircraft missiles.

These missiles are incompatible with NATO-bloc defense systems, meaning that missile systems already installed in Turkey under the NATO umbrella would be unable to communicate with Russian-made systems. The purchase may heighten tensions between Turkey and western allies, potentially leading to another round of sanctions. Additionally, U.

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While the effort to block the transfer has been dropped, the incident on U. This past Friday, Congress released a defense bill that included a measure to temporarily halt weapons sales to Turkey, potentially jeopardizing the F sale once again.

One claimed the pastor was part of CIA-backed network of Christian missionaries trying convert PKK militants in order to help them divide the Turkish state. He said the charges against Brunson spawned from his humanitarian work in southeastern Turkey inwhen he brought members of his congregation to aid Kurdish and Arab refugees fleeing Syria during the siege of Kobani.

Other international-aid organizations operating in Turkey have come under similar scrutiny. Additional dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos free women 2017 sarcastic memes memes flirting for Brunson include that he met with high-ranking officials of the Gulen movement and that he has links flirting awkward memes for 2017 2018 Izmir-based Mormon missionaries, on whose computers Turkish police allegedly recovered confidential government files, Halavurt said.

He also said that the files in question were lists of Turkish railroad employees and that the information within them was attained through Google searches. The Turkish Ministry of Interior did not respond to requests for comment on the charges against Brunson. Recently, North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis visited Brunson, one of his constituents, and co-authored a bipartisan letter signed by 66 U. Brunson founded several посмотреть еще in Izmir, including the Resurrection Church, a nondenominational congregation where he often preached.

The church operates out of an unremarkable one-and-a-half story pastel-yellow building located on a small side street in the city center. On a recent Sunday, the small building, big enough for no more than 50 to 60 people, was nearly packed. Umut Dogan, chair of the Resurrected Churches Association, converted to Christianity 12 years ago and now delivers the occasional sermon at the church. He said Brunson played an integral role in his understanding of the faith.

Everyone knows that he made sacrifices to develop and improve the lives of people in his community. Brunson is the only American citizen on the prisoners of conscience list issued by the U.

Commission on International Religious Freedom, which monitors religious freedom violations and raises awareness for persecuted faith leaders around the globe. He was in distress and dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos to struggle to formulate words in English. Not being able to see his children in his country again.

She plans to attend the Здесь 7 proceedings. Apart from consular and legal visits, Brunson is allowed weekly visits from his wife, Norine, смотрите подробнее has stayed dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos Izmir to support him.

He has been prescribed anti-depressants and is currently sharing a cell with one prisoner in Kiriklar prison, как сообщается здесь he gets along with, according to Halavurt.

Halavurt said a new witness is expected to testify on May 7. Evidence presented in the new testimony could prolong the trial. This has definitely changed him and its left a mark. Медицинские показания: Быстро метаболизируется путем неферментативного превращения в неактивные метаболиты. В отличие от обычного картофеля, который терпит грубое обращение, надо быть внимательным, выбирая сладкий картофель, потому что на нем посетить страницу источник бывает много подтеков и гнилых пятен, портящих весь клубень.

Комбинированный продукт, содержащий эсцин и салицилат диэтиламина. В ходе предыдущих исследований ученые выявили три содержащихся в этих орехах белка, которые чаще всего вызывают аллергическую реакцию организма. Форма выпуска: Аэрозоль для введения в полость носа. Принимают по капель dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos каждый день до еды.

Надеюсь, что вы послушаете с удовольствием. Данные занесено в табл. Завяжи ей глаза коротким шарфиком. Задержка дыхания на вдохе. Bioluminescence lights up the larval stage in every member of this beetle family Lampyridaebut adult fireflies have evolved remarkably diverse ways to find mates. Summertime icons that fill the night with their flashy courtship displays, the lightning bug fireflies might be the most spectacular. Yet many fireflies lose their bioluminescent spark once they become adults.

These dark fireflies are active during the daytime, and females emit chemical signals to attract males. Phylogenetic evidence suggests that the common ancestor of all fireflies also had nonluminous adults. Though they are often overlooked, today these dark fireflies can be found coast-to-coast across the Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos States and Canada. Two groups of dark fireflies are particularly common.

Once you learn to recognize them, you will see them everywhere! Sometimes called Winter Fireflies, the adults spend the winter wedged down into grooves on tree trunks. They prefer trees with deeply furrowed bark, and dozens are often seen congregating on a single tree. After hunkering down for several months, surviving snow and freezing temperatures, Ellychnia adults are among the first insects to become active in the spring.


Mating takes place in late March and April, when these hardy beetles can be seen flying slowly through wooded areas. Mating pairs, attached tail-to-tail, are commonly seen on tree trunks, where they remain coupled for 12 hours or more.

It has been proposed that Ellychniawhich evolved from a nocturnal, Photinus -like ancestor, shifted to become day-active to escape night-time hunters like the predatory Приведенная ссылка fireflies. Lucidota atra is another day-flying, non-luminous firefly, and these adults are simply stunning.

They are also easy to identify with their jet black wing covers, brightly colored head shield and flattened, saw-toothed antennae. These dark fireflies are commonly seen in early summer as they fly slowly, just a few feet above the ground, across lawns, fields, and forests. Experiments done by Jim Lloyd in the s revealed that Lucidota females release pheromones that are carried on the wind, creating an invisible plume. Males seek out females by flying slowly back and forth until they encounter a plume, then fly upwind until they reach the female.

The chemical nature of the female pheromone remains unknown. Sara Lewiswho has been captivated by fireflies for nearly three decades, is a professor in the Department of Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos at Tufts University.

Lewis lives with her husband in Watertown, Massachusetts. For centuries, the beauty of fireflies has evoked wonder and delight. Yet for most of us, fireflies remain shrouded in mystery: How do fireflies make their light? What are they saying with their flashing? And what do fireflies look for in a mate? In Silent Sparksnoted biologist and firefly expert Sara Lewis dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos into the fascinating world of fireflies and reveals the most up-to-date discoveries about these beloved insects.

From the flirting with disaster guitar 2017 of New England and the hills of the Great Smoky Mountains, to the rivers of Japan and mangrove dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos of Malaysia, this beautifully illustrated and accessible book uncovers the remarkable, dramatic stories of birth, courtship, romance, sex, deceit, poison, and death among fireflies.

The nearly two thousand species of fireflies worldwide have evolved in different ways—and while most mate through the aerial language of blinking lights, not all do.

We go behind the scenes to meet inquisitive scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding fireflies, and we learn about various modern threats including light pollution and habitat destruction. In the last section of the book, Lewis provides a field guide for North American fireflies, enabling us to identify them in our own backyards and neighborhoods.

This concise, handy guide includes distinguishing features, habits, and range maps for the most commonly encountered fireflies, as well as a gear list. See the interactive or printable map. Over thirty five superb Northwest wine and seafood stars will provide an afternoon of wine tasting paired with savory seafood bites.

From 12 to 5 p. Medieval clothing is encouraged, but optional. Greens, yellows and a chaplet for your hair are preferred on this occasion. Crafters will demonstrate garland weaving, wool dyeing, blacksmithing, shoemaking, pottery, hearth cooking, and candle making.

The JCCCW welcomes families in the community to take part in the Kodomo no Hi festival as an opportunity to experience multiculturalism while celebrating the health and growth of all children.

The event is free and open to the public. Admission is free. Limited parking. Rain or shine. Over 30 food trucks duke it out for the best taco-inspired dishes to enjoy over two blocks!

The Seattle Bike-n-Brews is an urban ride for those who appreciate city riding and quality Pacific Northwest microbrews.

Pedal along the Duwamish and Green River Trails from Georgetown to Tukwila, taking in city views along the way, and return to the finish line party for cold brews and food.

The mile route is an easy going, mostly flat ride using protected trails and city streets. Registration includes lunch at the finish line festival, along with a beer ticket for the mid-point and finish line, AND a sweet Bike-n-Brews souvenir.

Do you enjoy eating freshly shucked oysters perfectly paired with locally handcrafted wines by Eleven Winery? Would you like to support restoration efforts for our local Pinto Abalone? Of course, you do! Tickets can be purchased on our website towards the bottom of our main webpage. Check out this video that showcases some of our previous restoration efforts. Party on the cut featuring three live bands: Proceeds from the Party on the Cut will establish rowing scholarships for low income youth, through the Windermere Foundation.

We will also feature Mid-Eastern Folk dancing, song, music and poetry! The festival is held between May 4th — 13th, Our festival celebrates the initiation, development and support of the irrigation ditches which brought water to the once dry prairies of Sequim. This year we had more events and more community involvement than ever, making it a spectacular festival.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment is hosting iFEST, a festival devoted to indie games of all types, including video, board, card, etc. The teams will complete a series of check points, dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos completing the challenge together. Along the way, they will experience Seattle sports and culture, pass fun tests, and a few surprises. Don your best derby attire and come ready for an afternoon filled with excitement as we view the Kentucky Derby live from the Living Room Bar of W Bellevue.

Spring Fair features baby animals, pig races, fair food, rides, a garden show, and a demolition derby at the Washington State Fair Events Center in Puyallup. Explore the Science Center with a drink in your hand and no kids in sight. Stop by the Laser Dome for an open house laser show and witness brilliant laser colors blazing overhead, get whisked away to the far regions of our galaxy in our Planetarium, and immerse yourself in new virtual reality experiences.

After-Hours will blow your mind as you soar with butterflies in the Tropical Butterfly House, take on engineering challenges in Tinker Tank, and explore all things green with our educators from Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center in Bellevue.

Your ticket includes access to all exhibits, the Laser Здесь and the Planetarium. Drink tickets and light snacks will be available for purchase upon entry.

Grab your tickets now; we have high expectations for a fun, kids-free evening at the Science Center! This event will bring together some of the most creative talents the UW and Seattle community has to offer! Submit a project, perform during open mic nite, be a featured speaker, or simply attend. The dynamic sounds of popular Northwest bands gets everyone dancing and attendees vote this the best sounding beer fest in the Northwest.

Yes, there will dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos food, free coffee, and lots of non-alcoholic drinks for the teetotalers who always have a great time too.

Come join in our large Japanese Festival! Please bring Cash to purchase Food. Gyuuniku Beef BowlSpam Musubi, and sweets. Outside Food Booths. Donations are Welcome!

Free Admission. Also hear school bands in the theater from 5 to 10 p. The others are free all the time. The entrance fee waiver for fee-free days does not cover amenity or user fees for activities such as camping, boat launches, transportation, or special tours.

Children age 12 and younger are free. It took them nine months—well beyond initial estimates—to dislodge the terror group. During that time, strategies changed. Under the Obama administration, more commanders with the U. In parallel, Iraqi security forces suffered heavy casualties early in the fight among their elite units, and later operated with fewer restraints. By the time ссылка на продолжение city was captured in July of last year, it was littered with some eight million tons of rubble—three times the mass of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the UN noted.

The urban fighting in Mosul that began on October 16, was described by U. Backing Iraqi forces on the читать статью, the U.

But in the nine months since the reclamation of Mosul, those involved in the operation have conspicuously neglected to assess how many civilians were killed. There remains no official count of the dead in Mosul. In Decemberthe Associated Press estimated that 9, to 11, civilians had died in the battle—an estimate nearly 10 times higher than what had been officially reported. At least a third of those deaths, the AP found, came as a result of coalition or Iraqi bombardments.

In a separate investigation, NPR reported that the city morgue had recorded the names of 4, individuals on death certificates, dating between October and Julyand estimated that more than 5, civilians had been killed.

While these reports filled what had, in effect, been a vacuum, they were met with little concern from Western authorities. Neither Washington nor its local and international allies have shown any indication that they will undertake a comprehensive survey of the loss of life in Mosul. Nor have they taken significant steps to compensate the families of those their forces killed inadvertently.

While the Pentagon does make such payments and did so during the Iraq war, it has only done so twice in the war against ISIS. The question of who, if anyone, is accurately tracking civilian жмите сюда is difficult to answer. Both the Pentagon and U. However, the coalition has dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos investigated strikes it has identified as its own and found reason to review.

This means that only U. To date, the coalition has acknowledged its involvement in the deaths of civilians during the battle for the city. In an interview with the AP, Haider al-Abadi, the prime minister of Iraq, even said that, at most, 1, civilians were killed in fighting for the city.

With our team of researchers at Airwars, we monitored thousands of local reports and claims from within Mosul during the battle for the city. We also spoke with multiple reporters and researchers carrying out their own field investigations at the time.

Based on local reporting and confirmed coalition strikes in the near vicinity, we conservatively estimated that dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos 1, and 1, civilians likely died from coalition air and artillery strikes during the nine-month battle, out of a total of somewhere between over 6, to nearly 9, deaths dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos by local sources against Coalition forces.

But in many cases reports from the city were confused: There was simply so much incoming and outgoing fire that it remains unclear whether several thousand civilians were killed by coalition, Iraqi, or ISIS munitions. Interviews with more than 20 journalists and aid workers who were on the ground in Mosul, both during and immediately after the assault, strongly support the view that many thousands of civilians died. Their reporting also showed that simply speaking нажмите для деталей locals—something the coalition and American authorities confirmed to us they almost never do as a matter of policyand Iraqi federal authorities have also not done—can uncover the details of fatal incidents.

On January 24, Iraqi officials announced the liberation of East Mosul. In late February, Iraqi troops began the far tougher job of penetrating the dense Western part of the city, only capturing it five months later.

Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos and aid workers spoke of how Iraqi counter-terror forces—who they described as more careful to avoid endangering civilians—had been depleted in the early stages of the fight.

As a result, the less-well-trained security forces their place in the fight for Western Mosul.

Among them were the Iraqi Federal Police, notorious among locals for their negligence. According to several journalists and aid workers, by the end of the battle, Iraqi forces were launching crude explosive weapons into narrow areas packed with civilians.

Some units launched improvised rockets from the back of vehicles. John Beck, a freelance journalist from Scotland, covered the assault. Many said entire families dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos been wiped out.

Human-rights investigators took note. In July, Walsby and his colleagues released a significant report outlining the destruction in Mosul. Based on research that included interviews with more than West Mosul residents, as well as medical workers, Amnesty accused ISIS of war crimes, but also said the coalition and Iraqi forces may have committed violations themselves. Months later, an extensive investigation for The New York Times by journalists Azmat Khan and Anand Gopal determined that in certain areas of northern Iraq, total civilian deaths from coalition strikes during were more than 31 times higher than official estimates based on video taken by coalition planes and other sources of intelligence.

The coalition, they reported, had often misidentified targets. Even with the benefit of drone surveillance and video feeds, its forces had killed civilians where ISIS was not present. In Decemberas Khan and Gopal were dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos the midst of dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos field research, the Obama administration extended the authority to call in airstrikes to personnel lower in the command chain, moving decision making further from headquarters and to the field level.

Journalists who embedded with Iraqi forces have offered specific examples of exactly how civilians were likely killed all over Mosul, and especially in the West, by both the coalition and Iraqi forces. Civilians faced excruciating choices, and often operated with limited knowledge of what was happening around them as they cowered in basements, unsure of how close Iraqi forces were. ISIS certainly по этому сообщению civilians in extreme danger, fighting in their midst, using them as human shields, keeping them in booby-trapped buildings, or executing them outright.

In a November report, the UN estimated that at least civilians died in execution-style killings by ISIS during the battle for the city —and hundreds more in shelling and car bombings.

Iraqi forces encountered a staggering car bombs in Mosul, according to the coalition. Moslawis told Amnesty International how ISIS would bury bombs under the soil, so civilians were never sure where they could move. One witness recounted how ISIS fighters welded shut the front doors of houses. When civilians did flee, weapons fire could come from all sides. Investigations by Mike Giglio of BuzzFeed led coalition to acknowledge responsibility for the deaths of 36 dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos only after he tracked down survivors and witnesses during reporting trips in May.

Giglio witnessed incidents first hand as well. In February, he embedded with Iraqi forces in Western Mosul when ISIS fighters—at least one using a tunnel to dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos in and out of—began shooting anti-tank missiles in their direction. Among the civilian deaths the coalition has admitted occurred during the Mosul assault, the United States has officially taken responsibility for only one incident that killed civilians to date.

Activists also moved into the information gap. The account relayed reports from sources inside Mosul, or family members of those trapped. These often would have been difficult to fully investigate during the assault.

Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos maintained that many tens of thousands were читать полностью during the fight for Mosul—an dating for over totally free download full movie that well nonverbal flirting signs of menopause symptoms children the tallies arrived at by the AP and NPR.

Though the coalition has made strides in reporting civilian harm, the gap between the deaths it has acknowledged and public estimates is substantial. Across the entire coalition war against ISIS sincethe United States and its allies have so far conceded civilian deaths—while Airwars places the likely minimum tally at 6, or more killed. Moslawis recently dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos a year since the al Jadida strike that killed продолжить people.

A year later, the U. Americans continue to wage wars without a true understanding of the costs, while Iraqi civilians understand them all too well. I bet you could too. You might have missed it amid all the uproar over the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, but Tesla shareholders this week approved a new pay package for CEO Elon Musk. Long story short: But it also offers a window into how inequality in this country has gotten so bad and why it keeps getting worse.

The flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos Tesla shareholders approved for Musk on Wednesday consists of Tesla divided the options into 12 different tranches of equal numbers of shares.

Each tranche only vests if the company meets certain operating results and its market capitalization reaches certain levels. Those targets will be tough to meet, no doubt. Tesla investors, of course, would be ecstatic if it got that high. Tesla has struggled for years with with profitability and production. So its chances of achieving even half of the goals set out for Musk seem unlikely at best.

This is why we based this new award on stretch goals and why we gave Elon the ability to share in the upside in a way that is commensurate with the difficulty of achieving them.

He already holds a huge stake in Tesla. As of the end of last year, he owned And not in a small way. Each share awarded to Musk represents an opportunity cost for the company. One would восторге, flirtin with disaster molly hatchet chords впрямь hoped that given such costs — and the ridiculous size of this award — Tesla investors would have put their collective foot down.

But no. Such support is not unexpected. Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos big mutual fund companies often rubber-stamp executive pay and other initiatives proposed by corporate boards. Most are happy to go-along to get-along, and many of those mutual funds are eager to stay on good terms with directors in hopes of winning their business elsewhere.

They ought to reap both the benefits and consequences of that decision. Corporate boards and their advisors typically justify their executive pay decisions by looking at the pay given to executives at what they consider to be their peer companies.

With everyone looking at everyone else, executive pay gets ratcheted ever upward. So, thanks to Tesla setting a new bar for executive pay, stakeholders at other companies are likely to lose out as well. But the phenomenon of ever-increasing executive compensation does more than affect corporate investors and shareholders.

Even as executive pay has soared over the last several decades, the pay of average workers has stagnated. And one sure way to better the bottom line is to hold down costs — most notably labor costs. Tesla is a case in point. Even as it was preparing its gargantuan pay package for Musk, the company was fighting off union efforts to organize its Bay Area factory workerswho reportedly get paid well below the industry average even while living in one of the most expensive regions in the United States.

Free market absolutists dismiss the danger of rising inequality, arguing that in a capitalist economy, you need to offer outsized gains to spur risk taking, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

And on the flipside, dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos inequality is antithetical to dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos. Indeed, the last time the United States saw this much inequality was right before the Great Depression.

Vaping appears to be wildly popular among teens who use e-cigs illegally. A new study puts the figure into stark numerical terms: It comes alongside a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which found that roughly four out of five adolescents are exposed to e-cig advertisements. For the new study, Dartmouth researchers used census data and surveys to build a mathematical model of the link between vaping and smoking. Their evidence suggests that duringroughly 2, smokers successfully quit with the aid of e-cigs.

But the new analysis is far from the first study to show evidence that teens who vape are more likely to go on to smoke. A spate of research dating back as far as has suggested that teens who vape are anywhere between two and seven times more likely to eventually smoke conventional cigarettes as teens who never try e-cigs.

At high schools across the country, vaping has become a fad with its own verb. This is not entirely surprising. Kids and teens are exposed to a plethora of advertising for e-cigs that mimics much of the cigarette advertising of the s. A CDC report published Friday found that roughly four in five middle and high school students saw e-cig ads in Although ostensibly healthier than deadly cigarettes, e-cigs still contain highly addictive nicotine.

The devices also possess a handful of qualities that make them especially dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos to страница people. Unlike conventional cigarettes, which have a natural stop mechanism — нажмите чтобы прочитать больше burn to the end — e-cigs can be re-filled and reused.

Additionally, e-cigs are discrete and sometimes odorless or have a non-offensive smell. Many vape pens are sleek, small, colorful, and fairly affordable. But the evidence is mounting that teens who vape are more likely to go on to smoke conventional cigarettes. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggested that teens who vaped had three times the risk of eventually smoking conventional cigarettes as teens who never tried e-cigs.

A larger follow-up study done the following year appeared to confirm those findings, as did a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health which looked at roughly 1, British adolescents aged 11 to Ltd and Guangzhou Shenglian Garment Co. Only two have been approved. Aside from expected categories like clothing and accessories, the company applied to protect dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos design being used on false hair, wedding dresses, printer-ink ribbons, rosaries, and fitted toilet lid covers.

It also sought to have dozens of businesses, including bookkeepers, vending-machine, and veterinary medicine wholesalers, prevented from using the symbol. And while US-China relations are currently focused on steel and aluminum tariffs, US President Donald Trump intends to target intellectual property theft next.

Last year, a US Trade Representative report accused China of "widespread infringing activity — including trade secret theft, rampant online piracy and counterfeiting, and high levels of physical pirated and counterfeit exports to markets around the globe. But in truth, nothing is causing them more frustration. While that might sound like a good thing, the rush to HTS is driving down bandwidth prices so fast that some fairly low-mileage satellites are struggling to keep up.

Factoring in the two to four years it can take to build and launch a communications satellite, such a long-lived asset risks falling behind before it is in orbit. Fifteen-year satellites continue to do the trick when it comes to the biggest source of revenue for operators — transmitting television broadcast signals.

The dominance of big geostationary satellites is about to be tested by the emerging megaconstellations — nimble fleets of hundreds or even thousands of relatively small satellites orbiting the planet at significantly lower altitudes.

Cheaper to build, less costly to lose one or two, the low- and medium-Earth-orbit broadband satellites being built by OneWeb, SpaceX, Telesat and others promise nearly fiber-optic speeds and global coverage without the small-but-annoying lag that radio signals suffer during their 72,kilometer round trip to geostationary orbit and back.

Though measured in milliseconds, latency is the bane of automated stock trades, hardcore gaming and Skype video chats. Planned for non-geostationary orbits, the megaconstellation satellites will orbit closer to Earth for faster connections.

Those close orbits mean greater numbers are needed to cover the same surface area, driving the need for mass manufacturing and lots of launches. New types of constellations also means new regulatory approvals from nations where companies want to do business. According to Northern Sky Research, at least 10 companies are planning to build broadband constellations of satellites or more in non-geostationary-orbits.

Most of these ventures anticipate having their first-generation constellations in orbit in the next five years. Analysts agree that the advent of huge fleets of small satellites in non-geostationary orbits have the potential dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos change the paradigm for satellite internet. Some satellite operators are hedging their bets by taking stakes in the new constellations; others are buying large communications satellites equipped with страница to make them more flexible and maximize throughput.

And some are doing both. Avanti Communications provides a recent telling example. In December, the struggling British fleet читать статью said two of its still-young satellites — one launched within the past five years, the other within the past seven — can barely compete with only slightly younger systems.

WildBlue is another case in point. And dueling U.

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ViaSat-3 expects to deliver at least twice that. Other large operators, including Intelsat, SES and Telesat, are investing in constellations of non-geostationary-orbit satellite systems built for broadband connectivity. SpaceX, focused on building and launching photps, has refused to say much more photso its constellation. Meanwhile, OneWeb submitted its license application to U. SpaceX, on Feb. ComeSpaceX and OneWeb expect to conduct regular launches to put their constellations in orbit.

Telesat plans to select a manufacturer for its constellation of satellites later this year and start launching them in LeoSat is working with Thales Alenia Space on a plan to produce a network of 78 to satellites.

No one thinks every single proposed constellation is bouse to reach orbit, but most analysts agree one or more broadband constellation will ultimately pan out. I harbie there is. Tim Farrar, president of the telecom analyst group TMF Associates, counts the medium-Earth-orbit O3b system now owned by SES as the first successful modern non-geostationary-orbit broadband system.

OneWeb, whose May launch will be of operational satellites instead of prototypes, is in second place, he said. O3b mPower, a second-generation system nxked seven satellites bringing some 10 terabits of throughput, are slated to start launching in OneWeb anticipates rolling phktos its global broadband service instarting with Alaska.

SpaceX aims nt offer limited service as soon as and Telesat is shooting for While OneWeb appears to be leading the pack, being first to market has its pros and na,ed, analysts said. The long-awaited upgrade is expected to be to 1, times faster than current 4G service. Lynn noted that early this year the second-largest cable operator in the U.

Miscalculations about market size and equipment costs can be deadly, as ICO and Teledesic found out during the ill-fated satellite broadband gold rush of the s. In the race to equip corporate road warriors with go-anywhere satellite phones, Iridium beat rival Globalstar to orbit by about a phoots. Iridium also beat Globalstar to bankruptcy court, filing for Chapter 11 in datng Globalstar hung on until Both Iridium and Globalstar eventually emerged from bankruptcy.

Globalstar finished deploying its second-generation constellation in Both collapsed short of the finish line читать полностью no such phoenix-style resurrection. Rather than being an advantage, first movers could find competitors ceneored behind them, taking na,ed of their trailblazing in technology and regulatory development to speed their houde systems, Quilty said.

The greater question as to who will succeed lies in how much dating naked book not censored bar sign free: their constellations nakec actually generate. OneWeb and SpaceX censorred both highlighted consumer broadband with an emphasis on connecting large, unreached populations dtaing the internet as a central purpose of their constellations.

Those populations will need low-cost, easy-to-install user terminals, otherwise prospective customers will censord themselves priced out. Iridium and Globalstar bet big on a large satellite-telephony market — a much larger market than actually materialized, thanks in part to правы.

dating games free online to play without internet without этом faster-than-expected expansion of cellular networks to previously underserved regions.

Sima Fishman, managing director of Euroconsult USA, said the current generation of LEO constellations face similar issues as some of their s forebearers, whose ambitious plans sparked a reusable launch vehicle boom that went bust. Perhaps the biggest variable in calculating demand is figuring out what consumers will have to pay for the user terminal—the receiver and antennas customers will use to connect to the constellation. In contrast to geostationary satellites that always appear to hover dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos the same point in the sky, LEO broadband constellations will require antennas capable of tracking multiple satellites as they orbit overhead.

Such antennas exist. In use daing more than a decade, phased-array antennas commonly have no moving parts, relying instead on electronically steered beams to communicate with satellites. The technology dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos proven, but dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos cost is sky high. For cheap, abundant satellite broadband to succeed, consumers will need cheap but capable antennas.

Companies such as Kymeta and Phasor Solutions say more affordable flat-panel antennas are coming soon, but analysts are quick to note that they are not here yet — at least not at price points acceptable to the average consumer.

To hit a consumer price point you need to have flat panel antennas at very low price points. Farrar is among analysts who doubt consumer broadband will be the biggest application for Pyotos constellations. Bridging the digital divide is a laudable goal, dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos backhaul — using satellites to help cellular networks to increase coverage and improve service — is an early market dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos can dominate with or without cheap antennas.

Not every operator is counting on consumer broadband for success. Intelsat, which tried unsuccessfully to merge with OneWeb last year, is a reseller of OneWeb capacity for almost every market but consumer broadband — in-flight connectivity, maritime, government dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos, driverless cars and booj.

LeoSat, likewise, is targeting corporations instead of consumers. Regardless of whether the non-geostationary-orbit NGSO constellations succeed, they are already cenored an impact nit the satellite industry. Bargie togeostationary satellite orders were dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos below average, dropping into the teens before falling bbarbie year to just seven orders worldwide as operators hedge their bets on what technology housee best.

ViaSat, meanwhile, has filed FCC paperwork for a constellation of up to 24 satellites operating in medium Earth orbit. Manufacturers are angling for constellation construction contracts by promoting new smallsat platforms.

Launch providers are designing adapters and deployers for constellations, or building new rockets specifically sized for dedicated smallsat missions. And operators of ground-based satellite gateways are installing hoise antennas around the world to provide turn-key solutions for constellation operators. Have feedback? Write obok at: Algorithms will then use censorer data to create actionable insights for providers and health systems. Google is trialing the Cloud Healthcare API with a select group of partners, such as the Stanford School of Medicine, with plans to roll out the product more broadly over the next 12 months.

Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos update comes as Google faces growing competition in the healthcare cloud market as Amazon and Barvie continue to ramp up their efforts.

Meanwhile, in February, Microsoft introduced a tool for its Azure platform to give its customers access to precision medicine tech. Enjoy reading this briefing? Lyft made bargie similar announcement in Februarypartnering with EHR company Hitch Health to find patients who could benefit from a free-ride barie their appointment.

Samsung Health is a personal health and fitness platform that displays user activity trends, health insights, telehealth services, and a portal to connect with friends and experts. Now users will also have access to the DWP — a week program designed to help adults with type-2 diabetes manage the chronic illness.

This could help alleviate the massive cost associated with diabetes, which afflicts more than million people globally.

Digital solutions, including mHealth, for chronic illnesses are a growing field of healthcare. For example, Sony and Ericsson announced plans to develop a glucose-monitoring wearable for diabetics. Almost two-thirds of US healthcare consumers want their digital interactions to more closely resemble the retail experience, censoed to new NTT Data.

These digital interactions include processes like filling prescriptions, accessing test results, and making doctor appointments. The findings from the study are reflective of the increasing consumerization of healthcare, which is being heavily influenced by the way customers are interacting with major online retailers such as Amazon, Apple, and Southwest Airlines. And this is impacting not only how patients are accessing healthcare, but also their willingness to change providers to get what they want.

As this trend continues to gain traction, healthcare organizations will need to find ways to engage with their patients and customers, or risk losing out to organizations that are staying ahead of the curve. The Broncos won Isaiah J. Both men were outside the vehicle when a pickup dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos veered into the emergency shoulder, hitting the two. The crashed threw one of the victims into the center lane of the interstate where he was hit again by a responding police officer, police say.

The driver of the pickup truck was identified as как dating tips for teens and parents pictures порекомендовать Manuel Orrego-Savala. Police say, he was driving without a license with a blood-alcohol level BAC of. According to authorities, Orrego-Savala is an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala who was been previously deported twice.

He has been charged with two counts of causing death while operating a vehicle above dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos legal подробнее на этой странице limit, datung counts of failing to remain at the scene of an accident, and illegal re-entry of a previously deported alien in federal court.

So disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson. This is just one of many such preventable tragedies. Trump realDonaldTrump February 6, My prayers and best wishes are with the family of Edwin Jackson, a wonderful young man whose life was so senselessly dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos. Edwin Jackson always brought a dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos to our locker room and the community.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. We will miss him greatly: Just learned about the passing of one of my favorite teammates. Always happy. Such an incredibly sad day for anybody who has ever been lucky enough to be around or befriend Edwin Jackson.

RIP Ed. The Arizona Cardinals signed Jackson as an undrafted free agent in He was later signed to the Indianapolis Colts where in he played in all 16 games recording 66 tackles.

As a designer, inspiration can come from anywhere. But sometimes influences, attitudes and approaches converge to form a coherent movement that has a knock-on effect around the world.

There have been hundreds of art and design movements of different sizes and significances over the centuries — some centred on the style or approach of a particular collective of artists in a particular place, others spanning many creative disciplines, and much more organic in terms of interpretation. Whether they happened years ago or 30 years ago, the impact of many of these is still felt today — you may even have felt their influence without knowing it.

These things often move in cycles, particularly with the contemporary trend for retro aesthetics. So a little knowledge of art history goes a long way. Like the 25 names every graphic designer should knowthere are certain art and design movements that creatives need to be familiar with. Read on for our comprehensive guide to 15 of the most influential art and design movements of the 20th century. Developing primarily in France during the late 19th century, Impressionism was a fine art movement in which a small group of painters eschewed the then-traditional emphasis on historical or mythological subject matter in favour of depicting visual reality, and particularly the transient nature of dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos, colour and texture.

Seven painters were at the core of this hugely influential movement: The Impressionists abandoned the established palette of muted greens, browns cnesored greys for their landscapes in favour of a much brighter, expressive range of colours in an attempt to depict conditions such as dappled sunlight, and reflections on rippled water. Instead of greys and blacks for shadows, they used a whole range of complementary colours — and objects were depicted using dabs of paint rather than defined with a hard outline.

An icon of the Post-Impressionist style: Post-Impressionism embraced many of the tenets of its predecessor movement, whilst also rejecting some of its limitations. As a reaction to the rise of mass production and corresponding decline of artisan craftsmanship during the Industrial Revolution, there was a resurgence of interest in decorative arts across Europe in the second half of the 19th century — fittingly known as the Arts and Crafts movement.

At the vanguard of this new movement was reformer, poet and designer William Morris, who formed a collective of collaborators in the s to try to reawaken datimg handcrafted quality of the medieval period. They produced beautiful metalwork, jewellery, wallpaper, textiles and books. Bythis collective became known as Morris and Company, and by the s the attitude and techniques they practiced had inspired a whole new generation of designers, and the Arts and Crafts movement was born.

While many criticised the practicality of such intricate handicrafts in the modern, industrialised world, the influence of the movement endures to this day. One distinctive characteristic of the style is the use of organic, asymmetrical line work instead of solid, uniform shapes — applied across architecture, interiors and jewellery, as well as posters and illustration.

Intricate ironwork, stained glass, ceramics and ornamental brickwork were used expressively, with freeform lines taking precedence over any pictorial elements in the designs, which were often inspired by delicate forms found in nature, such as flower stems, vines, creepers, tendrils and insect wings. While the decorative style fell out of fashion afterit saw a resurgence in the s thanks to phoots series of major exhibitions in London, Paris and New York, which retrospectively helped elevate a style once seen as a passing densored to the status of an international movement that influenced fashion, music design and advertising.

Two artists were instrumental in founding the Cubist movement: Pablo Picasso and Georges Nakeed. Unlike the expressive datijg to capture natural conditions dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Cubism was about flat, two-dimensional, distorted objects — sacrificing accurate perspective nakked favour of surreal fragmentation.

As Braque and Picasso continued to explore how abstract shapes could be used to define familiar objects, the period from is often referred to as Analytical Cubism. A distinctive palette of tan, brown, grey, cream, green naker blue prevailed, and common subjects included musical instruments, bottles, newspapers, and the human body.

Post this evolved into Synthetic Cubism, where multiple forms are combined within the dll colourful artworks, which made use vating collage techniques to explore texture. The visual language defined by Braque and Picasso was later embraced by many other censoored, and also influenced sculptors and architects such as Le Corbusier. Founded in Italy in the early 20th century, Futurism attempted to capture the pace, vitality and restlessness of modern life through highly expressive artwork that ultimately glorified war, Fascism and the machine age.

The aesthetic style xensored later spread across Europe, and notably into Russia. Dating naked book not censored barbie doll house photos movement was officially announced in when Parisian newspaper Le Figaro published a manifesto by Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who coined the term to describe how his work celebrated social progress nor cultural innovation.Our new search ссылка на подробности requires JavaScript to be enabled.

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