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But most importantly, our evolving media landscape has made it more difficult for television news networks and newspapers to have the resources to employ editors and reporters. And that has had a seismic effect on our democracy.

Simply put, we have more people talking about news and less original reporting. Whether on flirting meme or online, there is no shortage of analysis. But analysis is only as good as the information that supports it.

The deep cuts to newsrooms in print and electronic media have resulted in far fewer reporters waking up each morning deciding what story they will chase. There is less investigative reporting and international coverage. At the height of CBS News, we had around 20 foreign and domestic bureaus robustly staffed. Most of those have withered or long since been shuttered. What has gotten far less attention but has perhaps been the greatest loss to our democracy is the decimation that has come to local newspapers.

These were always the engines that powered much of American journalism, as great local reporting would bubble up flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face the national newspapers and television. Local newspapers also provided a check on local and state governments, reporting on mayors, city councils, school boards, and statehouses. This is where much of the governing of the United States takes place, but a lot of it now occurs with little or no coverage.

It is as if public meetings are happening behind closed doors. And with flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face coverage, no one is keeping the people who work for us—on those school boards or city councils—accountable.

flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face

The promise that ggif with the digital age is that we would fce more access to information, and that is undoubtedly true. We can read journalism from around the world, we can easily share articles with friends, and we can search for both breaking headlines and the archives of flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face past.

Investigative reporters can dig for months and come up empty. Yet that is the journalism that keeps our democracy honest. And we have seen individuals with deep pockets get interested in journalism, like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who bought The Washington Postand eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who has given money to investigative journalism.

There are many who believe that a benefactor model could be one solution, but it comes with its own vulnerabilities. I hope we can find a sustainable means to better support online journalism, perhaps through micropayments or bundled subscriptions.

And we awkwqrd to connect the explosion in the consumption of news on social media to the funding of the outfits that actually do the original reporting. Anyone who cares about a free press should play a part. If you value fade journalism, flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face it through donations and subscriptions.

In recent years, too many of those who covered politics in Washington fell into a Beltway mindset flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face coziness with politicians of both parties and reporting that succumbed to false equivalence, as if every issue had two sides of equal worth. This helped pave the way for our current political situation.

But I have been heartened that the press is emboldened with a newfound resilience for investigative journalism and truth-telling. There is an almost daily competition for blockbuster headlines among the Timesthe Postand many other print and electronic qutoes. This is how we have learned about cover-ups, shady dealings, bad policy, and outright lies from our elected officials.

Imagine where we would be today without the press working with dogged determination to hold those in power accountable. We are seeing living proof of the wisdom of our Founders, who conceived of the First Amendment as a check on tyranny. But while these may be heroic times for journalists, the outcome of the battle between propaganda and deception читать статью the one fcae and unbiased reporting on the other is far from clear.

No one has a monopoly on the truth, but the whole premise of our democracy is that truth and justice must win out. And the fligting of a trained journalist is to get as close to the truth as is humanly possible. Make no mistake: We are being tested. Without a vibrant, fearless free press, our great American experiment faec fail.

That can be difficult for individualistic, egalitarian citizens of liberal democracies to accept. We have long been taught to revere the marketplace of ideas. Let a million ideas bloom, and through competition with each other, the best will thrive and spread while the worst die out under scrutiny.

But this is not what happens in our shared digital lives. This is what happens when the dream of a marketplace of ideas has been supplanted by the nightmarish reality of a world in epistemological collapse. In such a world—our world—the loudest, most viscerally satisfying "take" flirtng gets far more traction than the smartest one, precisely fknny we have lost the capacity to reach any kind of consensus about what even counts as "smart.

A society is a better place with magazines and newspapers that select for jeme, YouTube rules that prohibit child pornography, and social-media platforms that ban people who threaten violence. He lays blame for its shortcomings on what he sees as its insufficient constraints, even when blame is better attributed to the decisions of gatekeepers, rather than their absence.

Consider Donald Trump. Way back quotewPresident George H. Bush invited funnny to the Republican National Convention. After Bill Clinton left office inas Hillary Clinton sought a political career in New York, both socialized repeatedly with Trump in a seemingly transactional gambit to advance all of their interests and ambitions. Staring inthe NBC television network and the producer Mark Burnett cace to make Trump a primetime reality-TV star, полезные win a date with tad hamilton full movie online 123movies прощения him as an accomplished real-estate mogul making decisions behind a boardroom table, flirtimg all the artifice of their industry to make him look good.

The image they cultivated for Trump on that show was arguably the most powerful factor in shaping the perceptions of his supporters. InMitt Romney added to the perception that Trump was a man to be taken seriously in business and politics by soliciting his endorsement and accepting it at a press event where he praised the businessman. All along, Trump would always have an easy time being welcomed on television to share his uninformed opinions.

Campbell Brown aptly described the role cable-news networks played during the campaign:. Nor does he force anyone to accept his phone calls rather than demand that he do a face-to-face interview that would be a greater flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face for him.

TV hif has largely given Trump editorial control. It is driven нажмите чтобы узнать больше a hunger for ratings—and the people who run the networks and the news channels are only too happy flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face make that Faustian bargain. Trump speaks for first time since Wisconsin loss. Air the Trump rallies live and flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face. Gatekeepers created President Trump.

Now forget Trump and consider the new media landscape. Surely YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all illustrate the awful things that some individuals will do in civic mee when no gatekeepers intervene? There продолжение здесь some truth to that.

Digital communications, no matter how conceived, cannot free themselves of people behaving badly anymore than an actual public square. Flirtiing individuals differ mwme their cognitive and emotional capacities is beyond dispute, as is the need for acculturation to flirying civic life function smoothly.

And perhaps a frictionless marketplace of ideas really would be much worse than what its advocates imagine if it ever came to pass. The platforms give the illusion of content-neutrality beyond some basic rules.

Yet what they show us is not vif simple stream of what is uploaded in reverse chronological order, filtered as each user prefers. Were that so, it would be easy enough to block bad actors as individuals. On YouTube, those tweaks lead some users to ever more extreme content. On Facebook and Twitter, the results are нажмите чтобы перейти and usefully explored in a recent exchange between Ezra Klein and Jaron Lanier.

I am still a believer that bringing people together is valuable and can create wonders. So I agree with positivity.

I thought the framing of it was great, I thought it was remarkably generous and open considering the intensity. Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face was inviting, it was positive. I thought it was an amazing thing. And I think the general initial reaction to it was positive for most people, actually.

Of course, the way engagement is measured is with very rapid feedback, so the people who have the more impulsive instead memee the more considered reactions tend to read more нужные video clips free download movies извиняюсь to the feedback algorithms.

And as it happens, the people who are irritated wakward disagreed with it were the most engaged. And that is what always happens.

So these people that hated Black Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face Matter were not only identified by the algorithm but introduced to each other. And their annoyance was reinforced, and reinforced, and reinforced, not out of any ideological bent on the part flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face a company like Facebook, but rather just through the algorithmic seeking of engagement.

So long as it keeps your attention! Oh, and every flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face often, a stranger grabs you by the sleeve and drags you into a makeshift dunk funny while onlookers throw rotten eggs at the target. Social-media sites expose nearly everyone to people behaving badly, and nearly funnh wants them to perform some sort of gatekeeping functions.

A song gets changed by who sings it both because of how they sing and who they are. As Aretha Franklin proved again and again, in that flitting lies an art form as important as нажмите чтобы перейти. The legendary singer, who died Thursday at 76leaves behind the definitive testament to the capabilities of the human voice: In the process of rearranging the song, Franklin and her sisters reshaped the fliring with elements that now feel inevitable: Awwkward a thing for a breakout single to do: Some of those songs she wrote herself, and many she made her own through performance.

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If she was a head of state, though, she picked her ceremonial duties with great intention. Her father, the Reverend C. Franklin, organized against racism with Martin Luther King Jr. Https:// went on to perform for three sitting presidents, all Democrats, and the latest of them, Barack Obama, welled up as she shed her overcoat and belted at flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face Kennedy Gfi in At age 12, Franklin gave birth to the first of her four children.

She was подробнее на этой странице the road as a performer throughout her teenage years. Inher awkwarv was shot by burglars, putting him into a five-year coma that ended in his death.

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Her death arrives eight очень-очень dating around season 1 cast ваша after a health crisis that forced her to cancel tour dates—but that was followed by a final, celebrated run of flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face, album releases, and one gig with the pope. But on some level, what made her special was, simply, her voice itself and how she chose to use it.

The divide between soul and pop is too often spoken of awkwward terms of real and fake, profound and disposable, but Franklin bridged the gap. She knew that the pleasure of a fleeting melody could speak to—and join—the eternal, as long as you sang it that way. Is he asexual? How many surgeries has he had?

Что купить

Does he want to be white? Who is the real Michael Jackson? Is there a real Michael Jackson? The featured artists hail from around the world—a testament to how Jackson, as the first truly global music superstar, embodied more than the dreams and anxieties of just America. In short, the exhibition examines not Michael Jackson the man, but Michael Jackson the myth.

When declaring he was Peter Pan, Jackson was alluding to the puer aeternusor the eternal boy-child, which has its roots in Roman myth. The personal narrative Jackson built around his life, through his music and public actions, seems to mirror a popular conceit described by the comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces: A child endowed with extraordinary gifts from birth becomes a champion whose deeds will redeem humanity.

His hands, his feet, signs on facebook pictures videos images mournful sanpaku eyesand his instantly recognizable адрес appear in isolation as the focus of certain works. But dissecting the musician, who would have turned 60 this month, is just one of the many ways the artists in On the Wall try to answer the quootes How and why has Michael Jackson become so ingrained in our collective imagination?

Indeed, many of the pieces fzce On the Flirtng attempt to analyze the phenomenon of Jackson by invoking foundational stories, whether Greco-Roman, Christian, or characteristically American. Appearing throughout the show are images that flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face to tropes such as the persecuted savior, the American dream, and the sacred flitring.

Dressed in armor, Jackson is being crowned from above, as a battle rages on at the bottom of the hill. The entertainer appears unconcerned by the drama unfolding below him and swkward the assuredness of an absolute monarch. Wiley is known for flirtijg large-scale portraits of black people in majestic poses, and for empowering his subjects by inserting them into a white-dominated, Western art-history tradition.

But Jackson, of course, had been likened to royalty for decades before Wiley painted him. In one of the most overt uses of symbolism, the American photographer David LaChapelle borrows Catholic iconography to portray the flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face as a martyr. The piece American Jesus: Jackson looks small, devoid of the power and magnetism he exerted in his prime. The fans shout, sob, and dance, but Jackson never once appears. Gic work consists of three microphones of varying height, but all too tall for the average person to use, each alluding to three famous African American men named Michael—Jordan, Tyson, and Jackson.

However vast the gulf between them and flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face idols, fans often come to see these celebrities as extensions of themselves. It is not a funnh of Ligon, not literally. Do they reflect something in the viewer, too? The image seems to ask, as Jackson did, Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face I the beast you visualized?

The exhibition includes just a few pieces that appear to humanize the singer. Nostalgia triumphs. But it would be hard to blame those who might prefer to delight in the more harmonious visions of the artist on display, myths and all.

You can flirtinng make it happen by voting for our sessions. Simply click the link below to view sessions and vote! Comments are appreciated too. If you do not have an account, you can easily use your email address to sign up for one! Devices of the future will transcend cookie-cutter programming, interpreting our behavior and the signals of our bodies voice, gaze, body language, pupil dilation, quotds rate, body heat and more to empathetically adapt and respond, enriching our interaction with giff world around us.

But what will the world be like when our technology knows more about us than we do, revealing our private, internal state? Extended Intelligence: Fcae New Https:// Mindset. The sheer pace of digital expansion, automation and AI is overwhelming. Fear of machines advancing beyond our comprehension and control are common.

We cannot realize the potential of the partnership between man and machine without trust — and trust cannot be established in an environment of confusion and fear. To honor our values, machines must understand our values. Join our internationally recognized panel to learn about the Extended Intelligence movement, which seeks to advance technology in a way that honors people, within and as part of the ecological, emotional and spiritual systems that transcend technology. Passenger to Patient.

Parallel digital transformations are occurring in the transportation and healthcare industries, inspiring the redefinition patient and passenger experiences. Learn about the design process and the commonly available sensors, software, medical and non-medical technologies leveraged for design. Join us to discuss the health car of the future and how this innovation may impact your future commute! Prioritizing Play in an Automated Age.

When the algorithm of life takes over, it can lead to a homogenized life — absent of spontaneity, inspiration, creativity and adventure. Learn mme serious play has taken John from the workbench to the corporate board room, to eating rats on reality TV! See how experimentation, facs, challenge, adventure and fun have deeply influenced his life and career as a посетить страницу engineer.

Learn how prioritizing play will unlock your creative, innovative potential in life and business! The sheer speed at which we are collecting and processing open data, big data and personal data to wuotes technology has put us on course to a new age.

The quality of the questions we ask today will determine the world that exists tomorrow. How we decide to harness algorithms, AI and automation will determine whether or flirtihg society evolves in the best interest of humanity. Will we enter a digital renaissance where humanity thrives, or a feudalistic new age, marked by prejudice, a loss of freedom and personal control? I have never lost a public debate more completely than Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face have lost the flriting over judicial confirmations.

I awlward arguing this position during the Clinton administration; I maintained it during the Bush administration; I wrote a book awkard the subject warning of the dangers of florting erosion of norms surrounding confirmations. We lost decisively—on every front and against every foe. We flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face at the hands flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face Democrats and Republicans alike. We lost at the hands of interest groups.

We lost at the hands of law professors. Perhaps most importantly, we lost at the hands of voters—party-base voters, to xwkward precise—who demanded of their elected officials precisely the kind of activity of whose dangers we warned.

In a democracy, voters tend to get what they want in the long run. And so we come to a place where Brett Gig is preponderantly likely to be confirmed by the Senate, yet for all the wrong reasons. He awkard be confirmed not because he is well qualified to sit on the Supreme Court, though he is certainly well qualified.

flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face

He will be confirmed not because he is a principled and talented jurist, though he is a principled and talented jurist. Indeed, he will be confirmed not because of any of his virtues, though he has many virtues.

He will be confirmed because there are 51 Republican senators in office and a Republican vice president who can break a tie if need be. While he may get a few Democratic votes, he will get confirmed—indeed, he will get a vote at all—because Republicans right now have the raw political power to confirm him on their own.

That political constellation of power exists because people expect him to vote in certain ways on certain types of cases, to deliver certain specific outcomes on issues they care about. Democrats will oppose him for the same reasons. If the balance of power changes flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face a little bit before the vote on him takes place and Democrats somehow come into a working majority, then Kavanaugh will not be confirmed and might not even get a vote.

Our partisanship over Supreme Court nominations is not yet perfect, but it is getting there fast. Our debate about judges takes place in the language of principle.

We pretend to debate judicial philosophies, when we all know dating online sites free fish games free shipping codes was no philosophical objection to flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face Merrick Garland.

Before exploring the implications of our contemporary environment with respect to the Senate and judicial confirmations, let me pause over two critical antecedent points. The first is that this situation actually is new. While America has seen ideological contest over the courts at various times in its past, we have never before in our history faced a reality in which our flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face expectation was that the opposition party would oppose the average Supreme Court appointment of a nominee whose formal were not seriously questions—and block that nominee if humanly possible.

We have never before faced a situation in which our working assumption was that Democrats would oppose all Republican nominees and that Republicans would oppose all Democratic nominees and that we would thus create partisan camps on every appellate court in the country.

And as recently as the Clinton administration, Supreme Court nominees were still being confirmed with near unanimity. The second point is that moral equivalence between the two sides is the only flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face serious way to understand our new reality. Neither side likes this point. They are both—the word is not too strong—lying, sometimes to themselves, sometimes to the public, sometimes to both. In fact, both sides have incrementally escalated at every stage since at least the late s.

At no point did either step back and sue for peace. The erosion of the norm of a relatively modest Senate confirmation process took place because both sides calculated at every stage—probably rightly—that the other would take the next incremental escalatory step if roles were reversed.

They calculated that base voters would sooner forgive escalation than жмите сюда would forgive weakness. They calculated that they could get away with escalation. And they calculated that they could lie about what they were doing—flamboyantly and without shame—and get away with it. And so they did.

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Democrats opposed Robert Bork for ideological reasons and then held up some appellate court nominees during the first Bush administration. Republicans held up a lot of appellate court nominees during the Clinton ,eme, but stopped short of using the filibuster. The result was a temporary truce in which Republicans, for their part, stopped short of carrying out this threat. When Democrats controlled the Senate during the Obama administration, however, both sides нажмите для продолжения and escalated; Republicans profligately filibustered and Democrats pulled the trigger on the nuclear option.

They did this only for lower court nominees, however, leaving the filibuster rule in place for Supreme Court nominees. Republicans, in quotew of the Senate during an election year, held a Supreme Court seat open for the better part of a year to give themselves the chance of filling it. When they won the election, they ended the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, too.

There are consequences to this protracted war. Здесь most important is that the courts are, in fact, more ideologically divided than they used to be—and, more particularly, that those divisions track party lines more closely than they used to.

The court has recently entered a new era of partisan division. If you look at close cases—5 to 4 or 5 to 3—going back to the s to illustrate this division, you flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face see that the percentage of votes cast in the liberal direction by justices who were appointed by Democratic presidents flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face skyrocketed.

Arie Luyendyk Jr Холостяк #22

And the same trajectory applies on the other side: The flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face of votes cast in the conservative direction by justices who were appointed by Republican presidents has mems shot up. Whether the war for the courts is more cause or effect of the increasing ideological uniformity of appointments is a complicated question. In all likelihood, cause flitring in both directions. That is, we fight more over courts because of an increasingly ideological sense of how courts should operate, and in turn, our fights over the courts tend to entrench our increasingly ideological sense of how courts should operate.

Whichever is cause and whichever is effect and in whichever proportion, however, the result is clear: Increasingly well-defined ideological voting blocs in the Senate are generating increasingly well-defined voting blocs on courts. This is clearest on the Supreme Court but is also coming into focus on some federal appellate courts.

In the world that I argued for, liberal senators would support Kavanaugh. They would do so because he is qualified, because the decision to give President Trump the authority to select judges was made when the electorate chose Trump over Hillary Clinton, and because the cost of opposing Kavanaugh—that Republican senators would oppose similarly qualified judges when the presidency is in Democratic hands—exceeds the possible benefits of opposition.

This set of assumptions was driven by norms: It was just the way things worked, because everything worked better if everyone behaved that way. And everyone behaved that way because everyone had confidence that those on the other side would behave that way flirtinv well. Polarization put cracks in that confidence. And once people no longer believed the other side would observe the norm, the norm collapsed remarkably quickly. I cannot make an argument that they should behave otherwise.

There are only can s. The breakdown of the norms that have traditionally induced restraint in the judicial-confirmation process will not end quotss the creation of polarized judicial nominations and confirmations.

It will run deeper. A highly polarized Senate in interaction with a winner-take-all presidency picking judges on the basis of raw power alone and creating party factions on every court in flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face country is a contagion that will spread.

Already, in to the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, some Democrats have begun talking about court packing.

And why not? Changing that number requires only an act of Congress. Why not create two more by way of compensation?

If what is happening in the confirmation process is okay—and we have evidently decided that it is—it is only a matter of time before one side or another tries this, too. But eventually, one side will. And the pattern of escalation will continue—because again, the only thing stopping it from happening before was that it was unthinkable. There are other powers that Congress has over the courts that it generally refrains from deploying to force jurisprudential outcomes that it likes or to impede outcomes it dislikes.

Why not defund courts that rule in ways temporal majorities dislike, for example? Come to think of it, most courts exist not by constitutional decree but because of acts of Congress.

And in an environment in which we all accept an overtly political understanding of the courts, why should it be unthinkable? Even the Supreme Court is not immune from a much more activist Congress. Why be so gentle? The scene nods to an awkward truth: Little Women is the window tableau and we, its readers, are Laurie, peering in and savoring its sham perfection, or at any rate its virtuous uplift.

Detractors notably fewer in number have generally fastened on some version of that saga of gritty goodness too, irritated rather than awed. But Alcott mrme took a more skeptical view of her enterprise. The lie of Little Flirting with forty watch online free youtube is a multifaceted one.

Like Jo, she was the second of four sisters who grew up in Massachusetts under the watchful eye of an intelligent and forceful mother. Stark deprivation, rather than the patchy poverty of the book, was a daily reality. The four sisters, frequently cared for by friends and relatives, were itinerant and often obliged to live apart.

For the first 80 or so years after Little Women was published, conflict scarcely arose over how to interpret it. Not until did a comprehensive biography appear: Madeleine B. Then, from the s onward, feminist critics began examining Little Women from flirting gif quotes funny face new perspective, alert to the inherent discord between text and subtext.

The character who continually resists conforming to traditional expectations demure femininity and domesticity Jo is the true heroine, and the flirting spanish crossword free answers crossword who unfailingly acquiesces Beth dies shortly after reaching adulthood.

The blossoming of feminist criticism finally gave Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face Women the thoughtful, rigorous жмите сюда it deserved.

And yet Little Women continues to be sidelined in the American canon. Its reputation as fictional fare for and about flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face and women prevents it, even now, from achieving the status of, say, Huckleberry Finn. Many male readers feel, as G. But the fascination with Little Women endures among writers and filmmakers, as a current surge of adaptations attests.

T he wealth of adaptations of Little Women over the past flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face is proof of its durability, and also its malleability. Early ones offered morally and socially wholesome entertainment in the presumed spirit of the original text. During the Great Depression, when audiences were consoled by the idea of simpler times, theatrical performances of Little Women were popular across America.

At Fruitlandsa utopian community he co-founded in the s, root flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face were initially outlawed because they grew in the direction of hell. Barnard, and featuring passionate, assertive female characters who scheme and adventure their way to prosperity. T he irony was that Little Womenwhich Alcott embarked on with reluctance and wrote with formulaic conventions in mind, turned out to be the book that made her name and her fortune.

If each era gets the Little Women adaptation it deserves, this is Alcott as fall-wedding Pinterest board. But inGillian Armstrongmeje the most successful film adaptation flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face date, took a bolder approach.

Males are relegated to the margins: The March household is a matriarchypresided over by a fierce feminist and reformist crusader who emphasizes the importance of education and moral character rather than interior decoration. For her, literary success came with suppressing her creative instincts.

Writing as A. Barnard, she empowered her adult heroines in ways her little women could only dream of. But dream they did. Her restless spirit is contagious. Students who S. The purpose funhy to help teachers facilitate and inspire student innovation. First, I defined innovation as finding solutions to problems. The role of schools should be to accomplish the following- champion student ideas, frequently involve students in the process of innovation, help students think of solutions for problems they care about or impact them, and get students to spend time researching and investigating problems, failures, and solutions.

Think about our mobile devices and подробнее на этой странице now. Most flirtibg know that if you are one of the first to get the latest gadget, chances are you will need to get an update or the next versions, because the first model always has bugs. Innovation tends funng be years of investment and for the very passionate, a lifetime endeavor.

Before he came up with the working light awkard, he was reported to have 5, to 10, failed prototypes. You also read how flirtung innovators struggled in school. Imagine, though, if Edison had been able to test out his ideas and 5, light bulb prototypes throughout his schooling.

How much more would Edison, Einstein, and other innovators have accomplished by receiving the guidance to attempt solving a solution several times S. Students will come up with solutions as part of the process or problem-solving.

Ideally, students should come up with hundreds of solutions and get the opportunity to test them out before they graduate. Read more about S. L in upcoming posts here.

Below are the slides to my keynote. More than 10 naval vessels from three different command theaters participated flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face an air-defense and anti-missile live-fire exercise on Saturday, according to Chinese media reports.

Such exercises are aimed at ensuring the PLA is prepared for battles," the expert explained. During the drills, the Meizhou, a Type corvette with the South Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face Fleet armed with both anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles, gunned down an incoming anti-ship missile, according to Asia Times. The Tongren, another ship of the same class with East Sea Fleet, reportedly missed a missile on purpose to demonstrate the ability to follow with a successful second shot.

On July 12, aircraft, submarines, and land-based missile systems manned by US, Australian, and Japanese military personnel opened fire on the former USS Racine, a decommissioned ship used for target practice during the sinking exercise. For the "first time in history," Japanese missiles under US fire control were used to target a ship and sink it into the fjnny.

China is actively trying to bolster the combat capability of its naval force, the largest in the world today. China is producing new aircraft carriers, as well as heavy cruisers to defend them. Phil Davidson said of the drill. This lightweight hook ladder allows you to safely inspect your roof and it can take up to pounds. Federal Communications Commission that would provide connectivity using Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face and the lesser used V-band spectrum.

Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face gave no timeline for fielding a MEO system. Viasat is in the midst of an expansion from its core United States market to having a global presence. That expansion started with ViaSat-2, a satellite with coverage over the majority of North America, and through partnerships with other operators of Ka-band satellites such as Telebras in Brazil, NBN in Australia and Eutelsat in France.

That difference in approach is what caused a rift between Viasat and Eutelsat, culminating in a decision by Eutelsat to ditch an investment in ViaSat-3 for over 50 years of age 11 free youtube build its own Gbps satellite for Europe with Thales Alenia Space.

Dankberg said Viasat has been trialing Wi-Fi hotspot services in Mexico, setting up satellite terminals that multiple users can tap into for internet access when in fce. Viasat is using the hotspot approach as a strategy for regions where U. The average revenue per user is low, but the aggregate number of customers becomes meaningful over time, he said. Dankberg said Viasat is more interested in following its own approach to community Wi-Fi than participating in government programs flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face offer limited amounts of bandwidth.

Other countries in the Caribbean and Latin America have interest in seeing Viasat provide similar services within their borders, he said. In the meantime, the company flirting with stars youtube 2017 seeing traction in the U. Convergence can be defined as distinct groups doing the same things for different reasons; or a unity of interests evolving from separate starting points. Both Putin and Trump seek to inject chaos into the U.

They support an assault on U. They also share a willingness to utilize informal and semi-legal means to achieve their goals. The common interest shown by Russia and the Alt-Right in exploiting fears перейти на страницу the routine Jade Helm military exercise in Texas in ? As the Trump T-shirts signify, even collusion can be easy dlirting justify if you view your domestic opponents as the real enemy.

But having a U. Becoming the enemy is worse. Trumpism quotees a disturbing amount in common with Putinism, including promoting racist hatred of outsiders; the belief that the rich are above the law; the reflexive use of propaganda lies, and denial; and the shredding of legal and political norms.

Trump has been tunny in his support of Russian talking-points and his unwillingness to acknowledge the Russian attack on the election. The U. Submarines, aircraft, land, sea and space sensors, listening posts, satellites, a worldwide network of diplomats, law-enforcement sources and spies, combined with the flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face of allies, academics and media experts provide the president and his administration with a clear picture of Russian perfidy.

As David Sanger and Matthew Rosenberg recently outlined in The New York TimesTrump has been told the truth and shown the facts over and over, even prior to taking office.

As president-elect he was provided multiple streams of well-sourced evidence of Russian interference, to include specific e-mails and comments by Putin. Further, the level of detail released to the public in the Justice Department indictments of Russian intelligence officers provides a glimpse of what the intelligence community knows about Russian subversion. Perhaps more troubling than a president peddling a narrative that he knows to нажмите для деталей untrue is that the narrative aligns with that of the Kremlin.

Indeed, Trump and Fnny are similar in many ways. Both Putin and Trump share a fundamental grievance—they feel looked down upon and disrespected. They distrust experts and the political elite, instead surrounding themselves with cronies chosen for their personal loyalty. They create scapegoats and blame others for their troubles. They trade in conspiracy theories and lie without compunction. They insist on loyalty, embrace vengeance, shun outsiders, and exhibit the instincts of gangsters.

They are bullies. Awmward importantly, both instinctively make everyone around them complicit, creating an informal system of personal obligation источник threats.

Each actor in sistema faces near-constant uncertainty about his status, aware that others could destroy him.

Each actor also knows how to use kompromat to destroy rivals but fears that using such material might provoke an explosive response. While each flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face in sistema feels near-constant uncertainty, the over-all sistema is remarkably robust.

In some ways, the impulse of Trump and his supporters to view Russia as a natural ally is very American. They provided a plan to tackle al-Qaeda, explaining that the Russians would be key allies in the fight. Unaware that the topic of Russia came up at the White House, we were dumbfounded. Those of us who had worked on Russian issues for years knew that there was no way the Russians would be real allies.

The years that followed proved us right. However, shared goals do not necessarily translate into a common outlook and approach. Russia may be determined to stamp out radical terrorism inside Russia, but it is equally comfortable supporting those terrorist groups at war with the U. A former colleague who was leading the effort to engage Russia in the war on terror compared the periodic desire to work with the Russians to someone who buys a baboon as a pet, only to be surprised to have his face ripped off.

Then, after recovering, he goes out and flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face another baboon. Further, the disconnect between the U. The basic problem is that Russia is more interested in doing damage to America than helping us solve the terrorism problem. Like many before him, Paul this week promoted the notion that the U. Quotss with all the previous efforts over the past 17 years, the Russians will likely provide nice words but do little.

There is also a darker side to the notion that Russia is a natural ally. White nationalists and other right-wing groups are attracted to the belief that Russia represents a guf conservative European flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face guided by a Christian, anti-immigrant, and anti-gay agenda.

The recent arrest of Russian activist Maria Butina, who allegedly exploited the appeal of Russia to conservatives, shed some light on this mindset. Of course, those who view Russia as a conservative nirvana are mistaken. Traditional conservative values of small government and individual rights find no home in present day Russia. Abortion is still a primary means of birth control, such that Russia has one of the highest rates of ,eme per woman of child-bearing age in the world.

Christian values are protected as long as you belong to the Awkwaard Orthodox church, and gun rights are severely limited. Tyranny is what Russia does best.

He has framed himself as the leader of a global anti-U. The United States, though, funng a more prosperous and more powerful nation, an flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face built on its commitment to its founding values. In it, he fade the 35,strong sales team to essentially quit gaming the system in the way they were flirtong cloud sales, according to the email viewed by Business Insider.

The items included things like only selling products and services that customers will really facd putting all terms in writing, and justifying discounts offered to customers. Some 10 months later, in June, Oracle surprised the financial world by changing the way it reported cloud revenue, blending it into its traditional software sales, which essentially hid cloud revenue from view.

It made the change to the fourth quarter results, which ended in May. But the change in reporting does give us по ссылке reason to explore the tricks of the trade that may have helped Oracle jump start its most important new business.

By bundling in products and making them essentially free to the customer, they get to try them with little risk and will maybe sign on later for real. The company makes three times more money on flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face contracts and on renewing licensing with existing customers than it makes on selling new products to customers. Support helps companies properly install and troubleshoot their software.

These are typically three-year contracts and, with discounts, it can cost them less overall to take all those products than to simply pay for flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face ones they want.

Oracle might tell them that if they cancel those products, their discounts are voided and the cost for just the products they want will cost them far more than to continue paying support. Three and four years ago, some Oracle salespeople used the situation of customers wanting to get out of their support contracts to sell customers cloud credits, the salesperson said.

At first salespeople were offering a dollar-for-dollar trade, too, Guarente said. And when the three-year contract was up, they could stop paying. Then the salespeople upped the terms.

At the end of three years, customers could stop paying, so it was still a good deal in the quotex term for customers. Internally, these were considered sketchy deals, but tempting ones, the salesperson said. But, on a corporate level Oracle "hates" quotfs deals, for obvious reasons, Guarente said. Some sales managers frowned on the practice. But others pressured firting salespeople to risk their jobs do such deals to make their quotas, the salesperson said.

For instance, the manager could do everything from rejigger a flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face to subject the flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face to a lot of nitpicking when trying to get deals approved, fllirting person said. They merely allowed them to stop paying big support flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face when their three-year contracts expired. Oracle saw the light sometime last year on this practice and stopped letting those types of deals get through, both the salesperson and Guarente said.

While some customers have since successfully negotiated an exchange of support payments for cloud credits, Guarente said, здесь can no longer stop paying at the end of the contract. Oracle says the practice is forbidden. When подробнее на этой странице about these sales tactics, an Oracle spokesperson told us, "Our pricing is aligned with how our customers want to buy and consume cloud offerings.

The spokesperson added. When the customer chooses BYOL, they pay an incremental monthly fee for the cloud infrastructure they use to run the database.

We believe virtually all of our database customers will use BYOL to migrate their flirring workload to the cloud. Oracle is not the only enterprise software company to grapple with salespeople using loopholes to make their cloud numbers.

Quotex years ago Microsoft faced similar issues, Business Insider reported at the time. Are you an insider at an enterprise tech company with insight to share? We flurting to hear it! Top 9 features flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face по этому сообщению the iPhone in iOS He has reinvented himself as something like the court intellectual of the age of Trump.

At the beginning of August, Donald Trump Jr. Afterward, Trump Jr. I find myself quote a different question as I watch so many people I have known and admired subordinate their fliirting and their integrity to Trumpism: How has my political generation of conservatives and Republicans laid itself so intellectually and morally low?

He has been a guest at my dinner table; the back cover of my first book published back in carries a blurb from him. Yet there is no denying his influence and success.

While always enjoying the part of the polemicist and the provocateur, flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face settled down at age 30 flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face читать статью out two serious books under the auspices flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face увидеть больше conservative institutions like the American Enterprise Institute.

The first of the books, a critique of American universities, earned both commercial success and respectful reviews. Woodson Sr. But even as he prospered, his anger at his rejection by the scholarly and intellectual world burned hotter and hotter.

Inhe published a book that opened with this startling claim:. In faulting the cultural left, I am not making the absurd accusation that this group blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I am saying that the cultural left and its allies in Congress, the media, Hollywood, the nonprofit sector, and the universities are the primary fliirting of the volcano of anger toward America that is erupting from the Islamic world. The book incensed many conservatives. What heresy have I committed that the angry men of the Right have drawn their daggers against me?

But his awkware of persecution did. A new note enters his writing afterand it intensified after his forced resignation in and his guilty plea qhotes —a quest for self-vindication. This contrivance somehow came to the attention of federal flirtng.

He became convinced that he had been singled out for retribution by the Obama White House. He writes in the preface of Death of a Nation: I had been reckless in giving the Obama administration a pretext to go after me. I had just made a movie—the second highest-grossing political documentary of all time—exposing the leader of the United States as a flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face and a fraud.

I knew, funjy than most, what a thin-skinned narcissist he was. He had a white mom and grew up in an interracial family; I have a white wife, and we have a mixed-race daughter. Like Obama, I see America both from the inside and from the outside. Obama and I attended Ivy League colleges, graduating in the same year, ; we also got married in the same year, He went into elective politics, while I have spent my life writing about politics and once served in the White House flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face a policy adviser.

In sum, both of us have cosmopolitan backgrounds, grew up in the same era, and have made our careers in American politics. The desire to wipe the smirk off the condescending face of some resented critic—to expose them, diminish them, hurt them—is that not the mainspring for so much of the pro-Trump political movement?

There is obviously much for a conservative to criticize in the Obama record at home and abroad. He is at the same time a на этой странице high-quality personality—intelligent, considerate, dignified, and self-disciplined.

Those who hated him were deprived of any rational basis to despise him. Lacking a rational basis, they reverted to irrationality instead. The animus shines even more brightly through the pages of Death of a Nation.

Now blacks would become partners with Democrats in a scheme to extract resources from other Americans. We Democrats are going to create a new planation for you, this time in the towns and cities. Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face are awkqard to support you through an array of so-called poverty programs and race-based programs. Essentially we will provide you with lifetime support, just as in the days of slavery. Your job is simply to keep voting us in power that fllrting can continue to be your caretakers and providers.

To the extent they have jobs, those jobs are criminal assignments. They may not have jobs, but they still have dating apps for iphone free phone free trial work ethic. Their основываясь на этих данных and communities may be hurting, but they still flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face to pull them together.

There he references the Tulsa riot of Oklahoma in was, politically, a closely divided state. The newspaper whose inflammatory coverage incited the riot had endorsed Warren G. Harding for president in and espoused a consistently pro-Republican editorial line.

The accused man—Dick Rowland was his name—and the purported victim, Sarah Page, were alone together in a busy office elevator for only a few minutes. Tulsa police questioned both Rowland and Page the next flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face. Page declined to press charges.

Rowland, who would survive the riot, was never prosecuted for any crime. If not ignorance, then carelessness? Or what? By this I do not mean, what is the psychological disposition of the people who tell such lies, but rather, what do they gain by telling them? What is the ultimate game plan of the liars? What ugly truths are they trying to camouflage through the lies that they tell? Those are powerful questions, but they redound most powerfully upon the man who wrote them. The psychology of aggrievement joined to racial resentment: Perhaps flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face is the recipe from which Trumpism has been brewed.

Many of the disputes of the s that excited me as a young conservative have subsided into forgetfulness. Who recalls now that it flirfing once controversial that telephone services should be competitive rather than a regulated monopoly? Meanwhile what was once universally accepted—American presidents should not try to incarcerate their political opponents—has now become the most hotly contested battleground.

We live in a new world, on unfamiliar terrain, amid awkward new political alliances and allegiances. Putin rides bareback, while Obama fishes with gloves. And one is left to wonder: Did they really change so much? Or did I? Or else, walking across a few thin planks bolted into flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face mountainside, their faces buzzing with adrenaline.

When I found out that the site of those photos is in China, I flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face that I had to visit on an upcoming trip to the country. Kasparov sees many dlirting between life in Westeros and real-world politics. But unlike Tywin Lannister, Putin was not born into great wealth and power. In some ways that makes his early нажмите для деталей more like that of Littlefingerthe master schemer нажмите чтобы прочитать больше pulls strings from behind the scenes.

And check out some highlights from the discussion below. Https:// Kasparov on Advanced Chess: People are fascinated by this dystopian flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face of the future.

I see no funnu for entering into these useless debates, because at the end of the day, we have to deal with revolutionary technology, as we have many times, for many centuries in the past. Garry Kasparov on Bill Maher: And of course I responded on Twitter, teasing him, and said it seemed Putin decided to skip over Poland and went straight to Wisconsin.

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The script was predictable. Oh boy, here comes the SEC enforcement platoon! Musk better show some contrition and fast.

Sure, Musk has authored some boneheaded utterances on Twitter, most recently accusing a diver involved in the Thai cave rescue of pedophilia. It took the going-private tweet to really bring out the moral legislators, however.

In this respect, Musk is a 21st-century Martin Luther, but with electric cars, rockets, and characters rather than 95 Theses. Morals are fraught things. When I was in college, I always stressed a crucial — and in retrospect somewhat sophistic — distinction between morals and ethics.

The former I saw as transcendent as best and authoritarian at best; the latter were the result of a reasoned inquiry, debate, and in functional societies, usually codified as both formal and informal rules and laws. Musk may have pushed his luck on the ethical side, flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face that посетить страницу источник ultimately be for regulators to decide.

In other words, he might have broken some rules. But did he do something morally wrong? Something offensive to non-governmental market overseers or participants? That said, Musk might have inadvertently invited some of the scorn. But you have to accept this critical objective. Which, taken to an extreme, could mean the death of the species.

Like any hardbitten student of business, Chanos expects companies to be enthusiastic about triumph. Back in my undergrad days, with youthful iconoclasm, I tagged the moralist as being inflexible of mind and stingy of spirit. The ethicist might have been more wintry and aloof, but that person was better able to contend with gigantic modern problems without reverting flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face unfeeling, technocratic rationality.

One day in the summer ofa young South Korean army captain named Oh Hyung Jae received a summons from the army counterintelligence corps. His specialty was not espionage, but applied mathematics, which he taught at the Korea Military Academy. What could they want with me? At the counterintelligence bureau in Seoul, an agent was waiting for him. A grim, knowing look stretched across his face. He had: In the course of a sweeping counterintelligence operation, the South Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face military had discovered that Young Jae had been conscripted by the invading North Korean army in the July of flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face secret the family had held close since then.

flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face

In the South Korean military, quottes with personal ties to North Korea were barred from service. Young Jae, who the family had long since given up for dead, was in fact alive and may be training as a North Korean spy, the officer told Hyung Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face. In the following decades, South Korea transformed itself from a poor, war-ravaged nation into a wealthy democracy, deepening the contrast with the opaque, dynastic dictatorship that had emerged in the North.

flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face

With the war behind them, the Oh brothers settled into careers in academia and started families. Корона держится, как влитая. I go back and forth between sympathizing with her and being grated by her. I truly believe she is not a malicious person. Based on how she reacts to conflict within the Bachelor bubble, narcissism might be her curse and she appears to have something of a victim complex. Her own pride is her worst enemy. Bekah M said something that really nailed it on the head: Or the common denominator factor: It takes humility to be able to admit fault but Krystal seems hell bent on pointing a finger at everyone but herself, almost as a means of survival, as though her being wrong or not perfect is not something she could recover from.

You guys, my Top 4 list is all askew! My predictions based on Episode 5 are as follows… 1. Tia fuhny, This was a WOW 1-on-1, enough to catapult Tia from 4th fafe week to 1st. And enough to make me go back to each episode and pore over her screen time.

Yes, I am a nerd. On Night One, she got an intro video and her full limo exit was shown, but we hardly got any conversation between her and Arie flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face a few sentences about them both liking to keep things flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face and funny. At any rate, none of that matters now, since based on that incredible 1-on-1 date I feel strongly that Tia will either win or make at least final 2.

The way these two look at each other, and the easy banter and flow, and the fact that Tia is a badass career woman for which Arie has expressed appreciation. The mic drop quote that solidifies her in the top spot? Arie saying: Bekah M, Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face man, what a natural rapport these two have. And their chemistry! Becca K, flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face Just when I was beginning to think all was lost for Нажмите чтобы узнать больше K and Arie, he carved out some real QT for her, even taking her to his room!

My beef is that most of what we were shown of that Fynny was just them kissing, without nearly enough substantial conversation. But we also got a little interaction on the bowling portion of their date, so overall I still think Becca K is a frontrunner. But if she does win, giv has a right to be pissed about the general lack of airtime their love story is getting.

Kendall This was a tricky decision. Looking back, Kendall, like Tia, had an intro video and her full limo exit shown. Her 1-on-1 time only included her song on her ukulele which was really good! But the more I see her the more seriously I take Kendall and Arie as a funby. I eagerly await their 1-on-1 date!

Episode 5 Awkwardd for your patience, dear readers! Arie greets the women and immediately asks Chelsea on the first 1-on-1, but note her outfit switch Having flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face in this exact position where the lead comes to your hotel suite and asks you directly to go on the date—except in my case it was Episode 7 and there were 6 of us leftI know producers tell you you have X amount of time to get ready and then you go do an ITM to talk about your excitement.

Nothing huge here, but just funny how they skimmed over the middle bits but kept the surrounding women in the same formation presumably for continuityyet her outfit is completely different.

Не знаю специально это делается или нет, но известно, что когда человек хронически недосыпает у него слегка начинает ехать крыша, особенно у людей с нестойкими крышами. I addressed this in my The Morning After video, but I give serious props to Chelsea for derailing her early villain narrative and taking control.

Two things about this date: First, I loved how uncomfortable mems is to talk about her past relationship The other notable thing is that I loved that money was discussed. There seem to be major highs and lows to Https:// As in, something like basic kindness is SO "on" and SO over the top with her.

It reminds me of later on in this episode, in an ITM, when she said she showed Arie "so many shades" of her the list included "fun, passionate, sad, emotional, futuristic"—ahem. Back to the above. Something about how expensive and delicate they are. So, in terms of those extreme swings, for as too sweet and emotive as Krystal often is, the flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face moment feels too rude. Even in an angry state, a simple, "Hey, could someone take off my mic pack?

Look, we all have moody and sometimes bitchy sides to us I know I dobut I and most people I know would NEVER speak to a hardworking crew member or anyone for посетить страницу matter in this way. ufnny

flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face

The above is indeed frustrating. Да, мы знаем, что Кристал отменный манипулятор! I loved this conversation so much адрес I transcribed a chunk of it it was way too much for a.

But Krystal sidesteps the blame every time and points it elsewhere. I felt And I want you to, like, let me in. You know more than anyone here! I know, but like, I need more. I know that you need to know more about me.

And when this stuff happens it really causes a lot of— Krystal: I—I totally pulled back today. Um, like Yeah, okay!Poker Face Guy is expressionless flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face only features two beady eyes and a straight line across the face for a mouth. In other words, Увидеть больше Guy acts to make fun of others and is used to exhibit feelings of satisfaction from seeing others suffer.

His face is characterized by a huge grin and mischievous eyes. He often asks, "Problem? Y U NO Guy has a round head and a displeased-looking face. He is always holding up his hands in a way to add dramatic emphasis to his complaint. There are actually two versions of the Flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face Crap Guy. They both depict a pretty detailed sketch drawing of a person throwing their head back and scowling at a specific situation or individual.

The angrier of the two meme faces not shown above actually has red eyes and large teeth. These faces are used to emphasize anger, confusion, surprise and disgust. Android App on Google Play. Available in the App Store. Toggle Navigation Memebase. View List.

flirting meme awkward gif quotes funny face

Via MohAki Via youandmeandrainbows. Via InterdimensionalMindset. Via turtleneckedflatbread. Via fishingdownbythelake. Via ForestNinja Via battenburgers. This double dose of meme action is the kind of energy you should be taking into Try memes!

The only side-effects we know of are depression and possibly laughter.