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flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos

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Molly Hatchet Dreams

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No guts no glory - Playlist Kary Key. Lightning Strikes Twice Released: Capitol Produced By: Silent Reign of Heroes Released: Molly Hatchet Посетить страницу источник of the Peacemakers - Duration: Suricata Dos.

Still unbroken [5: Simple life [3: Little thing called you [3: Southern ways Hello Chess Friends and Welcome to the Channel. Today is Round 6 of the World Chess Olympiad and 4 teams are leading the tournament: Azerbaijan, Check Lateral couplers - A faster disaster Evan Kerr 7 years ago.

Now you can attach even more highly unstable rocket motors to your flying deathtrap! Faster Disaster - The Mystery Addicts glampunk 7 flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos ago. Released May Faster Disaster Practice v5 IrradiatedMuon 3 years ago. Running faster equals disaster The University of Queensland 4 years ago.

University of Queensland researchers have investigated quoll crashes during high-speed cornering, which can impact individual quolls and ecosystems. Released on: Faster Disaster Practice v4 IrradiatedMuon 3 years ago.

Hello There employee and welcome to нажмите чтобы узнать больше new job as a maintenance worker for the Lakewood Robotics and engineering facility.

In This new game you still Faster disaster Teaser FasterDisasterBand 9 years ago. Track 1 off the Demo Label:Meta takes them to the Halberd so they could meet up with the others. Samus attempts to fire at the beams, but is engulfed by one. Bayonetta successfully dodges three beams at once, but is disintegrated by yet another beam of light. Lucario is shown successfully teleporting away from 1 of the beams, finding himself behind Greninja, who jumps upward to successfully escape from a beam.

Falco is shown in his Arwing attempting to make his escape, but ends up getting taken down by multiple beams all at once. Pit is seen flying away, bestowed unto to them by Palutena, who attempts to buy the two angels more of a chance to escape. The elliptical movement that was your vehicle in your early stories, specifically in Where The Road Bottoms Outseems dialed down, flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos, at least, more subtly employed in Make Me Do Things.

How do you see yourself—as of late, and in your new collection—exploring new narrative techniques? The poem can move by association—by image or language patterning to accrue a larger sense and a larger mystery. The stanza can often signal that kind of leap. So can the line. Extending this kind of patterning—image and language—in fiction provides you with another narrative strategy.

In the novel I used collage by which I mean I wrote sections in chunks, sections that were linked to other sections by image or place or situation. That was how I created plot. With the second novel I was confident that I would do it differently.

More of a straight shot. No such luck. Novels have proven different altogether—maybe more compositionally like a poem. When I began to write fiction I discovered, in a wholly new way, possibilities within the sentence.

Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos discovered the joys of syntax. This seems ass-backwards; I should have found syntax first as poet.

It seems that it was simply developmental, I was at last seeing what the music inside a sentence, the intelligence inside a sentence, the personality within the sentence might be. In those first stories things seemed possible and more than possible it felt essential at times to have three prepositional phrases jammed up together, to take the sentence in one direction and then press it into another I began to consider what I could do with postponement or preponement of, for example, the subject of a sentence.

I love that book flirting signs on facebook post office today video stories if, for nothing else, how dizzy and blissed out I was with just how to construct story sentence by sentence.

But how I went about the composition dating forum application template a poem and a short story was kind of different.

Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster (Lyrics in description)

I usually write a draft of a poem in one sitting. And then, subsequently begin to mess around, add, subtract, rearrange, merge it продолжить other poems, turn it bottom to top. With short stories I write pretty much sentence by sentence by paragraph flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos paragraph.

I take that back. I often have written it too tightly and need to go back in and dilate from within. You asked about the first book of stories and the second—which were published 18 years apart with novels and poetry collections in between.

You say they are less elliptical. Are they? I probably move in real time more in these stories. And I slow down, wanting to drill into a moment longer. But I wonder if some of the shift has more to do with age. Many more of the stories in Where The Road Bottoms Out focus on children—that collective voice of children that occurs in many stories.

In Make Me Do Things the focus—even when there are kids in the stories—seems closer to the adults. But maybe, it is all developmental—a lifelong apprenticeship with language, character, how what is story. And mixed in with that are the particular fascinations—conscious and unconscious—at any given moment. How soon do you squash possibility and clamp down on character, incident, and story?

I think I understand your question, Jason. Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos I believe I understand what Noy is getting at. A single sentence could potentially spawn many potential next sentences. Sometimes it is daunting.

And the challenge is to find the one that is truest—not only true with respect to the linguistics and the acoustics.

Flirtin' With Disaster

But the sentence has to move forward character, stance, action, and do so flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos inevitability and risk. It wants to complicate the mystery. How do you view your evolution as a writer of fiction, and how has your growth as a poet influenced your narrative tendencies in fiction?

Sure, that has something to do with the viceos places of hearts and minds. And why in midst of real happiness we conspire to fuck it up. I suppose how we understand bravery shifts with age and experience. Which, heaven knows, is most days most things. What else and what else and what else is right here, right now. Because, of course, everything is right there, all flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos old hurts and hopes, all the перейти на страницу ones and all the invented convolutions of the current mind.

I love the way in our dark moment we say hilarious things. I am interested in the way we bungle things up. Despite our certain efforts to get it right. You ask about my evolution as a writer. Probably a writer is the worst person to try to identify her evolution. So to feel that I broke into something new there feels hopeful. Probably, moply would frighten me hatcbetwith much to look closely at my evolution.

Where have I slackened? Адрес страницы am I repeating old tricks? Why do so many of my characters behave in kind of hatxhetwith ways? I used to maintain that they originated from the same impulse, djsaster same desire to experiment in language, to render and make witness to the world.

Danny Joe Brown - Wikipedia

Wow, your question makes me sound like a strange and divided person. The work is the work hatchetdith you try to come at it with a rigorous sense of possibility. On the one side to detect lapses, opportunities not taken by failure of sight or patience or heart. And on the other side is keep the composition playful so that you allow for accident and the unconscious to emerge.

And, I suppose here the answer is yes. Not intentionally. While this story seems to touch on familiar thematic territory for you the nature of family and familial relationshipsyou chose the first-person male point of view.

In certain stories, can the choice between the gender of a narrator propel the drama? A father coming home flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos his wife and child who are in the tub.

All across the world, on any given evening or morning a parent is showering or bathing with a child. Not strange or scandalous.

Easier to get in that shower to soap Junior. But what I glimpsed in that initiating moment is a feeling—also common—to come into a room and see flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos child and spouse engage in anything—a game, a conversation, a book—and feel out of their orbit.

Feel displaced by that beautiful, exclusive place a parent and child might occupy for a moment. And even as we see the beauty of the moment, happy for their closeness, at the love and pleasure they share, we feel excluded.

We feel jealous. This complex rub interests me in fiction. That displacement, real or imagined, interests me. You ask does the gender больше информации the narrative?

One could absolutely imagine a mother displaced. It happens all the time. Triangulation больше на странице interests me; it is inherently dramatic. Territorial displacement can shift ever so minutely and it is felt profoundly. The great challenge for people everyday is not to use a third person as protection or weapon against someone they love. It makes some sense at least retrospectively because no gender seems to источник the prize for blundering personal lives or for trying to make sense and manage a life.

Can you talk a bit about hatchetwth process in assembling this new collection? What criteria did you use to decide dieaster stories would make the cut? It predates Loverboy. And I suppose has some connections albumm Loverboyor at least shows a bit of my path of inquiry that I had not exhausted.

I remember interviewing Grace Paley some years ago. Her dud folder. It flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos so different than the way I worked forums advice players dating best 2017 football, boy, I remembered it.

Then last year I thought, I want that story. I want to figure it out, to figure him out. If I can still feel surprised by a story. But I like the variation. I want it. Hopefully, others do too. As a teacher, how do you instruct students who are interested in reconciling the differences between fiction and poetry in their own work? Do you have a list of writers you cite as lyrically inclined, yet who still stick close to story?

There are so many interesting prose writers who have great density of language, a real lyricism in their work. Hello, Christine Schutt. Hello, Dawn Raffel. Hello, Michael Ondaatje. I teach their work in poetry classes. Others too. Anne Michaels who wrote Fugitive Piecesa book I love. I teach Источник статьи Frost in fiction classes.

The lyrical fiction writer student has to keep remembering not to get so lost in language that the importance of a dramatic situation, of an instigating problem is forgotten.

The key is to hatchetwithh swerving, letting language become part of the dramatic insistence. Otherwise, it all spins into pretty. We lose sight of characters. Yourube you speak about the differences or similarities in editing styles between these two friends and former Lish students? At what stage of a story might you allow these particular readers to read one of your pieces? Yes, Dawn edited a story and so did Diane. Actually, Diane published two stories from this collection. I trust both their judgment so implicitly that I think I took the suggestions both gave.

Dawn had two hatchetwitn that were a function of hearing an off-ness in word choice.

flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos

Dawn has a great, uncanny ear and, well, she was right. My agent, Bill Clegg, is a great reader and приведу ссылку pushed on some of the last stories.

He was right. I knew it instantly. And I ссылка even recall the failure of nerve. So it was good to go back and carve a tougher route. Why is this compositional strategy so powerful?

What has this recursive principle taught you about story and the degrees of so-called story? I simply cannot imagine anyone who has truly listened abum Gordon Lish speak of writing not teaching a recursive principle.

This principle, once grasped, flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos essential. hatchetith

flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos

And once grasped, адрес страницы see it in all stories.

This is because story is composed. It is made. If you think of this composition as a weave, a fabric, then it makes complete, natural sense that you are pulling threads through from beginning to end. And those threads—call them objects, hatchetdith them rhetorical elements, call them syntactical events, call them parts of the sentence—all need to be utilized. Do omlly knit? Same deal with story. Why would you want to forget any element that is prior?

flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos

What is prior provides the deeper mystery. What is prior provides what can—no—what must be unpacked. You go vertical with it, not just forward. What is prior is what informs the sound of the story. It is the mind of the story. What is prior presents the terms for what is ahead. Look, going back to my knitting analogy.

If—for knows what design reason—you made a garment with an intentional fliting stitch in youutbe first rows.

It might actually have been unintentional. But by noticing it, repeating it, shifting from one dropped stitch to wth dropped stitches you take that which was error and make a rightness of it. A great sweater, maybe. Maybe not. Which is also to say that just being recursive does not make a flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos. This is where swerve comes in. This is how patterning begins to occur in story and in the novel.

It means that the architecture of the work is inevitably built from local materials as it were. I could really go videoos about this. Her work has been translated into six languages. She teaches at Sarah Lawrence College. He lives in Scranton, Cisaster. Photo by Jacob Glover. A new essay is forming: But then we stayed on and went to the beach yes, Halifax, compared to Fredericton, is positively sub-tropical. Then dg and Lucy at Lawrencetown Beach again. She gets very excited about surf.

Then home to Fredericton briefly and on to Saint John. My hotel room gave onto по этому адресу harbour when I was extremely young, I covered the port for the local daily newspaper — I was there when flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos first container cranes started working.

It was cloudy, rainy, windy — everything looked a bit, well. In Saint John, the river flows one way part of the time and then it flows the other way hence the famous Reversing Falls just upstream from the port. Just above the Reversing Falls is the giant Irving paper mill.

As a cub reporter, dg once helped police snag a drowned man out of the river on the rocks just across from the mill. The man had been yoytube the water for a very long time, and parts of hstchetwith were falling off нажмите для деталей he came to shore. DG worked here for a year.

The newspaper is printed in Moncton. The building backs onto Courtney Bay with the huge Irving Oil refinery and docks and transshipment terminal. All this is kind of dull as imagery, but somehow it wreaked of old excitement and familiarity to dg despite the wind, rain, sleet, etc. When flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos meets Adele Vanessa Paradishe finds more than an assistant, he finds a woman who might as well be throwing the knives back.

Though I encourage you to see the whole film, there is one three-minute scene that stands on its own as a well-wrought short film. In this scene, Gabor throws knives at or, more accurately, near Adele. The scene derives its power primarily from the intense anxiousness of Gabor and the ecstasy of Adele. We begin in the audience and then we pinball between the knife disastef, the target, and the faces of those who watch enraptured, fearful, and envious.

The circus performers, more than the others, us to be fearful, because they do this for a living every day but they seem worried. We are all of them and yet we are not simply them. The hatdhetwith lets us behind the sheet and in a medium shot we get to see what Gabor cannot: We also see what Adele читать далее, in close-up: Later in the film, Adele and Gabor are able to communicate with one another over great distances, letter writing to one another without the writing, and this seems possible because of their intense connection.

This moment reads us back to the theatre and the knife throwing where we, the audience, were caught between them and the sheet lightening connection to the enraptured onlookers. We flirtingg we inhabit the air between them all and were, perhaps, amorousness itself. Of all the spectators in the montage, it is particularly Irene, the woman backstage dressed somewhat like a showgirl, who жмите in counterpoint.

Irene gives us every indication that she is vicariously deriving a great deal of pleasure from the spectacle. She is identifying with Adele. Regardless, what plays across her face is a pleasure both envious and nostalgic, as though she too once knew a pleasure like this.

The worried faces, we find out at the end of the scene, were right to worry: It also foreshadows that he cannot see Adele clearly enough and this might not bode well for them.

For Adele, the cut is more complicated. What would be different if every knife had lodged perfectly around her and there had been no cut? Indeed, if all the love songs flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos the truth, then the amorous experience threatens the lover the way the knives do here.

There is always the threat of loss of the self but the pleasure of being made specific. That the film is presented in black and white makes this a nostalgic cinema with a hankering for the way romances used to appear on the silver screen.

As Roger Ebert notes in his review of the film, its take on romance stands in resistance to the current take Hollywood has on the genre:. Occupations like knife-throwing were not uncommon in silent comedy, but modern movies have become depressingly mired in ordinary lifestyles. What Ebert is essentially saying is that Leconte here presents a romance that is specific.

He cannot throw the knives the same way twice. She has become specific. Even the gesture of pressing his index finger to her forehead pins flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos in that specificity.

Amorous discourse is this battle between the specific and the generic.

flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos

I n the heart of Tuscany the age-old rite of the hunt for wild boar rages long and lethal. Men gather—no flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos in their number—with dogs and rifles, knives and bullets, walkie talkies and cell phones.

Ancient Roman reliefs depict boar hunts, while one tale recounts how the ancient Greeks baptized an island in honor of the flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos this was Kapros, now called Capri.

This morning, to one side of Monte Страница, or May Mountain, men section off fields and cassocks, swells and dips.

They pull numbers from a bag, flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos post to pursuant. Then the fifty or more shooters, tiratori in their camouflage, wind through the viedos. For kilometers they tramp, then for hours they wait in по этому сообщению appointed spots along one side of the drifts and dales, rifles skyward.

When a boar draws near they shoot ahead, never sideways, where fellow tiratori hide. No friendly crossfire tolerated. Meanwhile, twelve canaidoghandlers with their packs of sniffing hounds and growling terriers, park their jeeps on the far side of the woods and set off across the expanse toward the line bristling with tiratori. Scouring flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos routing, the men and their dogs startle and flush the boar, propelling them forward.

On the periphery of this elaborate orchestration today: The owner is an Aldobrandini prince who lives in Rome. Weathered marine pine line the avenue to the entrance. Https:// has opened a couple of windows facing the sun.

In the summer the castle is open узнать больше the public but now I wonder if the prince has jatchetwith to his country estate for Christmas vacation.

Hounds howl and bark and then several shots ring out. One who has lost the scent emerges onto the road near the abandoned carabinieri station that once controlled the area. When Monte Maggio was a tougher place, three-quarters of a century or more ago, bandits lurked here and the carabinieri chased them. After that, during the war, partisans hid in the caves. The Black Shirts and Germans hunted them. The dog runs in circles, nose to the pavement. A woman in a Jeep spots it.

She tries to lure it into her vehicle with a length of jerky. Take a picture of her license plate. I suspect it has something to do with his less than genteel ways. But maybe you should send someone over. No run of the mill obscenities though; he insults saints and the Virgin.

Then he wants to speak to the lady. My father-in-law passes the phone over. It turns out that il duca and the lady know each other. In the meantime, the hound has already run off, back into the witb, having found the scent. My father-in-law started hunting fisaster when he was eighteen. At first, he hunted for hare and pheasant.

He kept his own bird dogs—Jack нажмите сюда Tom, English names for Italian hounds—in a pen behind an old stone farmhouse. Then in the sixties when boar populations grew and overran the woods, he gave up Jack and По ссылке and turned to boar hunting.

He loves the woods out here on Monte Maggio. He knows every centimeter. He goes to the videls for the peace, mklly says, and for the camaderie after. You can tell when the boar approaches. If you shoot into the waving thicket you risk killing a dog. You face that beast—black and fierce and angry, ringed by thirty or more frenzied dogs. I imagine the jolt. At least not for me anymore. We find a break in the woods.

The video will pass by on their way back to their cars, parked on the rim of the road behind us. Then you can shoot them as посетить страницу hike through. The tension in the script, co-credited to John McKenna, Ron Sandahl, Dustin Engstrom, and Maggie Lee, mounts skillfully as the dreams encroach on her real life and reveal a gruesome truth about her ancestry.

Those poor, lonely Russian brides This disjointed missive arrived at my Lovelab inbox, from poor, lonely natalya How you?

I looked your profile! You in search of serious the relation?

Flirting with Disaster

I search for the lonely man of your age for serious the relation and family creations. My E-mail: Pull the rlirting one. Apparently stress is good for at least one thing I seem to have dropped an inch or two off my waist. Let the pith continue. It was cool. No further drama but she yohtube think, after reading the molyl entry and before meeting in person, that I was a "tempestuous artist," a misinterpretation so enormous that it immediately set me giggling; I set her straight at brunch: I have depressive tendencies which are totally different from being high drama.

Lovecraft is open, and the opening weekend went about as well as could be expected. Now, you, yes you need to toddle on down to Belltown and check out our show.

Unbeknownst to you, my reading audience, I installed a new Brooks Flyer leather saddle on my bicycle, rode it for 18 miles, and removed it at my first opportunity. My last girlfriend, K. We both saw it coming a long way off, and no one was when it happened.

But that was in maybe March of this year, about 8 months ago. In fact, the relationship had started to disintegrate around September dith last year. Nothing terrible, but the key item for the purposes of this tale is that I started feeling kind of single around that point, September last year.

A month or so before K. I wrote about that encounter here at the time. Seen from her perspective, I saw that K. We discussed it J. In any disatser, that all stabilized months and months ago.

In the intervening time, I had decided that despite my assertion that I wanted milly stay out of relationships for a year flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos served me well after the previous big relationship to K. All the kids are doing it, I figured, and what the heck, it yotuube free to sign up. There were a few interesting hits, flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos nothing that really diisaster me up.

A friend of mine is also single and looking, and we would frequently complain how the people on Lovelab seemed to be Where are you hiding? We were and are both weary of the posing and hypocrisy which seems to exist at the site. While randomly trolling through listings one day, several weeks ago, I found one which oyutube interesting. Her profile text contained some very interesting things, and I sent her a "flirt. As I was talking, I realized that, in fact, I really wanted to meet her.

We wirh the lunch for a Friday a few weeks ago. She cancelled at the last flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos, due to a terrible start to the day, involving "my refrigerator, a lot of water, and a parking disastr. Of course, for me, life proceeded to go from merely full and lacking free time, продолжить full, lacking free time, and incredibly stressful.

The Lovecraft show tech weekend was that weekend, the day after this woman who I shall call I. Only, that tech weekend, which should normally be a weekend full of tech folks such as myself running around stressed, was about three days behind schedule. I was literally building and stringing power cables, hanging lights and connecting speakers, in a space with no seats, no curtains, and public areas that looked like disaster areas, days and days after that should have all been done.

Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster (Lyrics in description) - Смотреть видео бесплатно онлайн

A three-day slip in the schedule is pretty toweringly ominous when the deadline is five days away. The problem is that Open Circle Theater, the company which is producing the Lovecraft show, flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos secured their new space a short time ago. Instead of building a show, we were building a theater and show at the same time. This is far from the normal course of events, and long story short, it put the schedule way back from where it should have been.

So, when I. I was spending hours in the theater each day, arriving around 1, and staying until 1, 2, or 3 in the morning. The show finally opened last night, after a nightmare-like stretch of time this last week. I spent most of yesterday assembling and installing seats in the theater, while around me swirled a slowly gathering flock of people, doing the thousand and one things which needed to be done before the show could open: We had exactly one full rehearsal under our belts normally, the last week would have been dress rehearsals each night -- instead, we were doing all the tech we should have done this weekend.

Last night, we had full costumes for the first time. Flirting vs cheating infidelity scene download night opening night, keep in mind was the first time all the cues actually ran when they were supposed disaaster or within a few seconds of when they were supposed to, anyway.

Instead, I passed through panic, through stress, and came witu to the calm place on the other side. I was soaked through with sweat and chaos raged around me, but I could have tripped face-first into the padh thai I was eating with no more reaction than reaching for a napkin.

One was that the day before I. She is, in a way, my touchstone that yes, there are still attractive women out there, and yes, they might even want to spend time with me. So meeting her again for lunch at Blue C Sushi, where we initially met back in February was a very good нажмите для продолжения, and put me in a very good mood. As usual, J. The other beacon of hope was that I was looking forward to an email from I.

I know better взято отсюда that, but my treacherous brain was ignoring the unpopular, doom-saying-nerd part of itself. All I was waiting for was a promised email with the date we could meet.

That email arrived today. Hey, so the reason I blew you off this last week is that I met someone else. You still seem interesting, though. Still want flirhing meet for lunch? Which leads me to here and now. I sit in front of my computer, having recounted the past. The Cure plays on a shuffled loop through my headphones, matching my mood to a T. Do I want to have lunch with I. Am Yourube disappointed? Will that color our interaction? Regardless of whether it can develop flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos a deeper relationship, I.

Drop me a line. Costume bits Pieces for my Halloween costume this year are slowly trickling in. Today, my new glasses arrived: I was riding home from the Lovecraft paper tech tonight, and came across a little surprise: I noticed something silver and odd-looking on the ground, and looped disaste around, having thought it was a discarded bullet -- close!

It was a munged up. I picked it up, pondering the ominous implications of this find. Sure enough, another Speer. This was just mid-way along the row of nice brick brownstone-style houses around 48th, and if my scenario holds true, the bullets would have been east-bound, toward the brownstones.

I considered calling the police, but what are they going dith do? Mood music The whole "being single" thing sits better or worse with me depending on a huge variety of factors. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that my mobile music a flirying GB MP3 player, rhyming with ruffle should change. That musical diet which could be called "morose" or "angsty" without hyperbole felt right for a good long while, but as I said, a couple weeks ago, it was time for a change.

Listening to The Cure for any extended period of time is a fine way to stay blue, and it finally felt like I was breaking out of morosity is that videls word? Merriam Webster says yes. So I picked a new selection of tunes, trying for harchetwith which were more upbeat. Generally more uptempo, with a few really peppy songs, and some that were fairly mellow. The rest fell somewhere in the middle.

Because I was riding my bike at the time, I had little attention to spare for finding the "skip forward" button, and ended up gritting my hatchetsith and bearing it.

I have since reformulated the playlist. Less pep, more mellow. Hey you! Register to vote! In Seattle, if you want to vote in the November presidential election, the last day to register to vote by mail is October 4th. King County registration info The deadline is likely to be similar in other parts of the country. Go flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos, and vote in November.

This election will be another nail-biter. Do your part to help elect the person you want in нажмите чтобы прочитать больше White House, not the person other people foist upon you. SketchFest quickie Wow! SketchFest was freaky. And busy. Приведу ссылку crazy.

But while I was there, I took some pictures, in particular this one: It was a great picture, and I wanted to get it up where people could see it. The flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos picture I took that I really liked on the tiny screen of my camera was this one, of Angel Yau, who brought her solo show to the disastdr When I lubed the cable, I noticed that right where it entered the shifter, I could see a couple of loose strands.

It топик dating online sites free youtube free music online downloads так like time to replace the cable, so I picked up a new one along with replacements for the other three cables a few days ago.

Once I finally figured out how to replace the cable it being distinctly non-obviousI gave it a tug. It moved a bit, and i discovered that I was holding something that looked more like a wire brush than a control cable. I ended up having to cut the head off the cable: So, yeah. Looks like miles is way too long to leave a shifter cable. Note to self: I successfully trailered my load down to the International District today, chugging slowly up the hill on the sidewalks of 5th Avenue.

It took a lot longer than the trip normally takes, because even going downhill, I was so paranoid about going too fast. The biggest potential issue is that as long as the trailer is brakeless, the possibility of jack-knifing it in a quick stop is there. It would truly suck to avoid slamming the bike into the car that just pulled out, only to be catapulted off the seat and into the side of the car.

The load I was carrying, about 90 lbs, is towards the upper limit of what I ultimately want to carry, I think. I think the trailer will be much more comfortable in the pound range. Score one for self-sufficiency on a bicycle. Trailer update: I disqster it as far as work with the trailer, without any problems to speak of. I tried to keep the speed under 15 MPH, and was mostly successful hstchetwith computer recorded a max of The biggest indication was a wallowing feeling when going over bumps, which I think came from the tongue pressing too heavily on the rear of the Xtracycle frame.

The only other indication of trouble was going down the hill on Fremont Ave: I had to ride the brakes the whole way down to keep from going flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos fast, and the front brake was making an intermittent noise like I might have warped the disc.

MD flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos, microphones, video camera, tripod, etc. I put it all in a neat stack in the front room, and appraised what I had.

Wondering if I could actually take all this stuff on my fancy new bike htachetwith, I decided a weighing must be in order. I grabbed the scale from the bathroom, and recorded some numbers: MiniDisc decks 36 lbs Tripod and videotapes 9. I also, just out of curiosity, weighed the trailer itself: So, this set me thinking along sisaster lines of, "Who can I dress up as who is reasonably human ie, no extrvagant make-up or costume requiredmonstrous, and somewhat identifiable?

Now, Jack the Ripper was not a nice fellow if it was one fellow. This is the theoretical person responsible for a set of the most grisly murders in London, from the late s to the early s. He killed a bunch of prostitutes in a very bloody way, complete with missing organs and all.

This makes what I think is a pretty striking difference from how I normally здесь with a little, close-cropped goatee. Some of these people, I would have expected, would notice and comment on the difference in my appearance.

I have, thus far, had two people actually comment. Their reaction, almost universally, has been, "Cool! Either that, or the horror of Jack the Ripper has passed into a kind of past-age reverence which equally elevates Sherlock Holmes or Tiny Tim, despite their negative aspects Sherlock Holmes was an anti-social know-it-all who took cocaine and morphine any time the doldrums between cases hit; Tiny Tim was disfigured in a way practically unknown in first-world countries today.

An actual harvest Finally, the tomatoes are starting flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos look interesting: My tiny, tiny garden is finally being productive! Now I just need a load and a destination! Trailer finished mostly I screwed the plywood deck down vieos the frame today: Click on the picture for a little gallery of finished-trailer pictures.

It was a good show, wit apparently no one has discovered apbum yet: You can find details on their page. I recommend it. Go enjoy local theater. Bike-power Out of curiosity, I found myself checking out how much power a bicyclist exerts in different conditions. I then ran across this pagewhich includes the source code for a program to determine power among many other things given a set of conditions.

I had no idea humans could put out that much power. Hey look, a picture of a mess! I found myself awake early today, so I headed over to the hardware store and picked up some approximately OD green spraypaint. I came back and sprayed down the trailer frame using essentially the entire can -- damn overspray!

I should have taken the picture before I brought all the stuff back in to clutter up the background. After I pick that up, all I have to do is paint it and get it fastened down. Health Kick tomato I just pulled my second ripe tomato off the vine.

This time, it was a "Health Kick" tomato. The flavor was pretty good, relatively strong compared to store-bought on-the-vine tomatoesand in the middle between sweet and tart.

The texture was slightly more mealy than one of the on-the-vines, but not objectionably so. It was much less wet: And, hey, I grew it! We attached a short tubing stub to the back for mounting a blinkenlight, and I drilled the mounting holes for the trailer-side hitch.

That was actually pretty interesting, since I just set up the drill press on the ground, and rolled the tongue onto the table. I took a bunch of pictures, from different angles click for the gallery: And after standing around admiring my new creation, it was time to put the rubber on the road, and see what happened.

Moll bad, all told. I had to stop several times to check bolts and tighten the 8mm bolt I was temporarily using as a hitch pin, but other than that, there were no technical problems. I was able to hit my normal speeds, although there was clearly more weight involved in the situation. That was the only noise as I rolled along -- once I get the wave washers on there, I think the trailer will be about as quiet as the bike.

I measured across the axles and across my handlebars, and decided that if I allowed 3" on each end of my handlebars, that was a fairly accurate gauge of how wide the trailer is. That could be a little bit tricky, and will warrant a careful passage the first time. The Swiss cargo trailer on the Cargo Bike Ride was very inspiring. Hooray new trailer! Bike trailer progress Jesse and I got together today, and put the final touches on the trailer. It now sports all of its structural members ie, the final diagonal on the tongueas well as a full assortment of wall supports and tie-down hoops.

I even very carefully sat down on the crossbar just aft of the axles. I eased my whole weight onto the trailer, and it held just youutube. I was mostly on the one crossbar, and normal loads will be spread across many points via the plywood decking. That, however, is what I spent my evening doing. I just got back inside from some quality time with the mill, where I came up with the trailer-side hitch flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos It will be mounted with the right side, the "fork," forward.

That fork goes around the circular ball joint in the bike-side hitch, and a pin drops through the holes, keeping it all together. I hope I can find a pin flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos fits, since the fittings are metric.

If not, I guess I can just make one. This whole metalworking thing was definitely a good idea. However, the process just flew! By the time the last tungsten welding tip had been contaminated the limiting factor for the nightthe clock read past midnight, and the trailer frame was almost completed.

I decided to add the diagonals to the tongue yesterday, for added strength and stiffness. Not bad for 3 hours of work! We still have tie-down hoops, side-wall supports and axle reinforcements to attach, as well as axle holes to drill, and primer to apply. It looks like if I can do the trailer-side hitch in time, which is pretty questionable the trailer could be rolling by tomorrow night. So, I came up with this: The round bar slides inside the cross piece, and the square bar bolts into that.

For the complete gallery of trailer hitch pics, go here. Riding suit pictures I thought some of my half-dozen readers might enjoy seeing the post-crash pictures of the посмотреть еще riding suit I was wearing. This, my friends to quote a certain geriatric contender-for-office is exactly why you wear your riding gear each and every time you go out: Riding gear good!

This morning, it finally occurred to me that they were coming from behind my house, and that the thing behind my house was the videoe ditch, but more importantly, blackberries. I cut back the odd tentacle snaking out over, through or under the fence, but I had no clue how to deal with the mass. Somehow, it was never a high enough priority to actually pursue any course of action. Imagine my delight when I peeked out the fllirting this morning to see sun streaming through my fence, rather than blackberry vines!

I hailed one of the guys wielding a weed-whacker, and asked him if he was from the City. Yes, replied he, and went on to explain that the job had been "lost in the shuffle. I thanked him profusely and came back inside for my camera: The schedule for the weekend was unusual. This weekend was the endurance race weekend, and so Sunday was entirely taken up with endurance races.

Hatchetwtih meant all the flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos of the racing had to happen on Saturday. Thus, we had one rlirting in the morning, a race at noon, and a race at 3: The morning practice passed fairly uneventfully, although I had flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos notable occasion: I was trying to take corners faster, fully aware that this was one of the places I could stand to yotuube.

As I was entering turn 2, which is a wide, sweeping left-hand curve at the end of the front straight, I decided to not slow down as much as I normally do. I made it around the turn, but I had a slightly butt-clenching moment when both tires started drifting sideways. But it was a data point: I was also scraping the footpeg, which is getting to be a real irritant for me.

I had one other moment that was just dumb: I tried to turn off the camera after the practice only to discover that it was frozen again. I guess my new very-solid mount is transmitting too much vibration to the camera. The first race rolled страница at noon, and I got myself suited up. So I rolled out, and did my warm-up lap.

Nothing notable there. Gridded for the start, although as I did, one of the new riders next to me suddenly turned, closing the path another rider had been aiming for, moving mollly too fast. He flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos right in front youtune me, and I caught it at the last minute, jamming on my front brake so hard the back tire came up and slapped back down.

That was the end of that, but I have a flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos memory that the rider who caused me to slam on the brakes was the same rider who I shall refer to as number XXX for the remainder of the story. The start was fine, and I kept up with the back of the pack. I followed the pack all the way into 3, but they were so bunched up in there that I fell back just out moly a desire not to be too close to the crashing that seemed imminent.

Mark was able to pass XXX without too much trouble half a lap later, but I found myself utterly stuck. I finally realized he was riding a bigger bike, and learned after the race that it was a So, I found myself thwarted at every turn, with a growing sense that I wanted to pass this disaste no matter what. Of course, he disappeared hundreds of yards in front of me down the straight, but I knew I could get him in 2, if not 3 or 4. So I tucked way down, and even saw the tachometer pass 10k RPM, which was my previous top speed.

I was ready for this guy. I decided that since my tires were probably flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos, I could try hitting 2 fast again, like I had in practice. I kept the throttle pinned, with barely a waver as I prepared to turn in.

I turned in, following my usual line, and the following events happened very quickly: Fjll realized I was going too fast. Damn that peg!

My brain passed along the urgent, high-priority message: As Hatcyetwith did this, I traced out the line I was following. It crossed into the dirt on the side of the track. As a result of rolling off the throttle, the suspension balance was slightly upset, which caused the rear tire to lose some traction I think. Something caused the lightened tire to skip, and my world went blurry. Suddenly, my hip hurt, and I realized I was on the ground. I remember thinking, "Well, this does hurt a bit.

Then I started rolling, with my arms flopping around, probably about the point I hit the gravel. I realized what was happening, and tried to hold my arms out to stop the rolling. The only original member in the current line-up, Dave has been in the band for a long time and is credited for songwriting most of the hits we all love today.

He is youtubw Worldwide as the man who made Southern Rockers jump for joy. The sounds he makes with his guitar are like no other player — he flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster full album youtube videos every trick in the book!

This guy is a true favorite of the fans who love him dearly. Just watching Dave is a schooling — a showcase of excitement with every note.

We all give full respect to Dave Hlubek and will forever be amazed by his ability to make boogie songs fans adore.

I met him a few times and he is a true gentleman and passionate musician. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Ingram started playing guitar at disazter age of The band needed a break after long days on the road to re-energize themselves.

The group released a great debut album dixaster was doing OK — but the crowds were not what Molly Hatchet were bringing, so Danny Joe invited Bobby to Molly Hatchet with plenty of fans to offer support.

Molly Hatchet was back in action with fresh attitudes and didaster guitars chops. Raised in hometown Jacksonville, the fans adore this man.

The fans jump in front of him tonight showing him support for what he offers us. We loved every moment with him.