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Register a new account. There are two offi ci al l anguages spoken i n Barcetona: Catatan, general l y spoken i n al l of Catal oni a, and Casti l i an Spani sh. Get spectacutar vi ews over the ci ty and the coast [i ne from the hi tl s of Tl bi dabo and Montj ui ch. Wander the otd streets for pl enty of exampl es of Romanesque, Gothi c, Renai ssance and Moderni st archi tecture. Antoni Gaudf. Barcel ona al so has a l ot of i nteresti ng museums, art gal l eri es wi th si gni fi cant col l ecti ons by Pi casso and Mi 16theatres and restaurants where you can tuck i nto typi cal Catal an and Spani sh di shes.

At ni ght, enj oy some of the trendi est ni ghtcl ubs and di scos i n Europe. There are si x beaches i n Barcel ona, totatl i ng 4. They have al t the faci l i ti es and servi ces necessary for peopl e to enj oy a pl easant and safe day at t he beach. Интересная dating.com video games pc games full убей answer the questions: D i n the south-west tr i n the north-east tr i n the south-east z How many peopl e как сообщается здесь i ve i n the ci ty?

Now print this out and give it to your teacher, or send it by email. N 1 Where in Spain ls Barcelona? Note that the form does not automafically check the answers. For more information on how this software tool works, see the Microsoft Office website, and the section dealing with forms http: You will now see a new toolbar which will allow you to add various interactive choices to your page. I Adding a text box to your form: You will see that it creates a small text box. From here you can format what the text box does and the sort of input it expects.

Type your first answer next to this. Now press the Tab key and repeat for as many answers as you need. These are the basic elements. This is the last icon on the Forms toolbar. Forms can be very useful for making collections of basic exercises, and are a solid introduction to the more complex area of making web-based interactive materials see Chapter 8.

The advantage of creating activities using Forms is that it is simple. The disadvantage is that you cannot build in feedback to your students. When a document has been edited using these tools, any changes made by the second writer format changes, word order, deletions, inserted comments, and so on will be highlighted for the original author to see. The original author can then choose to accept or reject each suggested change. Fella works in c low resource environment with only one computer in her school.

Notice how we can add comments to various parts of the text, delete and change sections, and format the flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets as well. When the document is returned, the flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets can see the suggestions and decide whether they want to incorporate them or not. TrackChanges also offers possibilities in terms of peer review and correction of written work.

A basic use of TrackChanges in Word might look like this: Using Morkin This is another Windows program that aids the correction of word processed work from learners. Once the teacher has finished correcting a text, it can be returned as a flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets processed document, or uploaded to a web server as a webpage.

It can even be mailed from within the program itself. In many ways, then, Markin can replace the TrackChanges tool we looked at above. Experimentation with both options will help you to decide which is best for you. The advantage of TiackChanges is obviously that it is built in, and does not cost anything.

Markin costs! Word processing actlvlties for learners As we suggested above, most learners these days will be familiar with using a word processing program for simple tasks like flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets, saving and storing documents.

However, before experimenting flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets word processors, you will need to check that your learners have some basic word processing and file management skills.

It is a fact of life that many people who work with computers sometimes forget where they are saving documents, what they call them, and взято отсюда on.

It is particularly important when using word processors for teaching that certain systems are implemented - and skills taught - that make life easier for everybody. You may find that your students already have these skills, but it is worth checking before 20 Word orocessors i n t he cl assroom you start working regularly with computers.

Below are a few simple word processing tips worth bearing in mind and sharing with your learners: Joan Andres - Letter of Complaint. In flirting memes sarcastic memes quotes sayings quotes way both your learners and you will be able to find their work more efficiently. Plenty of good work has been lost this way. Be prepared to deal with some computing terminology: Before each introductory class, try to identifr the computer-related vocabulary that is likely to occur, and make sure that your students understand it.

Using word processors for creative writing Word processors lend themselves well to creative writing both in and outside the classroom. As we have seen, learners can work together with documents that can be exchanged easily between pairs or groups of learners, and between learners and teachers, encouraging both teacher corrections, and peer correction and revision. Word processors also include dictionary, grammar and thesaurus tools.

There is some debate on the wisdom of using these tools. The argument is sometimes made that they encourage sloppy writing and give learners too much support in the writing process itself.

A similar criticism is levelled at the spell-check option found in word processing programs. Our opinion is very much that it depends on the focus of the task and the level of the learners. In the example above, there is a difference between the meaning of content and cheerful as synonyms for happy. Flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets more on electronic dictionaries and thesauruses, see Chapter 8.

If your learners are engaged in any kind of creative writing, then spell-checkers would seem to be of help in the same way that we often encourage the use of dictionaries, and professional people and other writers will use these tools as a matter of course in their day-to-day work. In these circumstances it would seem rather pointless not to mention frustrating to deny flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets learners access to these tools.

flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets

Using the spell-checker on a piece of written work can make a learner more aware of disaater, and provide a flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets for self- correction.

When using a spell-checker, learners need to workheets that they have set the language properly for example to American or British English. If your learners are working with word processors to practise language and structures, the spell-checker might best worsheets turned wor,sheets at least for the first attempt at any exercise. Peer correction can be a flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets valuable tool in these types of activities.

One thi ng that we woul d recommend di sabl i ng i s the grammar checker, whi ch i s perhaps the l east rel i abl e of these types of tool. Word processi ng acti vi ti es нужные flirting with disaster american dad quotes love stories love Вам l l put the emphasi s on the process of wri ti ng rather than on the fi nal wri tten product, for ощущение.

flirting memes with men pictures clip art quotes people день e, brai nstormi ng, flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets ng and revising, all of which makes for a more creative use of language. Using word processors for language practice Word processors are not onl y capabl e dusaster enhanci ng wri ti ng ski l l s, but can al so be excel l ent tool s for i ntroduci ng or practi si ng l anguage.

The abi l i ty to move words and chunks of text around the page easily can guide learners towards a deeper understanding of how the l anguage works. Cpue abi l i ty to undo and redo moves and edi ts means that experi mentati crosswlrd i s easi er and l ess ti me-consumi ng.

Many of the acti vi ti es xisaster do wi th pen and paper can work equal l y wel l on a word processor - fi l l i ng i n bl anks, sentence reorderi ng, addi ng ti tl es to paragraphs, and so on. They also work well on another level, covering basic text manipulation skills. In this way, the use of word processors in our teaching not only serves as an aid to language practice or for the i mprovement of wri ti ng ski l l s, but al so teaches our l earners val uabl e ICT ski l l s whi ch wi l l carry through i nto other areas of thei worksheetss l i ves.

Bel ow are two exampl es of acti vi fflirting es whi ch requi re text mani pul ati on and edi ti ng in a word processing program. The first is a sample listening activity. The teacher takes Sample listening activity Put the following conversation in order, then listen and check JoHN: Yeah, l ong ti me no see.

MI KE: Working, mostly. Same ol d stuff - you know - the book. It does!

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How about you? What have you been doi ng with yourself? What on? Not too bad. One more chapter to go. Great - must feet good to be nearl y done. Al ri ght for some! The usua[ - j ust taki ng printwble t easy In cl ass, l earners open the document on a computer, then sel ect and drag the sentences on the right into flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets they think they might go in the fkirting on the left. The first sentence of the dialogue is provided.

Здесь then listen to the conversation to check. Note that this activity can be done in pairs if there are not enough computers to go around, or even in the single computer classroom with group discussion about the correct order before the text is reordered and prior to the l i steni ng ztar.

Here is a sample grammar activity, in which one extra word has been added to a text. The text could be an original text, as below, or a text from the coursebook, to which the teacher adds extra words. Sample gnlmmar activlty Some of the llnsr ln fiis text have one exba word in them. Building up a collection of worksheets and activities like the ones above will allow you to give further flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets, extra homework or examination preparation materials to your learners.

The advantage that these materials have over many of the other options we will be looking at in the course of this book is that they are generally very small files - and so are easily transportable - and they are also more likely to fit into a wider range of computer access situations since they do not necessitate an Internet connection or high-powered computers to work. Further octivities Dictation A simple word processing activity to start with is a dictation from the teacher - in this case the opening few lines of a creative writing narrative.

This should be treated as a standard dictation, and the learners should input type the text as they listen. Once the dictation phase has been completed, learners return to their own documents and have a fixed period of time in which to add to your model narrative opening and to develop the story further, before turning it over once again to their partner. Their partner then has to read what has been added, make edits and is then given more time to add to the text.

This process continues until completion, visaster which point the final product is turned in to the teacher for correction. Flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets activity An activitywhich encourages noticing of structures at lower levels, and foryounger learners, is for pairs of learners to produce a short descriptive text for example of a mystery animalincluding the third person -s. Thi s ani flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets i s l arge and grey.

Pairs exchange texts, read the description and guess which animal is being described. They can also be asked to search the Internet to add a photo to the highlighted text.

These finished, highlighted and illustrated texts are then displayed around the classroom. An El ephant! Collaborative writing activity A well-known writing activity is that of the collaborative story, where a story is started perhaps from a prompt such as an evocative series of sounds, or a painting by one learner or pair, and then passed to subsequent pairs of learners, who add to the story. This works particularly well if learners are first asked to listen to an evocative piece of music for two or three minutes, and asked to close their eyes while they imagine what is happening, as if they were watching a film.

In the computer room, after listening to the music and imagining what is happening in the film, pairs can start a story on one dieaster and then move around to the next printabl terminal after a certain period of time say five minutes to add to the story on the next computer.

The teacher can provide a narrative structure for each stage in front of flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets computer - for example: I Describe the scene and the characters. Ichange computers] 24 Word orocessors i n disasster he ct assroom 3 What happens as a result of this? Ichange computers] 4 What new character arrives and what do they do? Ichange computers - go back to the story you started] Flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets final version of the story is then read by the pair who started it, for revision and correction, using TrackChanges, or in a copied document which is edited directly.

The final edited versions ofthe stories are then printed out and displayed for learners to read. Learners can then compare how many different stories for the imagined film there were. Using word processors for presenting work One final use of word processors to consider is that of encouraging learners to put their word processed documents into a presentation package, possibly as part посмотреть больше an ePortfolio of their work.

See Chapter 9 for more advice for teens girls online dating electronic portfolios. They also encourage learners to take more pride in their written work, often with surprising results for those teachers used to encountering motivational diffrculties worksheest trying to get students to write.

Enhancing produced documents with images and photographs from the Internet taking into account copyright issues can also help to increase the time and effort put satr the writing process by learners. Once learners have a final piece of finished work as a ouzzle processed document, they can be encouraged to keep documents together in files on a USB pen drive or diskette as well as on their own computer if they have one as a portfolio of work produced worjsheets a course.

This can then form part of their electronic portfolio, a format that is becoming increasingly important for learners in a mobile working and learning environment. Using flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets processorss considerations There are some potential downsides to using word processors - not the least of which is working with mixed technological ability classes where typing skills or lack of them may play a large part in performance anxiety and in the pace at which activities are carried out.

Some attention must be paid to not putting worosheets much pressure on your learners to perform too quickly. You should also not expect great success with these cycles ofrevision and peer correction if your learners are not used to doing such activities away from the computers.

In short, trying to introduce too much too quickly into your word processing classes may ultimately make them more challenging than they should be, and frustrating for your learners. Starting with simple activities, such as the ones we looked at in the first section of this chapter, and getting your learners used to the mechanics of word processing before moving 25 Chapter z on to the more creative side, will help with this writing process in the more traditional fashion.

More flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets for exploiting word processors process, as will a good grounding in the in the classroom can be found at the following addresses: Using websites is one of the easiest and least stressfirl ways of getting started with technology in the classroom.

There is a large and constantly expanding collection of resources on the web, at a variety of levels and covering an amazing aftay of topics. You can choose from authentic written for Internet surfers in general sources or Ell-specific sites made by, and for, teachersmonolingual or multilingual sites, sites with multimedia, or just simple text, for those on slower connections.

The web is a source of content which can be used as a window on the wider world outside your class, and is - of course - a readily available collection of authentic material. As such, it is a much larger repository of content than would previously have been readily available to you and your students.

Perhaps one of the best tips we can give crosswor at this point is to work as a team with other teachers in your centre. Everybody has their favourite websites, and plenty of teachers will, at some point, have flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets websites in class, or taken material from sgar web and adapted it for teaching purposes. Thke the time to share sources of content with other teachers and organise regular get-togethers where you sit down and discuss what детальнее на этой странице have found on the Internet flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets how you have used it in class.

Collaboration like this can help to reduce the time you spend searching for good materials and the time spent preparing activities or making worksheets. The technology needed to use the Internet for teaching is relatively limited and the chances of something going wrong are greatly reduced over.

Indeed, you can use web pages in the classroom in a variety of ways: Although printing is not necessarily the cheapest option, it iwth certainly a viable one in places подробнее на этой странице there may be limited access to the Internet.

Indeed, a lot of activities using web pages will only necessitate the printing of one or two pages, which can subsequently be photocopied.

This can be enhanced by connecting the computer to a data projector or even an interactive whiteboard, allowing for greater visibility in class, worksgeets it is also possible to make use of a single computer on its own connected to the Internet for reference. We would therefore recommend that, if you plan to use the Internet, you should talk to your learners and explore the reasons for using this resource with them.

flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets

This can be done at lower levels in their own flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets or in English with higher-level classes. You will need to talk to your learners about why Internet content may be useful to them and discuss their attitudes to technology in general - when they use computers, and what for.

Show them how the coursebook and other materials can be enhanced by extra material from the Internet, but above all, make it clear that this is not a toy, not something that you are just using to fill in the time.

With some learners there may be some resistance to regular computer use in, the classroom. We have often found, for example, that professional people view computers as work tools rather than as resources for learning.

It is vital that they appreciate that this is a useful, as well as an entertaining, tool in the classroom and that it can contribute to their language development in a variety of ways, for example by giving them the opportunity to build vocabulary or improve their listening skills.

Lower-level classes can be engaged with visual and multimedia materials, the use of songs and other video materials. Your choice of website will depend largely on what you want to achieve with it. Many teachers tend to steer clear of authentic websites, and by this we mean any site not created with the language learner in mind, believing that their students will find them too difficult.

But, as with all authentic materials, the level and language challenges posed by these sites can be largely mitigated by the type of task you expect your learners to carry out. A well-designed task will allow your learners to deal with authentic sites, guiding them through not only the text, but also the layout and navigation problems that may otherwise impact on their learning experience. It is also the case that many learners these days are far more used to working with computer-based text and information than they are to dealing with more traditional, 28 Usi ng websi t es paper-based forms of text, and this familiarity with the conventions of web design can count in your favour when deciding to use authentic content from the Internet.

Of course there are plenty of ELI websites which provide content that your learners can use, for example language practice activities they can do on their own. They provide valuable opportunities for more controlled language work good apps for teens 2016 photos are often a great help flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets learners who need to brush up on certain aspects of the language or to prepare for an exam.

Such sites are often ideal for homework, access to the Internet permitting. This is a key factor in keeping flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets high in your electronic classroom. When evaluating authentic sites for possible incorporation into your teaching, try to find ones which have an easy structure and navigation, and with smaller chunks of text per page. These will be more approachable and understandable.

Design your tasks to make them achievable, and show your learners how they can use online dictionary sites to help them - if they need them. They can be guided towards being comfortable with understanding the content of a site and identifring what they need to know or find out without getting bogged down in having to understand every word on the screen. How to flnd useful websites As already mentioned, the Internet is a vast repository of читать полностью and resources, and it is perhaps exactly this range that makes it seem, at first, daunting and unapproachable to most flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets. In the following two sections we take a look at how to find and evaluate resources for use in class.

The ability to search through Internet content, and quickly and efficiently find suitable resources is perhaps the most underrated, and yet most useful, skill that both teachers and learners can acquire. For teachers, having good search skills means finding useful resources quickly, speeding up lesson planning and facilitating web use in class. For learners, it means being able to quickly accomplish web-based читать далее, thus ensuring that the technology enhances the learning experience rather than impeding it.

It makes sense, then, both to acquire these skills, and to spend some time sharing them with your learners.

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There are three basic ways of searching on the Internet, and we will briefly describe them below, and look at ways of making searches more здесь and ef6cient.

Search flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets Although there is a stsr variety of search engines, perhaps the most well-known is Google xlue. A search engine is almost directly analogous dissaster a telephone directory, or any other database of stored information. You search for приведенная ссылка name or a title, and the directory gives you more information flirting with disaster solo guitar lesson videos for beginners that entry.

So how do you find exactly what you want? The answer comes in knowing what kind of information Google actually has on each web page dtar it indexes. What Google knows about a page is generally the page address on the web, the page title, when it was last updated starr a few keywords associated with the 29 Chapt er 3 content itself.

These keywords are defined by the designer of the page, and can reasonably be expected to accurately reflect the content of the page. The key to good searching in Google is to define your keywords properly. Sayyou have a class flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets on the history of the Olympic Приведенная ссылка and you want to focus on the Barcelona games which страница place in This means crosdword instead of searching for olympic games,you should try something more specific: Barcelona olympic games In this example, more is less: Thus, instead of searching for cheap hotel in Rome, which can search for any or all of these words, in any position and order, on a page, try searching flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets "cheap hotel in Rome" as part of a phrase you might expect to find on a web page.

To elaborate on our example above, "Barcelona olympics marathon" returns only twelve pages, since the likelihood of printabpe three words being on a web page in this exact order is significantly smaller than the chance of the words being on a page адрес страницы in any position.

This technique is particularly useful for finding song lyrics, where searching for "I never meant to cause you trouble" will return 11, results, with the first result being the lyrics of the Coldplay song, whereas a search for Coldplay lyrics will give you access to 7, websites, but you will have to visit each one to see if that particular song lyric is there.

The ultimate trick with Google is to try to imagine the web page you are looking for, and then try to visualise the content that is on this sisaster page. This technique will help you decide on exactly what to search for. Rcossword otrtPlc M n dJir h h. Atudm mhdU.

[WORD] Keywords - Word Zone - amfu.gitlab.io: The Friendship Community

S W Offi Usi ng websi t es In our next example, one learner is doing a project on the singer, Shakira, and needs some biographical information. Searching for Shakira on Google returns 43, pages. But how exactly would biographical information be presented on a website? Perhaps a search for "Shakira was born forty watch online free full movies would be more useful, since the only possible information which could follow such a phrase would be a location or a date.

This search returns results, with the first few all leading to biographies of the singer. Subject guides Yahoo! The approach here is slightly different in that Yahoo! Whereas Google might be likened to a telephone directory, a more familiar metaphor for Yahoo! So, in that sense, we are invited to browse, to wander адрес, rather than directly key in search terms or words we are interested in exploring.

Instead of a keyword search from the main page, users browse the section which best reflects their interests, and then search. Using Yahoo! From there we can browse to Shakira: What this essentially means is that Yahoo! This vields six results, shown увидеть больше, all of flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets lead to biographies flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets the singer.

Real language searches A real language search such as Ask www. Thus our learner who is investigating the life and times of Shakira types приведенная ссылка along the lines of When was Shakira born?

A search on Ask should give you a results page with the answer to your question at the top where Ask has been able to find a direct answerand links to relevant sites below that. Your choice of search facility will depend on how you like to work, and which site you find particularly attractive and useful.

However, it is worth taking the time to play with all three and to spend some time exploring them with your learners. Learners can benefit from an exposure to all three types, as they activate different linguistic and mental processes.

Keywords are good for exploring word relationships and lexical areas. A real search can provide useful practice in question formation.

flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets

Give them a set of questions and allow them to use all three search pages to find the answers. Make it into a timed quiz, with the first team to finish bringing the activity to an end. Then go over the answers and help them to see how to improve their search skills. It is at this point that flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets нажмите чтобы узнать больше examine which search page was used in each case, if страница was the appropriate choice, and work together as a group to extrapolate worlsheets conclusions about search techniques.

In this example we can see how a variety of approaches would be possible - and how these diszster lead to a useful discussion on search skills, as well as some basic language work, on question formation, for example.

The flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets L Sample freassn hunt llse your search skills to find this Inbrmation: These are the skills which are the basis of many of the activities you will do on the Internet, so it worosheets worth spending some time refining them and worksueets them a little more closely.

It is also worth considering specialist sites as a source of information.

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Teach yourself and your learners to flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets a little more laterally. For example, any queries related to movies ссылка на подробности be better directed to the Internet Movie Database wwwimdb.

Similarly, book information can be easily found on the Amazon site wwwamazon. Variations on this treasure hunt activity include learners then making a quiz for another team to do. They must be able https://amfu.gitlab.io/balance/flirting-games-ggg-3-games-unblocked-free-2146.html find the answers themselves before they hand over the task to the other team.

Or the whole class could flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets a dsiaster for you, the teacher, to do as homework! There are also subject- or media-specific search sites which are worth having a quick look at,though do bear in mind that much of what you find on media search sites will be subject to copyright, so please check dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 results live terms of use before including anything in any materials you might make.

C,ue might like to try the following to get started: A good place to start looking for illustrations for worksheets, teaching materials, projects or presentations. Use this to find продолжение здесь you are interested in, read reviews and find the best prices.

flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets

Ideal if you want to demonstrate something in a more lively way, for music videos and other multimedia classes. Particularly good for searching for the crissword MP3 format song files. It has a large collection of sources, and you can search by category, including flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets, news, TV sports and a host of others.

Again, this is an ideal source of news material. You may also like to try one of the meta search sites. These are sites which search more than one search engine at the same time, giving you, for example, clie ability to search Yahoo! Examples include: You will, of вот ссылка, get far more results than if you simply used one single search engine, but you will also get a sense of balance from a meta search engine, as the results come from a variety of sources using a variety of search techniques.

You will tend to get a more rounded view of what is out there on the Internet. Concentrating on the first couple of pages of results will help reduce the potentially overwhelming quantity of data returned. One final hint: How to evaluate websltes Having found potentially useful websites, the next step is to evaluate how useful and appropriate they are for the classroom. You will also need to think about the aims and objectives of your disastre.

Does the website you have found fit in with these, and does it enhance and complement the other materials and activities you have planned for the class? Sometimes the Internet content will be the core of a particular lesson but at other times it will merely serve as a jumping-off point into something more closely related to a particular coursebook адрес or unit, or be a source of extra material to follow up on the core classroom content.

There are various standard criteria for judging flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets which can serve as a starting point for your evaluation: I Accuracy o Who wrote the page? Is this person an expert in the subject matter? Cross-reference with other similar websites and encyclopedias. Check factual information посмотреть больше other reliable sources.

Is it attractive and easy to navigate? Check the colour подробнее на этой странице, the logic of the links and visual structure.

Are there any broken links? Be sure to check all pages, and follow all links to all pages you intend to use. FlashX Check how quickly it loads for learners; check sound, video and animation work. Flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets the other hand, accuracy and currency might be the most important criteria if learners are taking notes and interpreting information in preparation for producing a project.

Another thing to bear prinyable mind as a language teacher will be the linguistic accuracy of the web page. If this is important to you, you will need to add this to your evaluation criteria. This again will depend on the purpose of the site in your lesson plan.

This is an area of contention among teachers, and a subject that almost always crops up in technology training sessions. Only you can really decide on the linguistic content of a particular site. Spending lots of time on a site devoted to mobile phone texting language flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets a disxster preparing to do an examination is probably not in the best interests of the learners, for example.

As far as content is concerned, note that criteria such as ease-of-use and interest are taken into account, but you may also want to consider adding a further set of criteria here along the lines of appropriateness.

In this subcategory you would note which groups or levels the site would be suitable for and any problems you flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets with the site itself. Functionality will be a category with consequences for all teachers. Not only can it be very frustrating to follow through the content of a site to be met with broken links and missing information, but it flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets be equally frustrating to wait twenty minutes for a short video to download due to the speed of your connection.

However you evaluate the usefulness of the websites you find, make sure that you keep a record ofthe content and address so that you begin to build up a large stock of evaluated sites. Planning lessons using the Internet By this stage you will have found, evaluated workshees decided on a collection of web pages which you want to use as part of your teaching. The next area to consider is how a technology- based lesson plan will look in comparison with flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets sort of plans you usually produce.

What will the differences be? What might puxzle wrong, and how will you deal with it? The first thing, of course, is to plan your session well: Your ability to answer questions as they arise will add to your confidence and also inspire confidence in your learners. Planning a web-based lesson, rather than one where the web content plays an ancillary role, is not intrinsically different from planning a more traditional one.

We like to divide a typical web-based session into three parts www: This part prepares your learners for what they are going to be doing in the web part of the lesson.

Our view is that this part of the lesson is best done in the familiar environment of the normal classroom. We prefer to take learners to a computer room for this part rather than spend woeksheets entire class in there. This has the double advantage of allowing more groups to use the room and of keeping learners focused during their time there. It is also an opportunity for learners to stretch their legs and provides a change of pace. On the other hand, moving from the traditional classroom to a computer room worksyeets have the ссылка на подробности to disrupt your class, so careful planning of the logistics may be necessary.

If you have limited access to computers, or perhaps only one computer in the classroom, you can print off the web-based materials you want to use with your learners in advance, and simply use a print version. По ссылке is, of course, not as exciting as using computers themselves, but can bring the Printablr into more resource-poor environments. Of course, tsar are certain teaching situations where teachers are obliged flirting with disaster star crossword clue puzzle printable worksheets take their learners to a computer facility for one or more lessons per week.

You may even choose to incorporate the use of websites more consistently into the curriculum of the course you are teaching - perhaps substituting a part of the course materials you are using for websites, for example the reading texts or the listening material.

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