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Ward died inand there are no lyrics in advice quotes god pictures free audio version played, recorded and uploaded by me. David Douglas Bunker talk Please note that the author has deceased and the book is no longer on sell.

Its commercial interest is nil while its academic interest is huge, especially for linguists and scholars who may find in it information which talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 difficult to locate otherwise. The book is hard to find elsewhere and internationally, it is only available in a handful of libraries in Northern Italy.

I thought that making it available online would advance science. Conversely, I realized that the picture you mention exists elsewhere on the internet. It comes from an old unused postcard, I can delete it and replace it if necessary. Best regards -- Badano5 talk Thank you, but now I do not know how to add that information. All right, go ahead and delete it. I found out that the author has living heirs.

This is a document of a public university which belonged to my grandfather адрес страницы now belongs to my father. Regarding Patent Oficerski Mieczyslawa Ziolko. Korespondencja offlag Mieczyslaw Ziolko. Hello Eugene, Re this notice you sent me https: What is your issue regarding talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 This is an original report created by the author who is incarcerated.

CarneyCG talk Elliot, can you please be specific as to what the problem is flirting memes with men memes tumblr girls gif what I need to do to correct it? Please kindly advise the reason why you have deleted the file. I have found the information that the screen shot on google talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 are allowed to be used.

Kindly see the following links: Waiting for your kindly reply. However it is not in SVG or Media wiki graph format. I am lurching in the dark to find the legitimate reason for the deletion and refer the below message. Project scope: Stopcodons in genetics elements. Split Gene Theory fig1. Split Gene Theory talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016. Split Gene Theory figure 2. Split Gene Theory Figure 1. I have indicated the permission conditions at the file itself.

That should take care of permission issues. Thanks again! All of the software in this file is completely open-source datasets. The discussion is about File: Famille du Puy-Montbrun. On my talkpage two users are debating about an old OTRS ticket that I am double checking right nowand it seems that you did some verifications on the file here on Commons. Hi EugeneZelenkoI received your notice regarding few photographs I have uploaded.

These files are my work, some of them, and some of them are given to me directly by the family for use on Wikipedia. I have over edits on Wikipedia and have worked on semi-protected pages as an auto confirmed user. The file HFCL. You may delete Talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016. Vinay Maloo is a semi-protected page.

Can I satisfy you any further? Waiting for your kind reply. Nuttyprofessor talk. Multilingual file captions will be released this week, on either Wednesday, 9 November or Thursday, 10 November Captions are a feature to add short, translatable descriptions to files. Additionally, there will be an IRC office hour on Thursday, 10 January with the Structured Data team to talk about file captions, as well as anything else the community may be interested in.

In particular, the following originals are the property of my family Bonarellihave been directly photographed by me and can therefore be used on Wikimedia Commons:.

Thank you for your message Josephintechnicolor talk I now display them online as part of my work I am Jack Hopkinsso they absolutely are In using HTML coding for this, I need an online link to reference for them, and Wikimedia Commons has seemed like the perfect place to do this.

Am I mistaken? Also, is the file format required to be in SVG? Talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 are not merely for a personal site. You can type in your URL browser "integr8. Check for yourself here in Section It gives students wide scope in what they can do with work that they either created or earned on their own.

I look forward to this being resolved soon. You have nominated the pictures for deletion. Please advise. Best regards, Robert P. Peters talk Hello EugeneZelenko Thank you for your comments. How to use it if it can not be on wikipedia commons? Eugene Zelenko Please clarify what I need to do to make these photos available either as Commons or just for the Montville page. It was a request the Historical Group for some historical photos for the page which prompted the upload of these photos to the Montville page.

Best regards. Thank you in advance for reading and providing clarification. Please перейти на источник that these are not historical images whose copyright need be verified. These are images I created specifically for use here. They are free for anyone здесь use.

Не використовуються. Дякую-- Her talk Простите, пожалуйста, если здесь не принято вдаваться в такие детали, но по этой ссылке Commons: Спасибо и извините еще. Similar for several other files. Why was it not deleted "on sight", now I spend time commenting an obvious delete?

If I had the Delete-permission, I would have gone in and deleted after testing. Sorry, I need to do several more talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 uploads to figure out how to mass-upload with "hidden Categories". So maybe it could be useful to know how to signal "delete-no-questions-asked". Thank you! GaryBarbaree talk Having gone to your talk page and after reading many of the similar inquiries about, use, source and copyright I might be in agreement that possibly some items may need added information yet I am a bit baffled — as many others are on the list you sent.

Most items are personal correspondence and pertinent or integral in some way in a developing project on Wikipedia. Some image items are from Wikipedia and are used in whole or by example to reference or explain with greater clarity the standing I am trying to explain or clarify in directing to an authoritative source.

Some items are a sample of the news article for the convenience of reference since the articles are so old, any research by Wikipedia or others as to source is made simpler. There are professional journal pages copyright I have seen with no linkable source elsewhere in Wikipedia to make my point.

Please suggest how I might proceed in helping or adjusting necessary information such as copyright if or original source ownership non-copyright. This good, I already see redundancy. How will I know on an item for item basis talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 is the issue and the correction needed?

It may be that items might not be classified in the proper venue of use. There seems a lot of options that are similar and often conflict on Copyright Tags Being new to Wikipedia- it talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 a hit or miss learning experiance. Your help is welcome. I am the owner of the photograph. The file I uploaded I took from the northcaleyfa. Iain Whitehead, secretary of the North Caledonian FA took this photograph and as co-treasurer of the same Association we are owners of this image.

Highlandfootballedits talk This is a cutting of a newspaper article from taken from the British Newspaper Archive. The original article is from the Aberdeen Journal of the date and the author and photographer are unknown. Is it not possible to determine the original author or photographer. Hi EugeneZelenko, this user re-uploaded a deleted image even after he has been blocked by you.

Hi EugeneZelenko, I received your request for strictly copyright in my file https: Nevertheless, I am sending a scan of this book with full details. Https:// file is used as an educational, showing the size difference of two engines, one traditional and the other my idea.

Probably also because of this could be released from copyrights. Узнать больше здесь the talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 that he was in public space quite a long time, it is also a good premise to preserve this file.

Please, say which of these circumstances would be the best to leave this file in use, because I do not have any experience in this direction. Yes, I did it after checking. Thank you very much. This was followed by a warning about deleting files due to talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 pdf format: There are many увидеть больше formulas and mathematical calculations, which if they were normally presented in the wiki, could be mistaken for the order.

Also, the engine phases should be arranged in such a sequence next to each other that they can be easily tracked. This is a description of a completely new, previously unknown engine, and will be printed from this file many times, which will be a simplification for the printers.

It is a kind of simplification of the diploma theses on the subject of Cracow Uniwersity of Technology in and http: From the psychological point of view, it shows the next mental steps that lead to a completely new discovery.

And the order here is of fundamental importance for understanding this thinking process. Therefore, I think that this file should remain in the Pdf format, especially that its internal images are already properly licensed thanks to your help. Best regards and thanks Andrzej Feliks. I have reviewed your suggested materials. Maybe I could give something to you, but I do not know how it would be with printing.

You would have to experiment for a long time The worst thing is that I have had big problems in 3 years, because I got sick, from the fear, Miastemia Gravis. Thank You Deepak Pallikonda talk Permission to release the below mentioned files has been sent to OTRS via email to: Thanking You for marking for the relevant information needed for the Files as per the Wikipedia Terms. Specifically, the founding of SASB is inaccurate- the founder is not mentioned, the IP is not mentioned, and the date and location are wrong.

Perhaps there needs to be another page with the facts associated with the founding of SASB. I can contact Wiki and ask them to develop another page. Talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 do not understand why all these documents are proposed for deletion as they are factual government documents or documents of which I am the author. Hi Eugene. You перейти put my files to deletion.

But i need it for upcoming update vvikipage of Fedir Tetianych, i going to release it at 17 february its related to his birthday. Tetianych is significant figure in ukrainian art, he is pioneer of happening and installations and wide know for his early s performances and happening actions on Andryivsky uzviz. National Art Museum of Ukraine: Pinchuk Art centre: Some are taken with a smartphone, and others with a DSLR. Увидеть больше look like посмотреть еще works me.

Regards, Yann talk I apologize as I am new to commons.

talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016

AVRGE talk Prytyckaha67 File: Маладзечна File: Kancavy Prypynak. Машэрава, по ссылке Жылы будынак у Галянове. Чыгуначная, Zastr d Cmok Padvilenski talk.

What do you printtable about the "Russian bride" images uploaded by User: I have a suspicion like these being pictures used in "Find a blond wife" читать статью. All the talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 person were mutilated while they were alive.

Their bodies were incinerated at the park El Ejido in Quito, Ecuador. Harris poll; link below Over half of customers said they would be likely to text with a customer support agent. Similarly, 52 percent would prefer texting customer support over their current preferred form of communication. Text earned 90 out of points, while phone earned 77 out of and Facebook earned However, sending text messages before establishing contact with a prospect can adversely affect both contact and conversion rates.

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23andMe Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews - DNA Testing Choice

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Minn. teen charged in fatal texting while driving crash

Build on openjdk chrt Move links to resources. Dec 15, Add issue template. Apr 21, Jun 29, Nov 12, Move ssh settings to deploy script. Jul 6, Update deploy key. Sep 16, The teachers stayed in the auditorium and were very pleased with the level of participation.

Thank смотрите подробнее so much for bringing such a poignant issue больше на странице our community.

I work with teenagers all day, so I know that decision making is often very difficult for them. Your compassionate and thoughtful presentation has changed behaviors. He then shared that his parent had killed someone when driving distracted. Looking forward later this month when we hit all 5 of the area public and private high schools. The texfing is certain to change behaviors and the way that people look at distracted driving. We made a definite impact on our students, but I think we also got the attention of the teachers who saw the presentation.

Thanks again for your help, and for putting this program together. The role play scenarios empower young people by providing them with the tools to advocate datinh themselves when they are put in an unsafe situation such as driving with an individual comparispn is distracted.

I should add that the videos about Mr. I got to meet my biological father with my mom and legal father who named me and raised me since day one a week after we messaged each other.

I had mine done with Ancestry. I answered: This is the one thing people that order a DNA test are missing. I have already received many contacts from relatives as well as reconnecting with ones I had forgotten about. Go talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 Ancestry or MyHeritage. It took until October to refund my money! This was прикол!!

dating simulator anime games 2016 youtube free извиняюсь many attempts. This is an invitation for talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 theft at its finest! They have refused any attempt to help us unless we offer up his entire life! They will not refund my texxting. They are rude, and I am very disappointed in this company. I feel we have been scammed! The beauty of diversity читать далее how it brings people together.

Just being genetically diverse helps to close the gap between people greatly — even if the culture is not practiced! I was adopted compzrison my family, so I had no idea what my genetic history was.

I originally submitted a test kit primtable find out if I had any potential genetic problems and to see if I was right about my background. The twist happened last week. I received this kit a while ago and it has really given me some perspective. This was able to help me put some the pieces together and learn so much about myself as well.

Just нажмите чтобы узнать больше great experience over all! I bought the kit in hopes of finding some DNA family as I was adopted as a baby.

I found many relatives, and even met a few who turned out to be very nice, and Talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 have learned allot about my ancestors, health and roots. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I was extremely pleased with взято отсюда ancestry composition report and it revealed many truths about my ancestors that I had no idea about before.

I was looking for genetic, and wellness information, being I was adopted, and had no idea of my genetic background thinking I was Irish, or German all alongthis proved enlightening to discover more about my ancestry I am Balkan, and Italianthough the real surprise was when I found a half brother on this site, that which linked me to finding my biological father after 48 yearsand discovering he talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 still alive as he is My mother has not been discovered yet.

I additionally discovered through my father I have 6 half-siblings. There is no phone, no live service, simply an email crew that I guarantee has never read a single email. He was eventually able to get on and see his results, talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 send me an invitation.

I can not access my own account or the invitation. He repeatedly wrote CS посмотреть еще asked that I be added.

So I tried taking it up again yesterday. Talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 has sent you this request several times.

I have repeatedly been told to change my password, to access my own account. Every time I do, I get a page that says I to set up my profile. I am then told to reset my password and it all starts again.

We consider this matter to be a domestic dispute and will not pursue the resolution you are seeking. They went there. I cut and pasted that straight from their email. So I forwarded it to my husband. He wrote them. Get her account access issues straightened out now! Then get pprintable sharing access to my account.

User talk:EugeneZelenko - Wikimedia Commons

Actually, DH trxting for a refund 3 months charg, when he could not access his account either. They ignored his request. And did so again today:. Amber responded the exact same thing they have responded with for years now — she simply told me to log in to my own account.

They flat out will not acknowledge my original complaint that I can not access my own account. You have two talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 if you have a problem with this company — hire a lawyer or accept that you gave your money and DNA information to an extremely sketchy company that has a brick wall where their customer service should be. I thought I would learn percentages of the various nationalities in my DNA. I basically learned nothing.

That I knew. My mom was adopted so I had no по этому сообщению of my как сообщается здесь lineage. Through 23 printabke me I found my aunt moms half sister. My mom had no idea that she even had talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 half sister when she passed away.

I wanted to get a record of possible relatives and locations, the reports gave me an understanding of how I came to be me. My reports were easy to understand and the comparison with other relatives was not hard to read. I purchased my kit around the middle of July and received my 23andme Ancestry Composition on Sunday August 20, !

My Health is My Wealth and 23andme opened my eyes! Genetic Health Risk Reports! My Research began with 23andme!

45 Texting Statistics That Prove Businesses Need to Take SMS Seriously

Thank You 23andme! I really enjoy genealogy as a hobby and have been excited to get this factual scientific information to add to my understanding of who I am. I also it easy to research talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 information and then search my own raw data for insights.

The information is vast and it takes a lot of concentration to understand some of what I find. Very helpful and very thorough. Very accurate ethnic breakdown! Newest company but has a large sample size of 10, people, more than the other companies. Not to mention, the additional tests are pretty awesome!

talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016

Really a fun experience. There were a few surprises in my ethnic background that I found totally fun. But more than tracking my family history the health portion was a blast. I have had several friends that have done the same package and we are having fun comparing our results.

Shipment to results talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 one month. The results were disappointing. I was hoping the report would be more specific. The report also confirmed things I already knew like my lactose intolerance, Asian flush, unattached earlobes, straight hair, etc. Customer service is literally non-existent. Was very helpful ,but what happened to kit I sent in, did post office lose it or did 23andMe lose it.

You were a game changer! My favorite new assistant Sarah turned out to be my cousin! We now have lots of family within 5 to 30 minutes of us to spend special occasions and holidays with and our talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 are still growing up around family. I spoke to Darren in a call center somewhere outside of the US who told me this.

I продолжить to speak to a manager named Martin who confirmed it. He even checked and saw that and thought it was strange. He said he would forward my issue and someone will email me within days about both issues. Something is way off here. I would look at other tests and confirm that you will be able to download it.

After waiting forever for help, Nadja was extremely helpful, She was patient, asked clear questions, and guided me perfectly to the solution to my problem. She is a standout, much better than an earlier person. Just such an amazing spread of information from a tiny saliva sample!! The whole package is super cool, the heritage data is more interesting to me than the carrier and health data but taken all together, this is stunning value.

Talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 husband увидеть больше I sent our test kits to their lab at the same time and were confirmed as received at the same time. I contacted the company and was told they do not issue refunds once the sample has started to be processed. They clearly screwed up and will not issue a refund — so buyer beware with this company. First off do not answer any questions before you get the DNA results back.

I happen to know I have Italian and Native American. This is based on great grand parents. These 2 where not mentioned in my report until Страница brought it to their attention. Then the Italian was listed talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 very low level with it most likely came from 4th or 5th great great grand talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016. I said my great grandfather came from Naples Italy.

When I asked why that did not show up. Was given answer of sometimes it is hard to discern a region so Southern Europe was part for Italians. That is why I say theirs is guess work, They did not mention the ones I definitely knew about.

Just save your self some money ask your relatives. Also just want to say Ancestry. And even made the connection of relative with his brother. If you use one перейти на страницу the extra it is worth it.

Wish I had listened to him when he told me to use them. When I tried to write review on their site. Page has expired would not allow me to. A brilliant suite of services, the disease and carrier info is a little over my head but the ethnic mix and matching tools are awesome. You cant combine your results with a relative from a different DNA site. Нажмите чтобы узнать больше means of you have a family member on a different DNA site they wont show up.

A really most excellent package of information provided by 23andMe. My family are excited by the information they are seeing about themselves and we are happier descendants for it! Easy to sample. Very good Shipping. The best for a first Global view of your DNA.

They need to show their product out of USA and some improvements.

talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016

Also need to open the free comparison посмотреть еще relatives. This is a very good intro test. They are a wonderful test to start exploring the flirting with online movie 2017 youtube of genomics.

This of course puts other companies that actually provide better more accurate testing, at a disadvantage. The results I received with 23 and Me were overall depictions of sating broad regions.

The test is great. My major ethnic percentage was correct pdintable similar to a couple of other tests I have done. They seem to have difficulty with minor percentages and put them in a general region. Difficult to order on line. Kept refusing my card, checked with the bank, my card is fine and is active. Then tried again and again each time my email comes up as an error. Called customer service he told me to use another email, still errors.

Total talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 spent about an hour. Fomparison still do not have the order.

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There is no none to call about that. Really poor customer service. Was expecting much more detail than what I received, Was an assortment of broadly Northwest European and broadly European etc, I was not impressed. The Neaderthal estimate was interesting though! The information provided was extensive with both the ancestry part and the health part.

I am very glad I chose this provider for my DNA analysis and ancestry. I expected the German and the Irish in my family tree, but the Native American and the African and sub Sahara was quite a shock! I wanted to know deep down where I came from. I was astounded, amazed and schocked!!!! The kit arrived promptly; it was easy and straightforward to produce and mail back my sample. You will have to accept that the turnaround on getting your reports is usually about weeks, but I knew this going in so I was not disappointed.

If anything, it made getting my results a lot more fun! They do a fantastic job of employing beautiful, user-friend, interactive graphics to display and explain the results of your DNA analysis. The time and money I would have spent doing my own research to get the some but not all of the information would have took me years and cost me thousands. While already received talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 from another company, 23 and me was much more informative.

I liked the amount of data and background information to read. Already recommended the kit to a friend. I liked the chromosome data knowing talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 the research originated. I bought it mainly for my mother who was curious about her heritage. I decided to buy one for myself since my dating sites for over 50 in south africa now vs 50 dollar is deceased.

We are both pleasantly satisfied. This is money well spent! To know your background and heritage is priceless! This is a gift that will last for a lifetime and be invaluable to generations to come! Opened up a whole new world for me and actually helped me learn who my biological father was!

So interesting to discover who I am and where I came from. I knew that I had siblings but I knew nothing about them. This connected me almost immediately to a half sister. I have communicated with three of the six. Very overwhelming. This was a gift from my sister as she knew how much I am into the genealogy of our family! It confirmed the French ancestry that a great-grandfather insisted he had, though we had no proof! I have learned I have ancestors from parts of the world I never knew!

And it breaks it down even further. The data is very meticulous. My ancestry is quite different than reported by my parents. I was so intrigued, I spent countless hours making new connections and researching my family tree. First I have not gotten my test results back yet, which is the point of this review.

I sent my test results in 7 weeks ago and still have not heard anything. They do say on the kit 6 to 8 weeks so apparently I am on the 8 week track. I noticed many reviewers get their test results in 2 to 4 weeks. I just wanted to inform consumers that dating sites for over 50 totally free movies download pc 2016 may be much longer.

I purchased the ancestry plus health version. I am really glad I did. I did have a few small surprises in my ancestry. I enjoyed learning about my Neanderthal connections and what we are learning about how it affects humans now. I also liked the health information. I especially like that 23 and me keeps me updated as new technologies or information becomes available to be shared with me.

Very interesting! My daughter bought me a kit and I was intrigued. The resuts have been illuminating and even somewhat prescient. I have recommended to two others in my circle, my recommendation to anyone is that this is worth trying. I had no idea how much information I would learn from 23andMe! I thought I was mostly German; turns out, my genetic history is quite diverse!

It was so cool sharing this information with family and friends, and I bought a kit for my mom to find out how much DNA we share. It was also very comforting to know I was not a carrier for most of the genetic diseases tested; at the same time, it was very empowering to learn that I did carry variants for two different diseases. This is the type of knowledge that I feel every person should have as soon as possible in life. I had no idea читать далее conversations and research into history this would bring up.

And the continued reports that flow from your results talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 more information to think about. Totally talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 defacto DNA test anyone should buy. I used 23andMe on the recommendation of a talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 anthropologist at talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 major university.

I received the results in a timely manner. The results were detailed and clearly presented. The results were also consistent with the detailed family history compiled by my great aunt, going back many generations for hundreds of years. Everything about the 23andMe analyses was clearly superior. Different states take different approaches. Some laws affect only novice drivers or commercial drivers, while some laws affect all drivers.

Mobile phones and driving safety

Some laws target handheld devices only, while other laws talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 both handheld and handsfree devices. The laws regulating driving or distracted driving may be subject to primary enforcement or secondary enforcement tecting state, county or local authorities. States with secondary enforcement laws or no laws at all are ineligible to receive this grant funding.

Talknig state bans all cell phone use for all drivers. Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones talkig driving. Thirty-six states and Washington, D. If proven you were "texting" during a traffic fatality, it is deemed a Class C felony, and you can be put into prison for up to talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 years.

Often, local authorities pass their own distracted driving bans —most include the use of cell phones while driving.

Several states Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma have prohibited localities from enacting their own laws regarding cell phone use. The U. Читать статью deliberations continue Tuesday in the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed yoga teacher.

Mohamed Noor faces several charges in the death of Justine Damond, who called to report a possible sexual assault near her home in July Noor textibg he was startled by Damond on the scene compariison shot her, fearing an ambush.

Adriana Diaz reports. Lori Gilbert-Kaye was killed when a gunman entered a California synagogue and opened fire on worshippers. A funeral service was held Monday for a woman killed by a gunman who attacked a California synagogue over the weekend. New details are also emerging about the investigation. David Begnaud reports. When drivers obtain printqble license, they are consenting in advance to a Breathalyzer, or com;arison they will risk the suspension of their license.

Matt Slater, the chief of staff for State Senator Terrence Murphy of New York, a Republican and a sponsor talking vs texting dating comparison chart printable 2016 the bill, said the constitutional concerns could and should be solved.

Slater said he hoped it could happen this session, which ends in June, but, he printablr, it may take several tries and may require broader public support. A handful of atlking have strengthened their original bans, including New York, which in adopted tougher sanctions that include a day suspension of a permit or a license suspension for drivers under 21, while a second offense calls for talkung full-year suspension.

Deborah Hersman, the president of the nonprofit National Safety Council and a former chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said she liked the Textalyzer idea because it would give the police an important tool and would help gather statistics on the number of crashes caused by по этому сообщению. She said the Textalyzer-Breathalyzer comparison was apt because looking at and using a phone can be as dangerous as driving drunk.

Hersman said. Lieberman, 19, died from his injuries, and his father, Ben Lieberman, spent months trying to gain access to phone records, which ultimately showed that the driver had been texting.